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Life-Size (2000)

Life-Size (2000)

GENRESTv movie,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
Lindsay Lohan Jere Burns Anne Marie DeLuise Garwin Sanford
Mark Rosman


Life-Size (2000) is a English movie. Mark Rosman has directed this movie. Lindsay Lohan, Jere Burns, Anne Marie DeLuise, Garwin Sanford are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2000. Life-Size (2000) is considered one of the best Tv movie,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

After the death of her mother, 11-year-old Casey is despondent. As she and her father Ben begin to drift apart, Casey finds a book of magic spells and tries to use one to bring her mother back to life. But the plan backfires, and instead she finds that she's animated Eve, a fashion-plate dress-up doll. Eve is excited to be both alive and nearly six feet tall, but she has a lot to learn about living in the real world - and Casey isn't so sure she has the desire or the patience to teach her.


Life-Size (2000) Reviews

  • Not just for little girls.


    The idea of a mom or girlfriend brought to life from an inanimate object is not a new one and has been used as a plot device in film and TV for years. We've seen the story before in "Mannequin," and Disney's "A Mom for Christmas." In the later film we see a department store mannequin who is brought to life by a widower's daughter. In this film, it's a fashion doll. These films feature drop dead beauties in the lead role wearing fun, colorful outfits. Not exactly great actresses, but with enough charisma to make the role work in a cute type of way. "Life-Size" features Lindsay Lohan (the cute little red-head from "The Parent Trap") as the young girl and Jere Burns ("Dear John") as her father. Both are very good actors and their performances and chemistry are so good that casting them in the same roles for a TV sitcom might not be a bad idea. Jere Burns subtle and gentle performance is better than his usual roles where he snaps one-liners. The script and direction of this film are also very good, not settling on obvious jokes and letting the characters time to adjust to situations. While the idea of a perfect mom being a dumb witted doll might seem old-fashioned, we also see dad working along side career women, and his daughter is involved in co-ed football (as quarter back no less). Also of note are the fashion costumes that were inspired by actual fashion doll clothes and accessories. This is a film that spends as much time with the adults as it does with the child which places it in a different orbit than most Disney films. Supermodel Tyra Banks plays Eve, the fashion doll, and with her hair up in a bun, pearls around her neck, perfect tall poise, perfect long legs, and incredible good looks, certainly is a fashion doll. Despite interesting and comedic situations, her character is boring and certainly no fantasy for a young girl. She is a man's fantasy and more specifically the father's fantasy. We watch him slowly fall in love with her mystique as much as her looks. Not surprisingly, Tyra Banks looks great in every scene (if Tyra Banks is not the most beautiful woman in the world, she certainly comes close). Surprisingly she has a gift for comedic pantomime (watching her try to keep up with the real world work office and home kitchen without breaking a sweat was a treat). Scenes that require her to mimic the looks of a Barbie doll namely the plastic smile, the vogue poses (she points both her hands up to the side after typing gibberish on a computer at work), the way she gets used to her legs and arms being able to move ("my ankles bend!"), are very good, perhaps because Tyra Banks is experienced at modeling, and to be honest, what supermodel does not have a plastic smile and vogue poses? There might have been some inside joke going on by casting a supermodel without the supermodel herself knowing it. Later in the film there is a sweet scene between Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan as Tyra puts Lindsay to bed. The director's pacing seemed to relax Tyra a bit, and her lines spoken in whisper were not bad. I wouldn't mind watching Tyra Banks learning her craft in a series spin-off or sequel of "Life-Size." She makes a great mom and wife to this family and as she learns to be human she might loosen up some more.

  • Great Movie!!!


    I think "Life Size" is a great movie. It's too bad that it is just a TV Movie and will not have copies of it sold in stores. I never would have known that Tyra Banks was such a great actress. She was excellent for the part of Eve. It's a great family movie and I hope that they decide to release a video of it in stores.

  • Adorable


    I've always loved Tyra Banks as a model and I loved her even more in this movie. She was adorable when she first came to life from being a doll and she showed some real emotions later when she learned what it was like to be human. The scene at the end of the football made me cry along with the characters. I know the plot has been done before, but I guess I'm a sucker for them. I also like "My Stepmother is an Alien" and the recent one on PAX where Kathy Ireland played Santa's daughter. I hope that Tyra Banks does more acting because she is very appealing.

  • Small Budget, Big Power! Hilarious Family Film!


    At first glance I bet 90% of people would under estimate it. But I tell you, this is one heck of a film. It should have been put into theatres because it is SO much fun, and you can watch it with Family, friends, Anyone...and it NEVER gets boring! The comedy is everywhere. Jokes, gags, everything! It is so hilarious and you could seriously laugh through out the whole film. The acting was GREAT! It was clear and good. Finally the PLOT. Truly original! It is simple but the film is truly GREAT! Overall I give it 9/10. A bit of work here and there and the film could actually be PERFECT! RENT the film, actually, BUY the film because whenever your bored or feeling low, this film has enough comedy to make you feel better again. Small Budget, Big Power!

  • Enjoyable family movie


    Pleasantly surprised by Tyra's bubbly rendition of a doll's outlook and reaction to 'real life'. The situation of child angst and need for her mother can be handled seriously or lightly. Both help get the point across that in tough times, children need love and support. So what if it comes from a doll accidentally brought to life. The movie did not go too overboard on needing to correct the situation as other movies have. The doll's outlook on life based on infusion from commercial ditties and TV perfection helps to show the difference between TV and reality in a way kids can understand. Talk to you kids about this after the movie but enjoy Eve's bubbly attitude and style during the show.


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