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Naayak (2013)

Naayak (2013)

Ram CharanKajal AggarwalAmala PaulAnandhi
V.V. Vinayak


Naayak (2013) is a Telugu movie. V.V. Vinayak has directed this movie. Ram Charan,Kajal Aggarwal,Amala Paul,Anandhi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Naayak (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A young man and his lookalike team up to fight injustice and settle their personal scores with the evildoers.

Naayak (2013) Reviews

  • A pretty Good Entertainer


    The first big movie of the year 2013, well the movie wished a good luck for the Telugu Film Industry with its Grace and Outstanding performance at the Box-Office. All the performances were balanced and it shows the directors care in characterization and taking. The action sequences and the dance performance by the lead Ram charan was amazing. Some scenes lacked reality but overall an out and out Entertainer in the making. Both the female leads were beautiful and graceful.I should be talking about the comedy part of the movie here. The comedy track was amazing and the one-liners were perfect. We have to wait and see if this creates the new records at the box office or just an average flick in time.

  • Naayak (A) TELUGU ------------------- my Rating : ★★★★ HIGH VOLTAGE ENTERTAINER


    Maranthen Mannithen (U) TAMIL Aashiqui 2 (2013) MUSIC Hindi Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga (U) TAMIL Complete Review and more Hot news .... LIKE THIS PAGE : Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https://www.facebook.com/YunusIrshadsMovieReview Naayak (A) TELUGU ------------------- my Rating : ★★★★ HIGH VOLTAGE ENTERTAINER STRENGTHS : - * Ram charan performance....... * Comedy scenes : were enjoyable ...... * Dialogues : powerful..... * Action sequences : effective but brutal..... * Song : Remixed one ...... * Story and Direction : was superb with a very fast screenplay .... WEAKNESSES : - * Songs : were not special ...... * Second half : slips a bit ....... * Actresses are only for the songs ......kajal was hot .... FINAL VERDICT : - * It is a complete entertainer with a wholesome comedy .... u will enjoy till end ....... Must watch ..... A young man and his lookalike team up to fight injustice and settle their personal scores with the evildoers.

  • very commercial mass film


    "Naayak" a pure mass Telugu film includes all commercial elements which is equally mixed and entertain the audience well, but logic is missing at many parts of the movie. It is a very regular action story that we had seen so many like this before. But the only thing is Ramcharan Teja, who did a dual role in the movie is excellent throughout the film. If you are a fan of him, you should never miss this film at any cost. He has done a very excellent dance in this movie comparing to his previous movies. Especially the songs "Layla oh Layla","Hey Naayaku" are visual treat. Also he is very good in fighting sequences.. Kajal and Amalapaul are used only for romance and song sequences. Kajal is good than Amalapaul and she has more screen presence than Amalapaul. Music is very excellent. All the songs are composed really good and are visual treat for all. Screenplay is good but because of weak story it doesn't create an any impact. Overall movie is enjoyable and if you watch it without analyze any logic of the story, then definitely it would entertains you a lot. Especially it is for die-hard RamCharan fans. And if you are a die-hard fan of Telugu Commercial Mass Masala film, then definitely you will like this movie.

  • throughly entertaining


    The movie nayak first big release of 2013 is a smash hit across various areas. The movie all about siddharth nayak who kills his counter parts . The backdrop was set in kolkata . Though the story was not new the screenplay was engaging . The comedy track has been handled by bramhi,jp and posani. and ramcharan did his part . Ramcharan who is just 4 films old proved once again what he is capable of, extreme dance skills and his ease in fights and in emotional scenes were well picturized. He is definitely true heir for his father mega star. Heriones were hardly there for songs. overall its a good formula movie .


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