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Mr Perfect (2011)

Mr Perfect (2011)

PrabhasKajal AggarwalTaapsee PannuRaghu Babu


Mr Perfect (2011) is a Telugu movie. Dasaradh has directed this movie. Prabhas,Kajal Aggarwal,Taapsee Pannu,Raghu Babu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Mr Perfect (2011) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Vicky (Prabhas), an expert in gaming software, lives in Australia and never compromises in his life, a principle he adheres to since his childhood. He believes that one should be oneself in a relationship and one shouldn't change one's orientation for the sake of the partner. He also encourages his friends to follow his principle of life. But Vicky's principles and attitude leads to a clash of interestswith his father (Nassar), who constantly advises him to adjust his character for his and other's happiness but to no avail.Meanwhile in India, Vicky's parentsarrange a wedding alliancebetweenhim and Priya (Kajal Aggarwal), Vicky's childhood friend who is a doctor by profession. She and Vicky are poles apart; while Vicky is modern in his thinking and is not ready to compromise with his life, Priya is traditional and conservativeand is ready to compromise for thehappiness of others. Initially, Vicky and Priya do not get along well, andboth play practical jokes on one another. But later, ...


Mr Perfect (2011) Reviews

  • excellent


    Vicky(Prabhas) an ambitious, career oriented and self esteemed individual who never compromises in loosing opportunities or never adjusts himself in loosing opportunity to others. Vicky lives in Australia and is in pursuit of his dream, to open a gaming company along with his friends. Vicky comes to India to attend his sister's marriage. Priya(Kajal Agarwal), a Doctor by profession, kind hearted and feels herself happy by serving others, stays in a distant village in West Godavari district along with her father, who happens to be childhood buddy of Vicky's father Upon reaching India Vicky's father (Nasser) proposes to marry his buddy (Murali Mohan's) daughter Priya. Vice Versa happens at Priya's house too. Both Vicky and Priya reject the proposal by citing reasons of behavior and later come to an agreement, saying 'They will get marry only if they like each others behavior and attitude', with their parents. Here is an interesting character in 2nd half, Maggi (Tapsi) an ambitious and self esteemed girl who never listens to others meets Vicky and falls in love. The rest of the story is how these north and South Pole, Vicky and Priya unites together. Who is right, whether it is Vicky who never compromises in giving things up or Priya who always wants see happiness in other people by serving them. Prabhas looks stylish, energetic and steals the show, Kajal Agarwal as usual charming and gave an extraordinary performance. Tapsee suits her role. Directory Dasharath has given extraordinary and gripping narration to the story developed by Sri Venkateshwara Creations Team. First Half is really good and 2nd half of the movie looks dragged in pieces and has more sentiment scenes.

  • Much better than typical "Family films"


    As a 'North Indian', I never had a chance to watch many South Indian films. About an year ago, my friend suggested Magadheera, and there was no looking back. Almost all the films of bollywood now are remakes of superhit south Indian films. Despite having big budgets, it is sad to see how stupid / senseless / vulgar films are produced by bollywood. It is sad to see the fall from the 90's of Kuch Kuch hota hai / DDLJ, etc. Coming to the film, I watched this film because of Kajal Agrawal ! I was surprised by her acting in Magadheera. Finally an actress who can ACT ! The story is really simple but keeps you gripped till the end. I googled the Hero's name after watching the film - would rate him as average. The ease at which the film gives a message of sharing and love is its USP. An average youngster can easily relate to the characters. For example, in one scene, Grandpa gets annoyed with the 24x7 mobile / Laptop use by younger gen and questions whether technology has REALLY brought us closer ? I am sure we all have faced a similar question from our family. The absence of vulgarity / nudity is another big plus. Finally a film you can watch with your family without having to keep a remote in hand :) On a serious note, I admire the 'conservative' , value-ingrained society in southern states which , I think , has resulted in lower rape cases. The message of sharing / love is universal. It is not your typical SRK type love between a 'hip' college pair. Minor blotches like swapping of bike in the bike race of the second actress and too much 'forced' comedy doesn't make this a 10/10 film. The songs are great (even though I don't understand the language). 15 years ago, this would be an average film. But going by the falling standards, I would say this is a MUST WATCH ! Thanks for reading :)

  • good movie


    It is a good decent movie that I can watch along with my parents. Good actors, director, music,lyrics,singers! I liked the way they narrated the story. They showed a youth mentality - what we think is correct and do that and end up not liking it and finally come back and follow our parents way :) Yup, not everyone are mature enough to understand our parents and their experience. We want our own experiences :) I liked especially the message they delivered - no laptops / mobile, just go enjoy in a marriage and not work from home hahaha and as well as the main message - adjustment is what makes life worth living. They showed the reality and how one changes as time pass by, yet not making it so emotional(which would have spoiled the movie as we want to enjoy and not cry when seeing a movie). It was simple and straight forward. The song that goes like "Do what you want to do....and that be clear in what you want" is awesome! and Prabas - kajal combination is toooooo goooood. I don't think other than Prabas anyone else would have fit in that role and of course he acts so gracefully :P

  • Shallow, boring, formulaic and pretentious


    Well, again, a Telugu movie. A romance, but a romance already been told in different forms but without big difference thousand times. This time, you find a tall, very macho tough young guy, a big mommy's boy, got himself involved in a traditional prearranged match-making same old, same old Hindi style pretentious and bore-you-to-death shallow movie. The guy was destined to have a car suddenly malfunctioned on the way to meet the unseen young woman. Then the guy would coincidentally and meet this unknown woman at the right place and the right time. This time, well, guess what? She rides a scooter. He hitch-hike behind her to the village. Do I have to keep telling you this either brainless or brain-dead storyline on and on? Give me a break, will you? Of course, the young woman must be beautiful. The countryside must also be beautiful, because the romance got to start in a postcard like countryside background. Then, there should be some inevitable and necessary misunderstandings, of course, some accidental problematic incidents, like "Pride & Prejudice", "Wuthering Height"....blah, blah and blah. And then either one of these two would disgust the other first with prejudice and then fall for her or him without knowing. Well, same crap, different places. Anyway, this is a very predictable, badly directed, scripted and poorly performed flick that doesn't need to put into production in the first place. A monster-sized MEH........!


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