Rajathandhiram (2015)

Rajathandhiram (2015)

Veera BahuRegina CassandraPattiyal K. ShekarDarbuka Siva
A.G. Amid


Rajathandhiram (2015) is a Tamil movie. A.G. Amid has directed this movie. Veera Bahu,Regina Cassandra,Pattiyal K. Shekar,Darbuka Siva are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Rajathandhiram (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Arjun and his two friends make a living out of conning people for a few thousands and are quite good at it. When Arjun falls for a girl, Michelle, he agrees to Deva's plan of stepping up to nail a big con job so that he can help her from financial stress. The con job sets off a chain of events that lead to a riveting cat-and-mouse game with a heist at its fulcrum.


Rajathandhiram (2015) Reviews

  • very well executed thriller


    I was amazed with Ocean's trilogy which deals with the theft and the tactics behind it and thought it would be really nice if something very good comes up in Tamizh screens. Here it comes in the name of Rajathandhiram. Although there are plot holes (biggest jewel store not having adequate security), the screenplay doesn't have any. PROS: The characterization is very good and detailed just as required. Performance of the characters especially lead role lifts the whole movie. BGM is another plus. With only one song, the movie is pretty much paced without any lags. Screenplay is good. No long lags. Twists at appropriate places. CONS: Logic is missing in some places. Scenes requires more detailing especially theft scene. Although it is shot realistic, it is not realistic. Overall, it is one of the don't-miss-it kinda movies. Watch it and it is worth than many other movies. Go for it! my rating - 7.5/10

  • Best Tamil Thriller of 2015


    This is the best Tamil thriller movie of 2015 . It somewhat resembles Telugu movie " Swami rara " , but different story though . Plot is that "Small-time criminals plan a big-time heist" . Overall a clever heist movie with a nice twist in the end. Story Screenplay and Direction is great , managing well with low budget. Casting and Performances are natural & good , takes some time to adjust with the lead actor but as movie goes on he too done great . Background score and Camera are good. It is good mix of love , comedy , redemption ,heist and twist . A perfect heist thriller . P.S : A clever Heist-thriller with a twist , not be missed

  • Neat presentation


    In this last 6 months Rajathanthiram was a very decent movie to watch out in Tamil.i don't know why people are not encourgaing this kind of movies and attempts,I agree now it is hits in so many theatres but i expected more. Instead of wasting so many worst films you can watch one time this kind of movie. debut director A.G.Amid used his opportunity very well, Also mainly Siva done a decent output in his comedy sequence. we should look into this movie here, Comedy is not a separate part here, it was travelling with story sequence with nature manner. My final word to you all don't waste 120 rs in every word. Just save it , You can use that with this kind of movies with satisfaction.

  • Rajathandhiram (U) TAMIL ------- my Rating: ★★★★ THRILLER


    New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news .... LIKE THIS PAGE : English Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https://www.facebook.com/YunusIrshadsMovieReview Rajathandhiram (U) TAMIL ------- my Rating: ★★★★ THRILLER STRENGTHS:- * Story Screenplay and Direction.... * Casting and Performances..... * Background score.... * Camera.... WEAKNESSES:- * Trailer is different from the movie.... FINAL VERDICT:- * Overall... it is a clean robbery thriller with a twist at the end... Have fun with this mystery... Small-time criminals plan a big-time heist. Will they be successful in their attempt ? Director: A.G. Amid Writer: A.G. Amid Stars: Veera Bahu, Regina Cassandra, Pattiyal K. Shekar | See full cast and crew »


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