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Rosemont (2015)

Rosemont (2015)

Lochlyn MunroBrad DourifMichael GrossGrace Zabriskie
Daniel Petrie Jr.


Rosemont (2015) is a English movie. Daniel Petrie Jr. has directed this movie. Lochlyn Munro,Brad Dourif,Michael Gross,Grace Zabriskie are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Rosemont (2015) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

In a raging blizzard five days before Christmas, two young people meet by chance: Lisa, 19, pregnant and scared, and Brad, a professional snowboarder. Both want to make it over the mountains ahead of the storm, Brad to attend a party announcing his engagement, Lisa because she's desperate to get anywhere, so long as it's away from the mysterious circumstances she's running from. They don't make it. The blizzard catches up with them - Brad's car slams into a snow bank in the middle of the wilderness. They're forced to seek shelter at the one structure they've passed in the last ten miles: the Rosemont Lodge. Once a vibrant year-round resort, the Rosemont Lodge has been closed for nearly 20 years. Most of the Lodge has been sealed up; now, only a corner of the main building is inhabited. The lodge's owner, Josephine, used to be the heart and soul of the resort - her personality, and her cooking, were as much of an attraction as were the hundreds of acres of pristine mountain wilderness ...


Rosemont (2015) Reviews

  • Surprise Story


    This was a surprisingly sweet movie that I loved all the way through. Every time I thought something awful or dangerous would happen, it didn't! During a horrible snow storm, two young people, two old(er) folks and a few other assorted people are brought together in way no one could imagine. Their actions and reactions to each other were really fun to see and around every turn there was another surprise I didn't see coming. I ended up loving all the people & their stories and wish I could see more of what's going to happen to them all. I highly recommend this movie to everyone who likes just enough suspense to keep you interested in what can happen when strangers meet. There is no r-rated language or sex in this movie - so refreshing!

  • For forlorn lovers of good romance novels with a happy ending


    I don't think Rosemont is a film that will appeal to the masses, and although it has an underlying Christmas theme (the alternate title is A Christmas at Rosemont) it is more a story of two women, one older named Josephine (Grace Zabriskie) and wiser, and one younger named Lisa (Ayla Kell) who is unsure if she even wants to continue with her life. Now Josephine owns a once thriving winter retreat named Rosemont which has been closed for the past 18 years and her able but often hard drinking caretaker Abe (Brad Dourif) always seem to be on latter sides of the fence when it comes to making any decisions about the outside world. When two young people named Brad (Brendan Michael Coughlin) and a pregnant Lisa (Ayla Kell) attempt to get out of the cold after their car falls off the road during a winter storm they are met by Josephine's gun barrel. Then Josephine's capable caretaker Abe influences Josephine but only after winning a had fought argument with her that these two young people must get out of the storm or they will surely die. Each of these four characters who must now share a roof for at least one night get to know each others story of who they are and why they feel the way that they currently do. As each character starts beginning to have feelings of empathy for the other three they all find a way to enjoy each others company for a few more days and nights ...and then Christmas comes and all is good in the world once again. Mrs. Shullivan and I both enjoyed this Christmas themed film but it may not be for everyone's taste unless you have a warm spot in your heart for soppy stories. It rates an 8 out of 10

  • Rosemont


    I love everything about Rosemont. all people in the movie did well . And I've been wanting to see the movie again plus buy it on DVD, but since it's not being shown or sold in the USA yet I remain hopeful that this will happen hopefully soon.

  • Trapped at Rosemont


    Two haunting stories: the first from Josephine (Grace Zabriskie -- Norma Rae, An Officer and a Gentleman, Fried Green Tomatoes) who has experienced a loss in her past that turns her into a bitter old woman. The second from Lisa (Ayla Kell -- "Make It or Break It") who is pregnant and trying to get away from the guy who impregnated her because he wants to sell the baby when it's born. Lisa hitches a ride with Brad (Brendan Michael Coughlin -- "Days of Our Lives") and they crash during a snowstorm and end up at a closed up and debilitating lodge called Rosemont. Brad and Lisa are greeted by shotguns. This is where the great character actor Brad Dourif comes in as Abe. Dourif has been in many films and shows dating back to the 1970s. Not all great films but still...very eclectic in the roles he performs. This role I found a bit beneath his talent. I'd say he plays a drunk but he sounds sober all the time. He drinks all the time in the film but he never seems drunk. At first things are rocky between the four but then the next morning everything's basically okay. The tragedy that befell Josephine is revealed as being the loss of her family in horrible circumstances. There's a slight twist that is revealed in that revelation when it's told, and normally I'd say but this film, even with the cheap dialogue, wooden acting, and plain photography, this film really isn't that bad. Lochlyn Munro (A Night at the Roxbury) plays the father of the baby, Craig and Michael Gross ("Family Ties") makes an appearance. Overall it was a nice film. It wasn't great but it was good enough to keep my attention throughout. 7/10

  • Most stupid film ever


    Don't WATCH , don't even begin to think to press the play button, waste of time, nothing feels connected , the whole story is pointless acting feels more like comedy or better parody, so a 8 months pregnant teenager is supposed to leave her home and go out into the wild snowstorm with a stranger, the car which they drive for some unknown reason falls of the side of the road although its a 4x4 and there were no obstacles , just going slowww and BAM just leaves the road so okkkk..... after this they just abandon the car and go to a lodge where they have fun activities and talk a lot with the owners, no one cares about the car anymore , no one talks about it apparently they can buy unlimited cars so what the heck lets just abandon it there forever, so they go to this lodge where the owners are half crazy half reasonable , they almost shoot them with a shotgun although they just see a teenager with a baby in her belly but for no reason they tell her every day that they are going to throw her out in the snow for no reason again but after they become best buddies end of story ...there you go Don't WATCH


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