Lady Dragon (1992)

Lady Dragon (1992)

Cynthia RothrockRichard NortonRobert GintyBella Esperance
David Worth


Lady Dragon (1992) is a English,Indonesian movie. David Worth has directed this movie. Cynthia Rothrock,Richard Norton,Robert Ginty,Bella Esperance are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1992. Lady Dragon (1992) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

An ex-CIA agent (Kathy Gallagher) living in Indonesia tracks Ludvig Hauptman, the arms dealer who killed her husband. Along the way, she meets a young boy and his grandfather, who teach her in the ways of the Lady Dragon.

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Lady Dragon (1992) Reviews

  • Slightly overlong but entertaining fare


    I am under the impression that in most of the films they have made together, Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton are partners; "Lady Dragon" twists that situation around - this time they are opponents. And they are both at the peak of their physical powers: Cynthia looks amazingly flexible, and her acting is better than usual as well, and Richard is just highly enjoyable as the villain (after setting a man on fire, he says to his henchmen: "Don't just stand there. Put him out before he ruins the lawn!"). The story is just a standard revenge tale - I think the main "inspiration" here was Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Kickboxer". There is also a kung-fu kid, a sensuous mistress for Norton, a wise old Oriental master (of course!), and a wild cars-vs.-motorcycle chase. "Lady Dragon" is no masterpiece, but for low-budget American / Indonesian martial-arts fare, it's above-average. (**1/2)

  • The word you're looking for is "ludicrous"


    I've seen some Cynthia Rothrock movies of questionable quality before, but this one was almost enough to put me off her. Almost everything that happens in Lady Dragon, and the way it happens, is ludicrously bad. No part of the plot even begins to be credible, never even rising to the level of cliché. To wit: What we have is an ex-CIA agent, Kathy, played by Rothrock, who's on a personal vendetta to catch the guy who, for no discernible reason, had her husband killed on their wedding day. She begins by disguising herself as a hooker and going, unarmed and with no plan, into a nightclub to confront the guy - which only gets her raped, as the bad guys have guns. They then drop her by the side of a jungle road (this is in Indonesia), where she is picked up by a kindly old grandfather and his 8-year-old grandson, who nurse her back to health over what is apparently months. The old man can kick handkerchiefs into the air. (And since he also has a ready-made and very handy martial arts training ground, you'd think that he would step into character at some point and get into some of the fighting, but you'd be wrong.) In a lengthy sequence, Kathy then ingratiates herself with the bad guy's mistress by pretending to get hit by her car. This mistress, Susan, is smart, classy and preposterously altruistic, giving Kathy a job and clothes and letting her stay in her apartment! (All the while never revealing why the hell she's with the evil and idiotic bad guy.) When introduced to the bad guy, he doesn't remember Kathy at all. So she tears up the place, killing one of his henchmen, and then grinningly making a run for it, not seeming to mind that she didn't catch up with him. But meanwhile, Susan has gone to the village and taken the grandfather and grandson hostage, forcing Kathy into a climactic battle with the bad guy - his name is Ludwig, in case you're wondering. So Ludwig beats Kathy savagely in a quite sadistic fight, but eventually she wins. Of course. And the police drag the bad guy away (I'm pretty amazed that he wasn't killed, seeing as this movie seems to consider itself real edgy, bandying the f-word around a lot). A decent martial arts actioner could have been made with this plot, perhaps, but in this case it certainly wasn't. The terrible dialog (in a couple of places bordering on the outrageous) served only to make almost every plot detail all the more unbelievable, and elements that seem to promise further developments were never delivered on. It was a monumentally bad script, resulting in an awful movie, the main virtue of which is to show how NOT to make an action movie.

  • great fight scenes , poorly realized plot.


    David worth's revenge fueled actioner "lady dragon" is a cult classic ,plain and simple.The main highlights of the movie are however the martial arts talents of cynthia rothrock and richard norton.However the movie suffers from an underrealized plot and poor writing even though it has a solid premise and some decent acting on the part of the actors .Cynthia rothrock plays Kathy Gallagher , a woman bent on getting revenge on the man who killed her husband and raped her. One problem with the movie however is that it relies too much on sex and violence to get by.The scene in the club in which kathy dresses up as a prostitute and gets raped is very disturbing and will put off many viewers.Sex and violence is not necessarily a bad thing but it needs to be presented well like how it is done in movies like kill bill.Many of cynthia's movies contain to much of sex and violence which puts off the viewers ,even though the fight scenes are good .However the martial artists have done a great job in this movie of showcasing their talent especially in the scene in which cynthia trains in the forest showcasing her strength and flexibility. Richard norton is also in is prime ,taking on three opponents at a time in one scene.The final showdown between the two fighters will leave you in awe.It is one of the best fight scenes in the genre. This movie is a must see for martial arts fans .The fight scenes are great and the story is plausible enough.(just try to ignore the scene where cynthia dresses up like a prostitute).Though cynthia is the main highlight of this movie richard is definitely the better martial artist because his fighting style is so cool and realistic. However the movie has a certain plot holes : how did susan find out the old man and his grandson?If Kathy wanted to kill ludwig why did she not come up with a better plan other than dressing up like a prostitute and going to his club ? Of course the trailer conveys that her rage prevents her from making good decisions but still.... The movie makes you realize that even though cynthia is doing a good job her crew is not .

  • Solid Rothrock entry.


    Kathy Gallagher (Rothrock) thought she had it made in life. She had a good job as a CIA agent, and was just married. Her world gets turned upside down when super-evil arms dealer and Martial Arts expert Ludwig Hauptman (Norton) kills her beloved husband. Now on a revenge mission to kill Hauptman, she's living in Indonesia and earning her living as a Punchfighter for a ringleader named Chin (Damsyik). Just when she thinks she's got him, the ever-sinister Hauptman rapes her and beats her within an inch of her life, then leaves her for dead on a country road. There she is nursed back to health by a young boy (Tangkilisan) and his kindly but mute grandfather (Burnama). She ends up forming a strong, even familial bond with them, and she trains there for the final showdown with Hauptman. After infiltrating his corporation, she finally gets that chance. Will Kathy succeed? In the Cynthia Rothrock/Richard Norton team-ups of the past, they were on the same side, working together as good guys - think Rage and Honor (1992) and Rage and Honor 2 (1993). Here, they are mortal enemies and they're fighting against each other. It's an interesting change-up, but we prefer to see them join their forces. That said, they are two of our favorite action stars, so it's great to see them both on screen in any configuration. Richard Norton even gets to say "Show me the money!", pre-dating Jerry Maguire (1996) by many years. But does he get any credit? Both of them get to display their Martial Arts prowess, the movie doesn't skimp in that department. There's other action as well, including your classic "Fruit Cart" chase. Lady Dragon was directed by David Worth, the man behind Soldier's Revenge (1984), Kickboxer (1989) and Chain of Command (1994) - and the plot here is very similar to his Kickboxer, what with all the rural training sequences. But Cynthia Rothrock has too much dignity to do a wacky dance in a roadside diner, that's pure Van Damme. The film itself opens with a warrior crying out a mighty "YAAAaaaaaa!!!!!", which is clearly the best way to start a movie. Another fan favorite, Robert Ginty, is also involved. Wearing a white sport coat and smoking a cigarette, he proves that smoking is cool. But notice he doesn't get into any hand-to-hand fights. Plus he looks alarmingly like Paul McCartney (moreso as the movie goes along), so this might be the only chance to see "The Cute One" in an action movie setting. The music played during the fighting and chases is that classic "rockin' guitar" that is really the only choice for sequences like that. The end credits song, "Courage To Fight" by Susan Guterres, can proudly join the pantheon of great action movie songs, but it should have been played during at least one of Kathy's many training sequences. As for the muzzle flashes and bullet hits, they're not nearly as bad as Hangfire (1991), but they're pretty ridiculous. And it should be noted that the front business that the evil Hauptmann works for is called Imperial Exports - and this VHS was released by Imperial Home Video. Coincidence? Or maybe Ludwig smuggled it? Lady Dragon is more classic early-90's action from fan favorites Rothrock and Norton. It's a solid entry into their canon. For more action insanity, drop by:


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