Jewtopia (2012)

Jewtopia (2012)

Austin AbramsTom ArnoldBrennan BaileyWilmer Calderon
Bryan Fogel


Jewtopia (2012) is a English movie. Bryan Fogel has directed this movie. Austin Abrams,Tom Arnold,Brennan Bailey,Wilmer Calderon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Jewtopia (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Two childhood friends reunite as adults to help each other land the women of their dreams. Chris wants to marry Allison, a Jewish girl, so that he'll never have to make another decision for as long as he lives. Adam is on the verge of getting married to Hannah, a woman he is not content with. When Chris enlists Adam's help in pretending to be Jewish so that Allison will date him, cultures collide and chaos ensues!


Jewtopia (2012) Reviews

  • Truly awful


    Do not be fooled by the people on here who have given 9 or 10 stars. If you check their profile you will see that this is the only film that they have ever reviewed. Sadly this is a trend which has become all too prevalent on IMDb in recent years. I really wish the site would sort it out. The film itself is a well-worn and tired theme and the funny lines are not funny. My advice is to avoid this film at all costs unless you feel particularly like being angry with yourself for having wasted an hour and a half of your life. To be honest, I am not sure what the intended audience for this film is. I am not opposed to films about social, religious or national groups if they are done well. Mel Brooks was a master at this in his heyday. Borat was a belly laugh a minute. However this film fails on so many levels. Avoid at your peril.

  • A waste of time and talent. An unfunny film with poorly developed characters.


    I did not see the play, so I cannot compare the two works. I am Jewish and enjoy films that poke fun at Jews. A film that comes to mind is "A Serious Man" by the Coen brothers which is drawn from their upbringing in the Mid West. This was a very funny film with finely drawn characters. In "Jewtopia", the characters do not come across as real people but rather caricatures of real people. The humor is not clever but extremely silly and not funny. It shows a lack of creativity because there is a wealth of material to draw from and this is a lazy effort to poke fun at both Jews and non Jews alike. This is the kind of film that makes me angry because the effort is so poor. the story so weak that you have to wonder where it will draw an audience from. It does not deserve and audience! Once it opens in theaters I guarantee it will have a short run and generate very little income and no buzz. There are so many poor films being made and this one indicates the filmmakers have little faith in the intelligence of its audience.

  • Disturbing, offensive attempt at gross-out humor. Avoid it.


    Self deprecating humor can be funny. Poking fun at your ethnicity's stereotypes can make you smile if done with affection and talent. I figured the large cast of well known actors meant this would be a good attempt at such screenplay. I guess I was expecting a Jewish "My big fat Greek wedding". Boy was I wrong. What a stinker. Poorly written, poorly directed, over the top writing and, with a few exceptions, over the top acting make this little more than a string of Jewish (and Christian) family caricatures. It feels amateurish. To be clear, when I call this offensive, I'm not referring to the insulting ethnic stereotypes and jokes. I mean the movie was an offensive to me as the audience. Half way through all I could think of was "how did they get this many people to lend their reputations to this poorly written, over-acted, poorly cast, sophomoric attempt at humor?" Jack-ass and Bad Grandpa meets It's a mad mad mad mad world - with worse acting. By the end it felt like I watched a "film" made by a bunch of drunk/stoned twenty- somethings with a camera who think themselves insanely funny and talented the louder and more obnoxious they act. Too bad I watched it sober.

  • Worth a watch...but not great


    I did actually enjoy this movie, but it has to be said, the humorous parts felt very forced and the storyline itself was pretty clichéd and predictable....I'm honestly surprised that Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer, plus many great other movies), Peter Stormare (Prison Break) & Joel David Moore (Bones, Avatar, Dodgeball) would agree to be in a movie like this....that is clearly made for TV. The reason I even watched it, was due to the casting, figured it had to be awesome having such a good cast in it. As I said, it is enjoyable to a point...but some of the Actors/Actresses in this movie...are just wasted talent. Have to say though, Jamie-Lynn Sigler played her part very I was highly irritated by her whiny/high maintenance bravo to her!!

  • Drecktopia


    Why I am even bothering typing this? You know it was bad, I know it was bad so why not end it here? I mean commenting on something which is obviously no-good trash that in an ideal world would not be paid a single picosecond of attention to must almost certainly constitute a form of masochism or something. Now would be the time to insert an edgy "joke" here about this fakakta flick being the ultimate proof that God doesn't exist but I digress. I was expecting a decent low-key second hand comedy like "Oy Vey My Son Is Gay!!" (2009) but this was, to put it mildly, way worse and there were no Bruce Vilanch's humongous shoulders to carry the burden of comedy on and no redeeming last moments like the affectionate post-wedding scene in "Oy Vey," instead it was just overwhelmingly offensive to everyone and everything, even to itself but true, offensiveness of a work shouldn't be the only factor in down-voting it. For comparison, writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone just revel in offensiveness yet the end result of their seemingly sophomoric work looks way different thanks to satirical tools they successfully employ, like take South Park episode "Ginger Cow", for instance. It took a jab at religion but it was pertinent, pithy, not to mention witty and it run only 20 minutes, which means watching that instead would save you about 70 minutes that you could otherwise spend on ... yoga, learning a new language, attending a secret fight club meeting or whatever IMDb-ers typically like to do in their spare time (probably comment on bad movies on weekends). Perhaps it should be said that there isn't much material this movie can work with as it is a rehash of the same thing we have seen over and over again* except the names have been replaced with Jewish ones and as if to compensate for a lack of humor perverse obsession with embarrassing faux pas was cranked up to 11 and that's Jewtopia, also known as "Christian hell," enjoy your stay. Maybe to spend time less hopelessly, check out "Oy Vey My Son Is Gay" which to me seemed more authentic and cheerful as far as Jew/gentile weddings are concerned and the British 2010 movie "The Infidel" for an actually funny inter-faith clash (Judaism/Islam). *(probably tracing back to Shakespeare and beyond, boy I can just picture "Shlomio and Mary-Jane-Destiny-Hopette," a tragic story about a simple Southern gal falling in love with a simple Yeshiva boy from Crown Heights, New York and their families not approving of the bond as usual and how even this ad hoc story, although a shameless carbon copy of a classic, would still be more watchable than Jewtopia)


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