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Scarred (2016)

Scarred (2016)

Ari LehmanDon KilrainLisa NeeldMark Cray
Eddie Lengyel


Scarred (2016) is a English movie. Eddie Lengyel has directed this movie. Ari Lehman,Don Kilrain,Lisa Neeld,Mark Cray are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Scarred (2016) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Four models go on a photo shoot at an abandoned house previously belonging to the infamous Kandie family. Little do they know that Jonah Kandie still lurks there, seeking revenge on anyone that comes near after being scarred beyond recognition by his father as a young boy. One by one, the models soon become the victims of the vicious killer's merciless hatred for all things beautiful.


Scarred (2016) Reviews

  • Very typical indie slasher


    SCARRED is a very typical example of your indie horror movie. It sees four girls heading off to an abandoned building in order to shoot photos for their modelling portfolios. Cut lots of posing in underwear and bikinis for what seems like forever. Eventually, a masked killer goes on the rampage and begins bumping them off one by one. The second half of the film is full of torture porn-style kill segments which are dealt with in an uninteresting and distasteful way while the film as a whole is made without grace, flair, or wit.

  • Just because you want to make a movie, doesn't mean you should.


    Horrendous acting, writing, lighting, and especially the sound. ADR should not be used for the majority of a movie. Watch a YouTube video, and learn a few things before your next project. Please. This movie seriously felt like a late night Cinemax flick. Man, this was bad.

  • I love nature shoots


    Four models, a photographer and a token fat guy go off to "the lodge" for a photo shoot, except they camp out in small tents instead. Whatever happened to those large green canvas monstrosities anyway? There is the story of Jonah Kandi who apparently died with no one bothering to find a body. A midget claims he is still alive. This is a slasher film, so I can't imagine there be much of a plot spoiler except for "final girl." The film had a low budget sound system that was choppy and ill suited. Too much outdoors sound at beach, too much munching when midget was eating, and other sound had an echo effect. Typical slasher with various implements including a chainsaw and other questionable brand new items. Appears to have originally been released in 2013 under the groan title "Kandi Land" without much fanfare. Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Jessica Lauschin) Minus a star for crappy sound.

  • KandieLand grabs you by the throat and holds you close till the bloody end!


    Independently produced, Kandie Land is one of those rare films that comes out of nowhere and hits you over the head. Like a shotgun blast to the face, the filmmakers pour their heart and soul, and love for the genre, into each and every frame you see on the screen. Produced on a budget that wouldn't even cater a studio film for a day, its shortcomings add to the film's overall charm and really shine a spotlight on the care and craftsmanship that was spent during the making of the film. Beautiful women, often-times gut busting laughs, and all out carnage, mixed with a compelling tale, Kandie Land is the kind of film that made going to the drive-in back in the late 70's so much fun. Well worth the price of admission.

  • Not bad, but not terribly great either


    I'll start by saying that overall, I enjoyed this movie. It had, for a slasher, a decent plot and the cast did pretty well. Everything was pretty well done, especially for an independent film working on an independent film budget. That being said... is the only "modeling" that the writer and/or director familiar with from Maxim or Playboy? The "modeling" being done was pretty adolescent male fantasy and really nothing like actual modeling. I don't know why, but this just really irritated me for some reason. Overall, I'd say it was worth a look if you have the opportunity and are a fan of independent film and horror.


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