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Jonah Lives (2015)

Jonah Lives (2015)

Brinke StevensJocelyn PadillaRyan BoudreauNicole Lasala
Luis Carvalho


Jonah Lives (2015) is a English movie. Luis Carvalho has directed this movie. Brinke Stevens,Jocelyn Padilla,Ryan Boudreau,Nicole Lasala are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Jonah Lives (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A story of revenge from beyond the grave, centering on a group of teenagers who unknowingly supply the catalyst for the murdered Jonah's return from the grave. A day like any other in a town not unlike that found all across the country, like minded teens hanging out, laughing, enjoying each other's company. When the darkness takes over the day and boredom sets in, they retreat to their basement hangout. Francis, the self-imposed leader of the group, a wannabe mystic, decides to play with their heads and breaks out a Spirit Board. Eagerly the game is played and soon they make contact with the tormented Spirit of Jonah. They begin to ask questions and soon learn how, when, and why Jonah was murdered in his lifetime. Mocking Tony, who warns them that it is a dangerous game to play, they make the choice of their young lives when they participate together in summoning Jonah beseeching him to come to them through the spirit board, What starts as a joke soon turns into a nightmare of garish ...


Jonah Lives (2015) Reviews

  • A complete waste of time


    Some teenagers play ouija and bring the spirit of Jonah back to life to take his revenge on his wife who poisoned him for money. A very boring story, nothing new to add to the ouija story only that if you play in 2 it's harmless and in 5 is dangerous...wow. Very bad lines, bad acting, bad script, annoying music, a very unscary villain with no reason to kill the kids that summoned him, not scary at all and just plain boring.

  • You're Moving it.


    "The Ouija Possession" and "Jonah Lives" are the same film. A group of bored kids playing games in the basement while adults are upstairs having a wild party. They end up raising Jonah from the dead, who was killed by his wife who was apparently Brinke Stevens the lone bright spot of the film and someone with a great agent. Now rather than avenge his death, he decides he must kill all the kids, and none too soon. Unfortunately it dragged out. The kids couldn't act. They had lousy lines. Jonah had irritating swagger music and looked like a rental costume. The horror effects bordered on cheesy. When you re-release a film under a new title, general rule of thumb is that is was lousy. This was filmed in Fall River, Mass. and I believe the large looming cooling towers in the background at the end, are those of Brayton Point Power Station, a coal-fire plant. The description is incorrect. The "wicked cool" Ouija board was not in the basement but upstairs and brought to the basement. Note the picture of Edgar Allan Poe on the wall in the upstairs living room. Why? I don't know. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Film has some sacrilegious moments.



    I didn't get very far with this movie as I just couldn't be bothered with the constant dropping out of the sound. I was constantly turning it up and down and just gave up. The writing that I saw was pretty awful, but not being able to hear it was more than I could be bothered with

  • Great movie


    I really enjoyed this movie! I rarely watch horror movies as many of them are disturbing. This movie was very well written. The music in the film was fantastic & the characters were all characters that many of us can relate to. The church that was shown in the beginning I have been to many times so I thought that was great. This film made for good conversation between me & my friends that were watching it with me when it was over regarding the game the kids were playing that got them in trouble! I really hope that there will be a Jonah Lives part II. I won't give away the ending, but possibly, Jonah still might not be done with what he has to do!


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