Nine to Five (1980)

Nine to Five (1980)

Jane FondaLily TomlinDolly PartonDabney Coleman
Colin Higgins


Nine to Five (1980) is a English,French movie. Colin Higgins has directed this movie. Jane Fonda,Lily Tomlin,Dolly Parton,Dabney Coleman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1980. Nine to Five (1980) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Meet Franklin Hart (Dabney Coleman). The biggest "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss on the planet. He thrills in taking advantage of his head female office staff; humiliating, downplaying, and condescending against them whenever conveniently possible, particularly his top assistant Violet (Lily Tomlin). Long-exhausted over his gruesome bullishness, Violet, alongside co-workers Doralee (Dolly Parton) and Judy (Jane Fonda) comprise comical methods of "doing him in", when a freak incident occurs. They then manage to kidnap Hart and trap him in his own house, while assuming control of his department, and productivity leaps. But just how long can they keep him tied up?


Nine to Five (1980) Reviews

  • Cheesy 80s fun!


    "Nine To Five" is one of those classic 80s comedies which was what made the decade so fun as far as movies go. Jane Fonda plays Judy, a recently divorced housewife who lands a secretarial job at a corporate office. Lily Tomlin is Violet, the beleagured supervisor at the office who shows Judy the ropes on her disasterous first day. Dolly Parton is Doralee, a secretary whom everyone at the office thinks is using her - ahem - "assets" to get ahead by sleeping with the boss. Soon these three become best friends and team up after they've gotten fed up with their chauvinistic and smarmy boss Mr. Hart, played to the hilt by Dabney Coleman. Sure, it does delve into zany corniness, such as the scene where they all get high on pot and share their fantasies about how each of them would like to knock off the boss (the funniest is Violet's "Snow White" coffee one, which uses cartoon animation and live action) or the scene where Violet thinks she accidentally poisoned Mr. Hart's coffee with rat poison and tries to steal his supposed dead corpse out of the hospital! This is the kind of movie where you check your brain at the door and take it for what it is. There are some great one-liners like the one where Fonda tells her ex-husband, who thinks she's having a kinky S&M affair with Mr. Hart, something along the lines of, "If I want to do M&M's, that's fine with me!" The office they work in is reminiscent of the one in "The Apartment". Three very clever characters, great comedic acting from Parton as Doralee and Tomlin as Violet. Jane Fonda, who I never cared much for, was good as the naive Judy. Sterling Hayden has a great cameo at the end as the "Chairman of the Board". A funny revenge comedy about Every Office, U.S.A.. You gotta love the theme song, too. Most recommended!

  • Hilarious Comedy Stands The Test Of Time


    I never saw 9 TO 5 when it played at the theaters but saw it soon after on video. I was like 14 years old back then and I remember enjoying the film very much, even if I didn't get all the misogynistic humor and women's lib stuff. Fast forward to 2006 and I decided to buy 9 TO 5 on DVD and see the fun again. After all, I haven't seen this one on TV in a LONG time and my local BLOCKBUSTER is sorely lacking a "classics" catalog. I knew in my mind that some of the movies you hold so dearly when you're a kid simply don't "cut it" when you see them all grown up. I am very pleased to say that 9 TO 5 has stood the test of time quite well and its "it's a corporate world" underpinnings couldn't be more appropriate now a days. The movie was cleverly written and directed and the humor develops naturally without looking forced or too acted out. It's the story of recently divorced Judy Bernly (Jane Fonda). Her ex husband ran away with his secretary and now Judy, ironically, finds a job being one. The company is called Consolidated Companies, which by the way, we never really know what they do or what they sell. We only know that it is a big company and that each floor of the high building is a "division". Frank Hart (played wonderfully by Dabney Coleman) is the villainous boss and head of the division. He is, as his right hand aide might put it, an "egotistical bigot". Hart's overwhelming tyranny makes his aide, Violet, to snap and with her go Judy and Dorlee (Dolly Parton), his voluptuous personal secretary. The trio spend the afternoon together drinking and smoking pot and jokingly thinking how each of them would "kill" their boss if they had the chance. The movie visualizes each of the secretary's outlandish fantasies and this part of the movie is one of the most entertaining and hilarious. Next day it's back to the real world and back to the daily grind. From here on each of the secretaries' fantasies take real form in some way or another making the movie even more fun. You'll have to see the rest to know what I mean. Despite being a 25 year old movie, 9 TO 5 stands the test of time perfectly, with only some of the cars and some of the clothing fashion looking a bit dated. It is a very well made, fast paced comedy that never bores. My wife loved it and she had never seen it before (she was barely a year when this came out!). 9* out of 10!!!

  • Perfect Performances all the way around!!!!!!!


    From the sparkling acting debut of Dolly Parton to the comic genius of Dabney Coleman 9 to 5 is one of the best acted comedies of the 1980s. Jane Fonda and the brilliant Lilly Tomlin round out the lead cast with hilarious performances in this screwball revenge comedies that was one of the first films to champion "girl power". Even the smaller characters like Marien Mercer (as Missy Hart)and Elizabeth Wilson (as office snitch/bitch Roz)get in good one liners and laughs. Rent this movie. No wait - BUY this movie. You can watch it again and again.

  • One of the Best Comedies Ever


    On the first day of the secretary Judy Bernly (Jane Fonda) at the Consolidated Companies, the senior office supervisor Violet Newstead (Lily Tomlin) is in charge to introduce her to the coworkers. Judy was a housewife that has never worked but after her recent divorce, she is forced to find a job. Violet explains that their boss Franklin Hart Jr. (Dabney Coleman) is a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot and his secretary Doralee Rhodes (Dolly Parton) is his mistress. When Violet develops a method to increase the profit of the company, the opportunist Franklin backstabs Violet and presents the wok as if he had made it. Later the chauvinist Franklin does not promote Violet. He also spreads rumors about Doralee and mistreats Judy. When Violet accidentally put rat poison in Franklin´s coffee, he has an accident with his chair, hits his head on the floor, loses consciousness and drops his coffee on the floor. He goes to the hospital and Violet and her friends believe he had died. When Franklin returns to the office, his snitch learns what happened and he blackmails the secretaries that kidnap him. Now Violet administrates the office with Judy and Doralee and they discover that Franklin is stealing Consolidated Companies. How can they prove? "Nine to Five" is one of the best comedies ever. The timeless story is still very funny thirty-eight years after the release in 1980. Lily Tomlin is one of the best comedians of Hollywood and she shines in this comedy. Jane Fonda is also very funny in the role of an uptight woman recently divorced. The country singer Dolly Parton is the great surprise with a good performance. Dabney Coleman is also great in the role of the chauvinist Franklin Hart Jr. The fantasies of the women of how they would like to kill their boss is one of the greatest moment of this film. The conclusion with Franklin sent of the jungle in Amazon is delightful. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Como Eliminar Seu Chefe" ("How to Get Rid of Your Boss")

  • gruesome but cute


    I first saw this movie on HBO around 1981. Now, as I re-watch it again for the 20th time, it still has me laughing at all the hysterical lines, "....change you from a rooster to a hen....", "....gruesome but cute....", "It looks just like Skinny & Sweet....I might as well save them the trouble and give them the rat poison....", and all the rest of this wildly funny movie. This movie is timeless. Including all the actors who are the perfect choice for this movie. This comedy is a definite 10 out of 10!!!!


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