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Recovery (2016)

Recovery (2016)

Rachel DiPilloKirby Bliss BlantonSamuel LarsenJames Landry Hébert
Darrell Wheat


Recovery (2016) is a English movie. Darrell Wheat has directed this movie. Rachel DiPillo,Kirby Bliss Blanton,Samuel Larsen,James Landry Hébert are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Recovery (2016) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The night before their high school graduation, Jessie and her friends are guided by a 'Find My iPhone' app to recover her lost device from a house whose demented tenants are hell bent on making her a flesh and blood member of the family.

Recovery (2016) Reviews

  • You'll Spend Most Of The Movie Waiting For Something To Happen


    Four teenagers (some of the oldest teenagers in the world) venture into the inner city for a night of fun at a sketchy night club, after one of them goes missing the rest of the group goes looking for their missing friend by using the "Find My phone" app to pin point her whereabouts. Obviously things go wrong and they end up going to a house belonging to psychopaths. It's a very generic set up for a very generic low budget horror movie. So yeah this movie is pretty bad but it isn't just a bad movie, it is also kind of odd as well (not in a good way). The way the characters act is just so off and unrealistic, and it's not the usual kind of dumb things you see in horror movies that are used to further the story or set up a kill, it's just a lot of random actions done by the characters that don't really have anything to do with the story and have no purpose at all. The actors reactions to things were strange as well, it almost felt like some characters were taken out of a Disney sitcom and transferred them into a Horror Movie. The whole pacing of the film was pretty awful as well, it takes about fifty five minutes for anything to really happen, and even then it's just twenty minutes of the main characters running around the house trying to avoid the killers. There are some kills but none of them are anything special, very basic effects and a relatively small amount of gore. As the movie neared it's end I started getting anxious for it to be over because it was just so stale and boring. I knew not to expect much when I decided to watch this movie, however I was still disappointed, it's just another cliché ridden horror movie and we didn't even get a high body count or a bloodbath.

  • Great start but the rest is junk


    After the first few minutes (right until the opening credits), I actually called my wife to "come and not miss this one because it seems great". Fortunately for her, she did not have time. The build up with the annoying and extremely shallow teenage characters is just too long and it is almost impossible to empathize with any of them. So you will be indifferent (if not happy), when they are being murdered. That is if you can follow the scenes and figure out who is hitting whom with what. In conclusion, all you will find in this one is poor writing and poor direction. I would not recommend this to anyone at all. 3 stars just for the opening sequence.

  • Excellent start, ridiculous drift into the meaningless


    Oh man, I wanted to like this movie, I wanted it so much. The beginning was really, really promising. I got immediately interested in the characters and really wanted to know, what's going here. The actress of "Kim" is smoking hot, the actor of the "father" was really good, and I liked the nice little Sepia look of the start. Too bad for me, because what is going on, will never be explained to any of us. After very good two minutes (really, a dream start for every movie), this movie got cheesy, superficial and meaningless, not to say boring. The formula was visible at all times. There were some moments when I still hoped the movie will get back on line, but well, what can I say - you see my 3 star rating. You see the pretty boy - you know he will die. This is not even a spoiler, it's just maths. You meet the pretty girl and know immediately something cannot be right. You see the smart ass brother and know he will survive. You see the house and have to wonder, why anyone should freely walk in there - or stay there, after finding the first strange and disturbing things. But noooooo.... The main character was terribly annoying and way to "superior". Always cool, never panicking, seeing horrible stuff and still making jokes, tricking the bad guy with psychic manipulation within 20 seconds, and of course fighting like a trained MMA fighter. Absolutely with a funny oneliner on her lips in life endangering situations. Ridiculous. What did the family want? Why did they do, what they do? The most interesting and important part of the movie, but nothing gets explained or even shown. We just know okay, they do what they do. Why? Who cares, am I right? Basically the villains get 10 minutes screen time. Until half of the movie I was still hoping something would happen. Once it passed the 45 minute mark I knew the 2nd half will be awful. And sadly I was right. The ending was like the biggest letdown ever. It was illogical, it was stupid, and worst, it closed the circle to the beginning - from which we still don't know any meaning at all. So you are left with a really low movie, with horrible dialogues, mostly bad acting besides one or two exceptions ("father", "kim", "mother") and a terrible plot, where basically nothing happens. This is also no horror movie, in the best case this is a thriller. And not a good on. Skip it.

  • A lot of potential, but so hard to sit through


    I liked the opening scene. It had a lot of potential and the plot summary had me hooked. Still, I didn't expect anything great, but it was released in 2016 so I figured it would at least be a B-movie quality. I've seen better produced movies on the Lifetime channel. The actors were so awful. They bumbled around and had really strange reactions to things. The plot didn't flow at all, any tension that could have been built was thrown away by extremely amateur actors and dialogue. The action made no sense and the actors just kind of awkwardly played around with each other during "fight" scenes. Very poorly edited and ridiculous script. The most clumsy and incompetent movie I've seen in a very long time.

  • Oh you don't have a Snapchat?!


    Already the way the movie started, annoyed me a lot. I am fed up with social media bs, and when I realized this movie is going to include A LOT of it, like talking about it, using it, taking idiotic pictures etc. and rambling on how "my phone has so much dirt on me" (learn to behave like a decent human being, how about that?) not to mention making a big deal about someone not having Snapchat, I felt like watching this was a mistake. Also, movies with hipster-wannabe-but-still-generic-as-f*uck-teenagers, whose priority in life is pretty much their phone, tend to piss me off too. (Watched "It Follows" one time and got a massive headache..) So, wasn't expecting much. I was actually rooting for the bad guys, because they weren't that annoying. So, when the movie ended like it did, I was glad and decided to give an extra point. So 2/10 it is.


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