Salaam Namaste (2005)

Salaam Namaste (2005)

Saif Ali KhanPreity ZintaArshad WarsiJaved Jaffrey
Siddharth Anand


Salaam Namaste (2005) is a Hindi,English movie. Siddharth Anand has directed this movie. Saif Ali Khan,Preity Zinta,Arshad Warsi,Javed Jaffrey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Salaam Namaste (2005) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Falling in love. It's very easy to do. Being in love - now that's the tough part. Nick (Saif Ali Khan) - He's a chef. Ambar (Preity Zinta) - She's a Radio Jockey. They're young, they're cool, they're independent -and together they make the PERFECT pair. Or do they? Surrounded by quirky friends, bosses and landlords but far away from home. Nick and Ambar take a huge leap of faith as they decide to move in together. And now they must tiptoe towards getting to know each other? They are attracted to each other - but they fight. They live together, but as friends, in different rooms. They're in a relationship - but then again they're not. They seem to want the same things, but it seems that they have very little in common. Between all this chaos, they find out that Ambar is pregnant. Nick doesn't want the baby. How the two handle this dilemma is what will decide the direction this relationship will take and be the real test of their love. So are they really made for each other? Are they ...


Salaam Namaste (2005) Reviews

  • Enjoyable and visually stunning Bollywood entertainment


    Salaam Namaste is one of the lightest and boldest Hindi entertainers in recent years. It is on par with any well-made Hollywood rom-com. The film addresses two very controversial issues in India: live-in relationships and premarital pregnancy, yet does not try to emphasise them or take them too seriously. It is brilliantly shot, with great production values, great cinematography, light and beautiful songs, and well-cast actors. The film is entirely shot in Australia, and the various locations of Melbourne, the sets and the beautiful landscapes are breathtaking and extremely pleasing to the eye. While it is a modern comedy, it never forgets that it is actually a Hindi film, and in the second half becomes loyal to its Bollywood standards. By the same token, while it turns into a dramatic feature, it never forgets to remain modern. The emotions of the film are reserved and not overly cheap. They are natural and consistently flavoured with great comedy. Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta are irreplaceable and their chemistry is fantastic. They are sensitive, talented, cool and modern actors who understand this foreign lifestyle. Saif's character is quite unsympathetic, as he is portrayed as someone who does not want to take responsibility for his acts. Yet, he displays the expected transformation into someone who finally understands his mistakes very well. Preity is quite the owner of the film though. Oozing charisma and sex-appeal, she is convincing, charming and awfully attractive as the decisive, moody and lively prankster Ambar. Her vivacity in the first half and her pain and hilarious hysterics in the second are excellently done. There are many memorable scenes in Salaam Namaste. First, the kissing and love scenes between the leading actors are surprising and must be noted. I really liked the "My Dil Goes Hmmm..." song. The scenes when Nick and Ambar fight intensively are funny and well-acted. The scene when they meet at their friends' house and the subsequent "Tu Jahaan" song are moving. The entire birth scene is exciting and funny. But my favourite scene is the "Ben and Jerry's Dark Belgian Chocolate ice cream" one. This is one of the greatest acts of the film, spontaneous and wholly entertaining. I recommend Salaam Namaste to everyone. It's not an extraordinary film, but it's a spectacular and visually stunning romantic comedy for the entire family.

  • Making of a typical Indian romantic comedy.


    How they came up with this movie: Aditya: ...But you know it gotta be new. Siddharth: Lets see what we can do? How about a new location? A: Oh yes! In the past movies, We've been to London, new york, LA.. how about Melbourne this time? S: Fantastic! and we can have a couple of beach songs there, you know thats the latest trend these days. A: OK Lets talk about the story. I've an idea, lets do a different kind of romantic movie. S: What different? A: How about if we make a modern day love story, girl and boy both living outside India. That way we can also capture those NRI sentiments you know? S: Whoa whoa. But that we have already seen in so many other movies lately. Need to add something more to it. A: How about if the boy and the girl live together? S: Live-in relationships? Indian audience will never accept that. A: Ha! They are going' to jump on it, it will be a fresh story, wholly new idea, you know. Boy and girl stay together, fall in love, have sex, and then the girl becomes pregnant. S: You are talking about "nine-months"? A: whatever! how many in India have watched nine months? forget it. people are just going to love the idea. S: OK so the story is finalized. What about the music? A: Yeh, we need one or two dance item numbers, one wedding song? S: why a wedding song? A: You don't understand! its that superstition thing! S: OK OK! But how are we going to have dance numbers when the heroine is pregnant? A: Don't worry! Audience won't care. They come only to see the dance and songs. Nobody gives a damn even if she dances while giving birth to her baby. A: I've got this gut feeling, in last movie remember, people loved the comedy. We have to have that in this movie too. S: But its a serious movie. How can it have comedy? A: Then arrange some part time TV actor. You know those anchors, they can speak so much on the spot you don't even need to worry about writing dialogs for them. S: Thats fine. How about the cast? A: Lets see, Preity is hot these day. See if we get dates from Preity, else go for Rani. Male actor, I don't think Shahrukh is that good after Swades. and Aamir, just don't approach him, he'll demand the god-damn script first. S: Then how about Saif. A: He'll do. Anything else? S: We'll see that on the sets. Lets start working on it.

  • Yash Raj do it again!


    I thoroughly enjoyed Salaam Namaste, I have seen it many times, and each time, I love it even more. Saif does a perfect job with his role, its flawless. He makes you laugh more than a few times, and he is brilliant. He is one of the few actors that have created a niche with the loverboy role, and can actually pull it off. Preity Zinta does also, an amazing job. She looks fresh, and has updated her sexy status. She still has the same charm she had back with earlier roles, which is fantastic, I love her acting too, its humorous, and great fun to watch. Javed Jaffrey, Abhishek Bachchan, and Jugal Hansraj make up important, but short appearances. I liked the way Abhishek narrated the story, with each introduction of a new character, the story paused and showed their history. It was very clever. Music is enjoyable - it has it all. A slow song, a fast song, a great title track, a cheesy song... The end gets a bit dreary and tries hard to maintains the humour. There are times it works, and times when it doesn't. Easier to understand when you see it. The director has done an excellent job, I must admit, Salaam Namaste is a great film, with few flaws. The script, music, directing, and acting are all fabulous. Siddharth Anand has proved himself in Indian Cinema, and has made a fantastic, very different film. Worth every minute.

  • It is a light comedic Hindi film with a study of "modern " lifestyle


    I have just returned from India, on holiday, and discovered that this is a film that just about everybody over there has seen. In fact many people talked about the film because I was from Australia. Because of this I went to see the film with some Indian friends and enjoyed it. It is not the greatest film I have ever seen, but it doesn't pretend to be . It is a fun light comedic Hindi film with a study of "modern" lifestyle. I am looking forward to the Australian release with English subtitles, so I can pick up some things I missed due to my lack of knowledge of Hindi.I am also anticipating finding Ben and Jerry's dark Belgian chocolate ice cream somewhere here. One thing I should advise Indian guys if they come to Australia. You may be surprised to find that most Australian girls are not so fast, and that prostitutes are not found at suburban bus stops.

  • Hindi Romantic Comedy


    This Hindi film is said to be a remake of 'Nine Months' and to be derivative of certain Hindi films, but not having seen any of them I am not entitled to comment on that. (I felt an undertone of 'Sleepless in Seattle', not a bad choice to emulate). In 'Salaam Namaste' practically everyone is young and successful and gorgeous, so it is admittedly an escapist fantasy. One could criticize that but on the other hand it's a hard film to dislike. The stars are wonderful together, and Melbourne, Australia, is a major character the way New York often is. Living in Melbourne, the main characters deal with certain issues that they might not face -or would deal with differently- had they stayed in India. Likewise, traditional Indian viewers might find some elements a bit shocking but I don't think the filmmakers set out to put off anyone. Yes, it's manipulative and predictable, but it's a 'feel-good' movie that works. If you can handle a little sugar, I recommend it.


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