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Livvakterna (2001)

Livvakterna (2001)

Jakob EklundSamuel FrölerAlexandra RapaportLia Boysen
Anders Nilsson


Livvakterna (2001) is a Swedish,English,German movie. Anders Nilsson has directed this movie. Jakob Eklund,Samuel Fröler,Alexandra Rapaport,Lia Boysen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Livvakterna (2001) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After causing a commotion with his last assignment, Falk has been given a desk job, which hardly agrees with his personality, and he ends up accepting an offer from an old friend to buy into a private investigation agency. Another friend of Falk's, Sven, purchased a business in Estonia, and when local gangsters attempted to pressure him into paying protection money, Sven retained the services of Nikolaus Lehmann, a burly private eye, to throw them off his trail. However, Lehmann does his job all too well, murdering the racketeers, and then threatening Sven and his family. With no where else to turn, Sven asks Falk to help him deal with the crazed Lehmann; Falk agrees, but soon realizes he's dealing with a more dangerous man than he imagined when Lehmann kidnaps Sven's wife Jeanette, and then releases her with a time bomb locked around her neck, demanding that Sven hand over ownership of his company to Lehmann.


Livvakterna (2001) Reviews

  • Oh, boy! They actually made a good swedish action movie!

    Gabri L2001-09-06

    After having been almost physically persuaded to see this movie (I don´t see Swedish movies anymore, they usually put my teeth on edge), I was extremely surprised by "Livvakterna". This and it´s predecessor "Noll Tolerans"(made by the same people, has the same main character) are most probably the only Swedish action thrillers to actually deserve that denomination. An introvert, hard boiled, cop goes to the funeral of his friend´s father, and gets involved in a yarn of extortion, blackmail and murder. The action scenes are realistic, nothing fancy, the characters believable, and most of all, the cinematography is excellent. A car chase through a Swedish forest will go down in history as a modern classic, and the director made good use of cut and sound to highten the suspence. And believe me, towards the end I found myself biting my fingernails to the quick! All in all, the best in its genre to come out of Sweden in a long time, and I hope that this movie sets a standard!

  • Very cool film about personal protection


    This is the first Swedish film I have seen, having watch it on the SBS TV channel in Australia the reason I watched it was the title got my attention due working in the private security industry. It is very sparse with none of the usual Hollywood Bulls**t that is usually attached with these type of films. A realistic and compentent look at the intricate world of personal protection, especially during the scene's where the bad guys take the house and Pernilla throws herself in front of the principal and keep's him down until the all clear is given.The ending is edge of seat stuff. All up a extremely good film. Highly recommended veiwing

  • The best Swedish movie ever!


    This film is the best Swedish movie that I have seen, its different than other films. The movie is "seen" from another point of view, its not the harassed family´s view but an old friend´s that is a tuff cop that is trying to help the family. "Livvakterna" is a film that is thrilling from the beginning to the end, its also cool sometimes and it has the best car chase that I have seen in a film - in a Swedish forest road. It has also (as do many successful films) some humor.The film is not that violent ither except for the opening scene. This is a quality film that I just have to recommend.

  • A bodyguard firm helps a victim...


    This movie is the second of a trilogy. It's about Johan Falk a Swedish police officer. His friend gets caught in a situation with organized crime takin' over companies. And Johan comes to the rescue. This is a high speed action movie from beginning to end. And you won't be disappointed by it. The other movies are "Noll Tollerans"(Zero tolerance) and "Tredje vågen" (the Third wave).

  • Swedish action that works


    Usually Swedish action movies are worse than an American C-class action. In movies like the two latest Hamilton movies (Vendetta and Hamilton) the action mainly consists of car explosions and gunfights that even the worst of American action would match. Livvakterna does not fall into this trap, to my delight there isn't one single car explosion. Sure, there are some gunfight but to me they feel real, the characters feels real, the script feels real... basically, it's a very good movie.


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