Ramdhanu: The Rainbow

Ramdhanu: The Rainbow

LANG Bengali
TIME 2014
Shiboprosad Mukherjee Rachana Banerjee Gargi Roy Chowdhury


Ramdhanu: The Rainbow is a movie starring Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Rachana Banerjee, Gargi Roy Chowdhury

Mitali was a worried mother. This time, once again, her 5 year old son Gogol had failed to pass the admission test in a reputed school. Mitali was determined to get her son admitted into a reputed school. Gogol loved the song of birds, the flight of the kites, the rustling of the leaves, the wide expanse of the blue sky. Laltu Dutta, her husband, owned a chemist's shop. Mitali's desperation worries Laltu & he decide to approach a tout and is willing to pay him a handsome amount for his son's admission. Mitali decides to enroll herself along with Laltu in a school that coaches parents to conduct themselves at interviews. Laltu is very reluctant at first, but finally gives in to his wife's persuasions. The teacher of the coaching school was a wonderful lady who held their hands and taught them not only how to conduct themselves at interviews but also face difficulties and recognise the worth of life itself! Does Gogol finally get through the interview or was his sensitive soul crushed ...



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