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Kingdom of Us (2017)

Kingdom of Us (2017)

Jamie-Jodie ShanksKacie-Kimie ShanksLorie-Lanie ShanksMirie-Marie Shanks
Lucy Cohen


Kingdom of Us (2017) is a English movie. Lucy Cohen has directed this movie. Jamie-Jodie Shanks,Kacie-Kimie Shanks,Lorie-Lanie Shanks,Mirie-Marie Shanks are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Kingdom of Us (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A father's suicide sends a family of eight on a journey through childhood memories and treacherous emotional waters in this poignant documentary.

Kingdom of Us (2017) Reviews

  • Beautiful and moving story of a courageous mom and her children after tragedy


    This movie is one-of-a-kind because it captures a real-life snapshot of a family that has experienced the suicide of one parent, yet perseveres and continues to draw closer together. My life has some striking parallels so I was captivated by the realism portrayed in dealing with Autism and mental health issues as well as how beautifully Vikie Shanks has embraced her challenging life to love and care for her children exactly as they are. I think that one of the best aspects of Autism is true authenticity and Vikie displays a remarkable balance of allowing her children to express themselves while encouraging harmony and teamwork. I love the realism of daily life, even though some reviewers found the film too long. If nothing else, watch it to the end to better understand the impact of Autism on a family and how suicide and severe mental health issues play a significant role in family dynamics. I am thankful for the vulnerability displayed by the whole family in sharing such difficult circumstances. Thank you, director Lucy Cohen and the Shanks family, for a beautiful and inspirational film!

  • Close look at the effects on family of suicide


    Well worth the watch. Very sad to watch. Brings back painful memories of my mums suicide and yrs later my cousins. I have mental health issues its hard to cope some days. Well done this family and to Pippa its hard honey but it will get easier to cope. To Vicky you are one hell off a mum.

  • Moving, engrossing, beautifully handled


    This is a family still coming to terms with the effects of tragedy and in the process, learning how to rebuild their shattered unit. There are surprising pieces of wisdom from these teenagers, (particularly the boy and the youngest girl), and great acts of love and courage from all. You'll come to know these people with great affection, like I did. The documentary picks up some years after the event itself, and is more interested in slowly unraveling the effects of a close death, than hitting us over the head with the details of the suicide, as you might expect in a film, or in lesser hands. This is a filmmaker that respects the subjects she is filming, as there is nothing more painful than the sudden loss of a loved one and that pain is evident here in great volumes. It's sometimes hard to watch. It's simply heartbreaking and you can't help but wish you could do something for them but of course, we are merely observers, yet never feeling that we are on the outside. We are involved. We care. While it's very personal, it never feels evasive, thanks to Lucy Cohen, the director, who clearly has spent a lot of time with the family and gained their trust. She's often happy to sit back and let her camera observe (she was also the videographer), occasionally prompting them with a question. Subtlety is the key here, and respect. There's great skill here too in the editing. What a mammoth task to put together several years of filming. You can feel the narrative being crafted, yet its never contrived. Never too obvious. A lovely piece of work from a great talent. I wish the family all the best for the future.

  • Real people, real life...


    I also know this family locally and they are epic. A constant support to and within the local community. They have brought their experiences out into the public domain in order to help other families understand autism and mental health issues. It takes strength of character to do this and I applaud you and your amazing family, Vikie.

  • Beautiful, touching, and remarkably well made


    This is truly one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Yes it's sad but this is their life. I know from reading reviews and tweets that this film has already helped people with mental health issues because it deals with suicide. If you have an interest in Autism and related conditions you'll also want to watch it. Don't take my word for it - Google 'Kingdom Of Us reviews' and see what The Guardian, Rotten Tomatoes, Screen Daily, Daily Dot, The Telegraph, and Decider have to say about it. They can give a way better description than I can. Whatever you do, just watch it.


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