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Ri-eol (2017)

Ri-eol (2017)

Kim Soo-hyunDong-il SungSung-min LeeSulli Choi
Love Lee


Ri-eol (2017) is a Korean movie. Love Lee has directed this movie. Kim Soo-hyun,Dong-il Sung,Sung-min Lee,Sulli Choi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Ri-eol (2017) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

A criminal aspiring to build a casino finds himself in endless threat when a man starts imitating every single thing he does.

Ri-eol (2017) Reviews

  • Kim Soo Hyun is a real actor


    The story is unique and the filming style is creative. The color, the music and every scene are done with heart and sincerity. You can see passion from the director and the actors in the film. Kim Soo Hyun's acting is perfect in acting 2 roles with multiple personalities. Although 2 characters of him appeared at the same time on the scene, you will not mix up the 2 characters even though they dressed up at the same way. You even cannot in any way relate the character with Kim Soo Hyun, you will accept that this man on the screen is Jang Tae Yeong. Kim Soo Hyun is a very respectful actor. He is very passionate on acting, always challenge himself to the full extent, never perform similar characters in his work and devote himself 100% to every project. Many actors can perform hero role, but other than Kim Soo Hyun, don't think any one else in Korea can perform this complicated role. It is a pity that the movie was not fairly treated in Korea due to political reason. Hoping that Kim Soo Hyun will not be frightened away and continue to challenge himself.

  • Had potential, but lacking in many ways


    I just watched the movie Real and I can only give it 4 stars.. For me the movie was confusing. I understand that they want to bring complexity and create space for people having their own interpretation. But for that to happen there need to be enough elements to form a decent plotline. For me the narrative was so little and it focused too much on the aesthetics. Although it was pleasant to watch and I liked the color schemes, It simply is not enough if the story is lacking. Besides all the negative aspects Kim Soohyun's acting was really refreshing. It was nice to see him take on two roles for this movie. Both were very distinctive and it was a pleasure to see him in different roles than I've seen him before. I always appreciate actors/actresses who show how versatile they can be. Despite the positive points like acting, visuals and music these will not save the movie if the story is lacking.

  • Real Review: Really disappointed and wanted it to be over as soon as possible!


    Movie: Real (18): Action - Korean Positives: Negatives: Repeat value: No REAL is amongst the list of South Korean films which have disappointed me. And it's sad for action movie lover like me to have an action film in that list.

  • "What a man can be, he must be."


    Impressive! Opening scene using a 007 Bond-like approach, the movie also implemented an extraordinary graphic and music arrangement, not to mention the complex story line played by the excellent cast. Kim Soo Hyun, the leading actor was interpreting 2 characters with multiple personalities. The most significant aspect was that how truly an actor's face expressions convey the complex human emotions of his role, his dialogue delivery was also a highlight of this movie, he changed his accent, body language & mannerisms in accordance to the demand of role. Due to the length of this movie, many thing left unclear, after watching this, audiences most likely want to talk at length about the story and may even find themselves wanting to go back for a second round of excitements. REAL is one of a kind, highly recommended.

  • Real (2017)- Not bad as it was publicized plus Kim Soo-Hyun put good acting show


    As I've watched this movie, I've got to realize that it's not that bad as it was publicized (like the worst Korean movie-no,it's definitely not that!). Yeah- many indecipherable scenes -even with much nudity are placed here and there and therefore the plot was also felt hella confusing at times! It would be much better if all those scenes were syncronized well & reasons behind every single motion got revealed like a full moon in the sky at last- then it might touch hearts of general audience and might be recognized as an epic movie too! Rather- it focused on good CGI effects,also some erotica- besides- action scenes were well-choreographed and at some point were artistic too. And acting was also good - specially from all-in-all leading hero- "Jang Tae-young" I mean,actor Kim Soo Hyun.Actually I watched this movie as a former fan of his alien character "Do Min Joon" from "My Love from the Star" drama. And like other fans and well-wishers, I was kinda so disappointed reading all those news- he starred in an erotic movie, even invested in it- and ultimately this movie was criticized badly & doomed in the box office, so didn't he leave so bad impression before enlisting to army? (hiatus of 2 years!) But at last -when I got to watch this full-length movie, I can't be neither disappointed nor angry- because it was too obvious that Kim Soo Hyun put extreme effort to portray his duel role- overall his acting was just praise-worthy! His acting wasn't so praised in media-just because general audience didn't get the plot at all and so it was super-flop! Yeah-it's seemed incomprehensible- but if you pay some attention, you can connect duel personality of his character and feel the effect of 'Siesta' on him (that may cause temporary memory-loss and hallucination!) Yet, many relationships & events evolved around him remained unclear till the end- it seemed that-director &writer weren't interested to disclose these things clearly or failed to figure out how to do that! So Kim Soo-Hyun-if not egoistic - must have realized by now that although he put so good acting show & broke his good-boy image- people wouldn't watch it twice or thrice just to get the plot (as he expected and mentioned in an interview!) Also people wouldn't fall for all those 'sex-doll'-like pathetic female bodies merely- even the heroine didn't seem to have any life or self-esteem at all! Whatever-beside all these things- as an experimental noir plus for its artistic value, I think- it deserves a 6/10 rating- and cheers for actor Kim Soo-hyun!


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