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Orphan Horse (2018)

Orphan Horse (2018)

Jon VoightAlexa NisensonVail BloomEva LaRue
Sean McNamara


Orphan Horse (2018) is a English movie. Sean McNamara has directed this movie. Jon Voight,Alexa Nisenson,Vail Bloom,Eva LaRue are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Orphan Horse (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

A young runaway girl hides out in the barn of a retired horse trainer and forms a bond with his troubled filly.

Orphan Horse (2018) Reviews

  • Great family film


    A well written story with the two main stars. Putting in a really great performance

  • 2 tissue boxes worthy


    This was a fantastic movie I love the storyline definitely keep a box of Kleenex tissues next to you. I cried through the whole movie it was wonderful I'd love to buy this movie for my grandkids

  • Good Family Movie


    Shelly (Alexa Nisenson) runs away from home and ends up at Ben Crowley's (John Voight) farm and she bonds with a horse she later names Orphan. Just like every now and then we need a great big juicy cheeseburger, we also need to see a very nice story about a 12-year old girl and a horse. Yes, at times, this will get a little sappy, but we know that will happen and we are okay with it. We have our Kleenex boxes at the ready. The real winner in here is the banter between Ben and Shelly as it is real, innocent and honest. This is a movie we never want to end mostly because we really like Ben and Shelly. I have never seen John Voight is a more comfortable role and I don't think he wanted this to end either. As for Miss Nisenson, she is 12 going on 30 and her character has had tragedy in her young Iife and her uttterances are full of honesty and truth. Ben has met his match and you may be able to see regrets in some of his reflections when Shelly causes some of his memories to surface. Notables: Vail Bloom as Caroline, Ben's estranged daughter; Phillip Boyd as Sheriff Jake, who wants to marry Caroline; Eva LaRue as Marta Jenkins, Shelly's foster mother; Scott Summitt as Gerald Jenkins, Shelly's foster father. This is a very good family movie and the dialogues are so good we don't want them to end. Now, do we want fries with that cheeseburger? Hmmm............... (9/10) Violence: No. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: Yes. Language: No. Rating: A

  • Heartwarming Saga About a Grumpy Old Scrooge


    "Orphan Horse" is a touching story about a cantankerous old horse trainer in Kentucky. He is mad at the world and despised in his community until he meets a young runaway child who is a natural horse whisperer. The story focuses on the bonding of the orphan child with an orphan horse, as well as the lessons learned by the old Scrooge. The theme of orphans abounded in the film. A pair of cardboard-cutout villains have adopted a large brood of children, then abuse them like characters out of a Charles Dickens novel. Young Shelly runs away and sleeps in the barn of old Ben Crowley, who discovers right away that Shelly is a natural when it comes to training horses. Jon Voight was perfect in the role of Ben Crowley. The rest of the cast was admirable in their roles. But the strength of the film was in the scenes with the horse, as trained by Ben and Shelley. The photography captured the verdant landscape of Kentucky and the quaintness of Midway, a town in which the train runs straight down the middle of Main Street. The film's ending may have been a tad bit far-fetched, as a nice cop and Ben's daughter Caroline get married, then adopt the entire batch of abused kids. This was a Hallmark-style "feel good" movie that had some heart, but went overboard on the sentiment at the end.

  • Very good movie, well worth the time to watch.


    The two main characters, Jon Voight and Alexa Nisensen,play very well off each other and make you really like them. Voight's character is slightly reminiscent of Walter Matthau's in the movie Kotch. A superficially grouchy old guy who really cares a lot. One reviewer below seemed to dislike it because it was too cliched and full of tricks to tug at your emotions. He also complained that it had no subtitles. Subtitles?? It's in English, dude. Yes, it may be "formulaic" in the tearjerker style, but after all, when you get down to it, don't most movies, or stories, follow some sort of type? And this one is very well done.


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