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Inside (2016)

Inside (2016)

Rachel NicholsLaura HarringBen TempleGillian Apter
Miguel Ángel Vivas


Inside (2016) is a English movie. Miguel Ángel Vivas has directed this movie. Rachel Nichols,Laura Harring,Ben Temple,Gillian Apter are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Inside (2016) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

During her last month of pregnancy, the young Chicago photographer, Sarah Clark, has a hideous car crash that claims her husband's life. Widowed, alone, and emotionally scarred, Sarah is about to spend her first Christmas Eve after the terrible incident without her loved ones; when, suddenly, a knock at the door in the middle of a rainy night will lead to a nightmarish home invasion. Now, an obsessive woman in black wants something precious from her, hell-bent on getting it at all costs. Can Sarah survive this blood-drenched night of terror?


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Inside (2016) Reviews

  • Pointless Remake of a Great Horror FIlm


    Yet again, the film industry shows it's lack of imagination and lack of quality scripts by re-making an already great horror film. The original, L'interier, was a terrifying, bloody joyride from beginning to end. The roles were cast well. The story was tight. believable and scary as Hell. The direction was excellent as well. The movie was intense to the extreme yet it still felt like this could actually happen in real life! None of these components can be applied to this pitiful excuse of a re-make. Although Rachel Nichols is an accomplished actress, she struggles through this film like a rookie. It's not her fault as her part has been watered down via faulty script and poor direction. Actress Laura Harring was a poor fit for the part of "The Woman" originally portrayed by the amazing Beatrice Dalle. This film is yet more evidence that mainstream film markets have lost all originality and are increasingly dependent on re-making earlier, preferably foreign films or churning out low budget, poor replicas of successful ones. When I learned that an American re-make of the incredible French horror film "Martyrs" was being made, I swore to myself to never watch it. I broke that promise to myself and watched it. The film, like the new version of "L'Interiour" is nothing more than a milquetoast, re-visioning insult to the original. Gone was the sheer gut-wrenching violence perpetrated on these girls, Gone was the insane logic which help the group together, It took a film that reached out and punched you repeatedly in the gut and turned it into little more than a made-for-TV movie filled with rejects from the O.C. that had far less talent than the roles required. In fact, like "Inside", the re-make of "Martyrs: seemed to have been created solely for the late teen audience due to the removal of many of the key violent and bloody scenes Neither of these films needed to be re-made and the evidence is right in front of you. Forget these abortive attempts at capturing lighting and stick with the originals

  • The worst film I have ever seen.


    I repeat. The worst film I have ever seen. An hour and a half of my life wasted. This film is not even worth the 1 star rating I have to give inorder to complete the review. This infuriating lady portrayed by Rachel Nichols does not even attempt to defend herself in logical ways. I ended up cheering on the crazy intruder (Laura Harring) due to the absolute agony I endured watching the pregnant woman fail to stay alive time and time again. And yet she managed to stay alive even though I wanted her to die feeling the pain I felt whilst viewing this. I have not see the french version but I am certain that it is better than this because it would be impossible to be any worse. Not only that, but they killed the dog, stupidly named Excalibur, within the first 20 minutes and is the first victim in this God awful film. The protagonist and antagonist have a strange bonding moment in a pool where the "crazy intruder" saves the "infuriating lady" and sacrifices herself. If only the pregnant woman would have sacrificed herself sooner in the film, perhaps the fluffy angel, performing his good doggy duty would have not become a fallen soldier. The crazy lady's only downfall was: 1. that she killed the dog and 2. that she saved the annoying woman instead of letting her drown and stealing the infant away from the hopeless human baby carrier, not worthy of humanisation after the suffering that the viewers had to sit through. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Drop a like, subscribe and have you got the bell on? See ya in the next video.

  • Stupid STUPID movie! (contains spoilers)


    Where do I begin? I would love to slap the idiots that made this movie! How about the fact that one woman takes on two police officers....one of which sees a blood trail and never bothers to call it in? She stupidly goes downstairs and gets herself shot! ALL THE WHILE NEVER BOTHERING TO CALL THE STUPID INCIDENT IN! Real police would never act that way or be that stupid! But the idiotic writers of this show think they would. They are trained in calling in things when they just seem out of the ordinary....forget a blood trail! Then you have the call in finally from a police vehicle from a victim and it takes them forever to get there? Then you have a A PREGNANT WOMAN doing stunts that a athlete would have a hard time doing.....oh yeah and let's not forget the fact that she is PREGNANT! And after all of this.....she and her child SUPPOSEDLY SURVIVE by her giving birth IN THE RAIN on top of a pool? This movie is way beyond stupid! I would not rate this as a 1 star even....I just did that because it had no lower rating....I would give this movie a ZERO! That is how stupid and idiotic I think the writers of this movie were. I justy do not think you can get worse than this!

  • Quite possibly the worst remake of an excellent horror film


    I didn't want to compare this film to the French version; it's not fair, as the original film is a horror masterpiece and one of the most difficult to watch movies of all time. This remake, however, is so horribly done, so pointless, that it does not deserve any leniency. This movie should be butchered for how offensive it is to the original. the movie is so bad, in fact, that I will break down the way it fails using a list. It's all it deserves. 1. The original film is a classic due to its no holds barred violence. This film is the Lifetime Television version. It is made to appease sensitive people who can't stomach anything to serious. It is insulting to the original audience. 2. The acting is atrocious. Everyone from the lead actress to the woman who wanted her baby delivered their lines as if it was their first movie. Actually, every single female in this movie was untalented. It made the movie a cringe fest every time one of them spoke. Just awful. 3. The movie is neutered in the ways only Hollywood knows how to neuter a movie. I understand that most people refuse to watch subtitled films because it makes them feel somewhat stupid to not be able to properly keep up with the text on the screen, but it is no excuse to butcher an otherwise amazing cinematic experience to appease a group of people who can't appreciate world cinema. 4. Why is it that every Hollywood movie has to have a "happy ending"? The French film is famous for having one of the most messed up endings of all time, and this movie chose to end like that? It's like everyone involved actively worked to make the movie as simple and tame as possible. This is the movie equivalent of a cheese sandwich. Simple, bland and lifeless. I mean, I often like to give the benefit of the doubt to remakes of foreign films; they will almost never surpass the source material, so why even bother? Some movies deserve to be seen in their original language, and if you are unwilling to read subtitles to watch the film, well, it sucks to be you. But I would rather they not remake any film, ever, if it means that we can avoid getting crap like this. An awful and low effort remake that does not deserve anyone's time.

  • Totally fubar'd remake of an excellent french horror film.


    One of my favorite extreme french horror films was the original film this movie was based on, Inside (2007). Browsing through Hulu the night before I spotted this American remake. My expectations were low based on prior experience with many American horror remakes, but this particular remake sunk far lower than my already low expectations. The story isn't an exact copy of the original. They did make changes and the biggest changes were in the last third of the film. Unbelievable beyond belief and the producers having seen the original which should have given them an excellent template to base their remake seem to totally ignore it. Before the opening scene and immediately after the opening credits, a statistic is shown on the screen literally giving away the twist in the plot that the original film doesn't unveil until the very end. By doing that, they literally killed any chance of developing a sense of suspense and surprise that the original was so great at doing. In the original film, the audience doesn't understand why the killer is doing what she does until the very end, but this film constantly reminds us of what the plot is as though the audience has a 30 second attention deficit. I would NOT recommend this film to a friend at all. Anyone who has not seen the original, I highly recommend you watch the original film, even if you do not like subtitles. If you see this film first and uncover the twist, it will ruin the original for you and you will miss out on a highly rated french extreme horror original.


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