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Liz en Septiembre (2014)

Liz en Septiembre (2014)

Patricia VelasquezEloisa MaturenMimi LazoElba Escobar
Fina Torres


Liz en Septiembre (2014) is a Spanish movie. Fina Torres has directed this movie. Patricia Velasquez,Eloisa Maturen,Mimi Lazo,Elba Escobar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Liz en Septiembre (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

This story follows Eva, a traveler who experiences some car trouble and ends up spending some time with a group of women in a hotel outside of town. These women gladly accept Eva into their home and help her to feel at home. Quickly Eva discovers the secret that unifies these seven interesting women she's met. As relationships are being formed, an even deeper relationship forms between Eva and Liz. As they go on different adventures, Liz's secret that she's kept from everyone is revealed and it takes a toll on everyone involved. . It is worthy to note that there are not many male characters in this film, which leaves room for these women to show their own strengths, capabilities and who they truly are as vibrant women living their lives.


Liz en Septiembre (2014) Reviews

  • One minute can be a lifetime, if you live it right.


    The Venezuelan film Liz en Septiembre was shown in the U.S. with the title Liz in September (2014). It was written and directed by Fina Torres. The film stars Patricia Velasquez as Liz--a lesbian supermodel who comes to a beach resort to celebrate her birthday. All of her friends, as well as the proprietor of the hotel, are lesbians. By happenstance, a straight woman arrives at the hotel, and becomes the object of attention from everyone. Liz bets that she can seduce the outsider within a short time, and then sets about to do just that. As you might expect, there are problems ahead for Liz and the straight woman. The problems surface slowly--they are brought to our attention little by little. The setting of the movie is so beautiful--as are all the actors--that the tragic moments of the film are hard to accept. The straight/lesbian situation isn't the problem. However, problems are there, and this makes the film a tragicomedy. This is a powerful and beautiful movie. I highly recommend it. We saw it on the large screen as part of ImageOut, the excellent Rochester LGBTQ Film Festival. It won't work as well on a small screen, because some of the tropical beauty will be lost. Still, it's a great movie, and I suggest that you see it in any format that's available.

  • Wonderful


    Liz en Septiembre is a wonderful movie . Amazing work of Fina Torres and all the cast . Patricia Velasquez does a phenomenal job and carries the movie so well . The theme is great . Thank you for this Extraordinary piece .It was about time that we started talking about these issues in the Latin countries . This movie will remain in history The cinematography is beautiful . Thank you Fina for taking such a risk . I loved the humor in it and how she was able to combine it with the tragedy of the situation . The right to choose is the one message I walked away with . I laughed,cried and never lots hope . All the characters are winners . It made me cheer for them . You can see how much dedication and thought was put in it . Bravo to all the team !

  • fun foreign film - a study of relationships


    When Eva's car breaks down, she is stranded at a seaside resort, where she meets Liz. Liz and her lesbian friends are having a get-away at the beach, and Eva is the straight, married outsider. And of course, being gay is still a pretty big deal in Venezuela. It starts out as a light-hearted look at friendships, romance, and quick flings. It quickly takes a more serious turn, as one of the ladies in the group has a secret, and doesn't want the others to know. Nothing is easy in life. BEAUTIFUL scenery. Excellent choices of music throughout. There's a confusing part about halfway through the film, which is partially explained towards the end, but they leave a lot to viewer interpretation. I see the original version ran 100 minutes, but the netflix version is only 92. Wonder what was cut out; were there things in the missing eight minutes that would have explained a couple things for us? Mostly a great story. Could easily have been someone's personal experience. Directed by Fina Torres. Written by Torres and Jane Chambers. I tried to go to the "official website", but sadly the link is no longer working.

  • Beautiful.


    The writing is beautiful. You can't stop yourself from falling in love. The chemistry between all the actresses is absolutely amazing. Can almost feel the passion emanating from Liz and Eva. Would watch again and again, if only to remind myself that real love, real passion, exists when you least expect it.

  • All in one romantic film


    Liz in September by Fina Torres is a lesbian-centric take on the generic romance film. Liz (Velásquez) is a former model and a notorious player. Eva (Maturén) plays the role of the beautiful woman with the broken down car. Through a turn of fate, she ends up being sent to Margot's (Lazo) beachside hotel where all of the residents are lesbians. The romance between Liz and Eva begins, in standard rom-com fashion, as a bet between Liz and one of her friends about whether or not Liz can convince Eva to sleep with her within three days. Liz is not looking for anything serious. This is revealed to us through several, repetitive expositions between her and other characters as well as conversations that her friends have with each other. Every character in Liz in September seems to have an odd fixation on Liz. Despite this, we learn relatively little about Liz as a person other than the fact that she is completely irresistible. One of the other inhabitants of Margot's hotel is Liz's ex-partner Dolores (Lazo), whom Liz cheated on. We are never told why Liz cheated or how she and Dolores moved on to become friends, infidelity is just another part of Liz's bad girl persona. Throughout the film, Dolores's current girlfriend Coqui (García) makes several heavy- handed passes at Liz who feels neither the compulsion to inform Dolores or any apparent guilt afterwards when she briefly succumbs to Coqui's seduction. Even the romance between Liz and Eva, supposedly the central feature of the film, feels neglected in place of showing off how amazing and hot Liz is. Liz in September is notable for its unapologetic portrayal of women who love women. That being said, the movie feels at the same incomplete and overburdened.The irresistible playgirl, the unsatisfied wife, the dead child, the bet, the breakneck speed romance and the cancer all combine into a movie that is not displeasing to watch, but is disjointed and over-the-top cliché.


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