OK Kanmani (2015)

OK Kanmani (2015)

Dulquer SalmaanNithya MenenPrakash RajLeela Samson
Mani Ratnam


OK Kanmani (2015) is a Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam movie. Mani Ratnam has directed this movie. Dulquer Salmaan,Nithya Menen,Prakash Raj,Leela Samson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. OK Kanmani (2015) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Adhi (Dulquer) a happy-go-lucky lad, bumps into Tara (Nithya Menon), a bubbly girl loaded with energy and fall in love. The duo have plenty in common and the most striking one is that they both hate marriage. So after flirting with each other, they move in together for a live-in relationship. Their jolly go stint rocks on until that juncture comes when they have to answer the big question of whether to move forward or not.


OK Kanmani (2015) Reviews

  • OK Kanmani - Definitely much beyond mere 'OK'


    I happened to watch OK Kanmani yesterday. First of all, let me begin by saying that the movie is definitely much beyond mere 'OK'. If Mouna Ragam, Alaipayuthey & OK Kanmani were to be clustered together as Mani Ratnam's 'love trilogy' then I would definitely consider this movie as a prequel to its predecessors, as the other two had dealt with post-marital themes whereas, this one explores pre-marital relationships of contemporary urban youth. The casting seemed very fresh. Dulquer Salman, Nithya Menen, Prakash Raj, Leela Samson and others have offered some gritty and seminal performances in terms of acting. The movie is undoubtedly a true gem and a definite landmark in all their respective filmographies. The diction of the lead pair does not even show a hint of their obvious malayali accent and seem to enunciate their respective lines quite fluently in spite of being shot entirely on sync sound except for a few scenes. However, the main highlight of this movie is its resplendent cinematography by the very versatile P.C.Sreeram who packs quite a punch this time with his snazzy frames and groovy lights that makes the movie seem like a radiant visual romantic poem. The Art Department surely deserves special appreciation. For instance, there is a scene which reveals Ganapathy's (Prakash Raj) study where we see an old cranky desktop computer and few books neatly displayed in the shelf beside. Such small nuances do play a major role in establishing the character's predilection. Songs composed by the maestro himself have already emerged as trend-setting chart busters and fit inextricably with the narrative instead of merely being distinctive tracks which has got nothing to do with the story-line thus, offering an entirely new experience to the viewer. Contrary to a few reviews that I had read online prior to watching the movie which claims the first half to have intermittent lags, I felt that the movie picks up pace right from the word go and maintains momentum till its dramatic culmination. The dialogues follow the same old pithy and succinct pattern which is indubitably a renowned trademark of the auteur. Overall, OKK is certainly not 'the best' movie of Mani Ratnam hitherto considering his extensive body of work but, it definitely has the potential to become both an inexorable blockbuster and a cult classic in the years to come. Hats off to this 58 year old gutsy genius who has valiantly envisaged a modern-day taboo theme of 'live-in relationship' and churned out a beautiful love story which is both realistic and relatable to the contemporary youth of India. In precis, the film gives us a message that even below an attenuated layer of ostensible modernism, there lies a strong substratum of traditional values still embedded in today's young generation which is yet to become extinct.

  • A much needed energetic youthful soulful movie which will energize everyone


    A Man who is pushing into his sixties announces he is here to say, here to stay!! Thats Mani Ratnam's reply through ‪OKKanmani‬ !! yes he is back indeed with an all-round movie after some years!! Watching his movie after very long time in theater and Very much satisfied. The cinematography says it all. PC sir underplayed himself to suit the story. The whole Mumbai setup shows what his experience is and it lets you travel beyond boundaries. You don't need mega locations. you need to shoot everything right thats it! The tile card and interval block is very much unexpected surprise package. BGM ARR = no words. Truly nailed it (but at some portion it reminds me of interstellar). Dulquer Salmaan is here to stay!! And Nithya Menon - she is modern Revathi as in Mouna Ragam (although Revathi cant be matched!!). Another interesting thing is that almost every Mani movie will have an interesting character. Well, this movie has more than one and that too is done well. very well indeed!!! Leela Samson outplayed Prakashraj. She is the one to look out for in this movie. No Melodramatic moments, no unwanted tearful moments, no low-class language. Thats Mani Ratnam for you. Enjoy the ride.!

  • Romantic Musical Extravaganza


    Mani is back with a HIT! The movie is shot is Mumbai and the hero of the movie, Aadhi develops a software game called Mumbai-2.0. Apart from a few visuals that remind of Mani's Bombay movie, this movie is more of a Alaipayuthey-2.0 because you get the feel of a more contemporary version of Alaipayuthey. But, the movie is no where less to the Alaipayuthey classic because this is what you get... Fantastic Soundtrack by AR (9/10): The "AR-Vairamuthu-Mani" trio's magic is one to cherish forever. One of The Best Background Music that touches you while watching the movie (10/10). Awesome performances by Dulquer & Nithya (10/10). Superb Cinematography (9/10). The real touch of Mani's movie making and dialogues style which most people love to see (10/10). I hardly feel the urge to go watch a movie second time. But, OKK tempts me to experience it again in the theater. Overall, OK...K --> Double OK :)

  • A celebration of love!!


    Thank you Mani Ratnam for this very timely return to form. OK Kanmani( Such a nice title) is a beautiful love story about the modern age relationships. The dialogues and the settings do bring back flashes of Alaipayuthey and Aaytha Ezhuthu. This isn't a perfect movie. There were some scenes that were cringe worthy(The Loopie App song/moment) . But despite these minor flaws, this movie is a triumph. A celebration. Performances by the cast were terrific . Dulquer is a capable leading man(despite his limited acting range). Nithya Menon was terrific and frighteningly real. But it's Prakash Raj and Leela Samson who steals the show as the older couple . The film moves to a different when they are in the frame. Overall, a beautiful movie that will appeal to the classes.

  • OK Kanmani - Could have been made Even Better


    All others would have discussed on the storyline by now, I would like to put in my views on the film. Iam a very big Fan of Mani sir, If I was in Films I would have respected him as mu Guru. Main Plot : A treatment on Living together Relationship, Something very much contemporary and modern. But story telling was very much in old pattern. There was lot of scope for including more surprises in the screenplay. We could predict the flow of scenes and the climax easily. we lost that thrill of watching a modern movie Dialogues: Same as other Mani sirs Films, Hope he tries something new. ................ Performances : The casting was very much apt. specially the Prakash raj sir and his wife character. Dilquer Salman could some what pull of but expect more from him, especially being the son of a great Actor. Nithya Menon is a darling to see on the screen, she suits to the Role to the core. No other Character remained in my mind after coming out the theater. The only superb features of the Film that keep lingering in my mind is the superb Background score, more than average Songs and Splendid Cinematography. Iam not sure how much of the Film was shot in real scenarios or in sets. If it was in sets , then it was an awesome job


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