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I Don't Know How She Does It (2011)

I Don't Know How She Does It (2011)

Sarah Jessica ParkerPierce BrosnanKelsey GrammerGreg Kinnear
Douglas McGrath


I Don't Know How She Does It (2011) is a English movie. Douglas McGrath has directed this movie. Sarah Jessica Parker,Pierce Brosnan,Kelsey Grammer,Greg Kinnear are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. I Don't Know How She Does It (2011) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Opportunist Chris Bunce remains Pacific coast investment firm CEO Clark Cooper's favorite by being available always, also when he can snatch up deals Kate Reddy largely set up but lost giving priority to husband Richard and their kids. She gets a dream chance working for New York tycoon Jack Abelhammer, who proves most accommodating, amused by her faults, generous and able to sort of draw her back into enjoying life, so it looks like she'll have to choose when he offers her an investment fund partnership.


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I Don't Know How She Does It (2011) Reviews

  • I don't care how she does it


    The paper-thin plot of this movie revolves around working mother Kate, juggling her way through life. It sounds dull and more appropriate for a sit-com – and definitely would be. I read that the script is based on a novel, which I am determined to ignore, especially after having seen the movie. Kate is played by SJP, an actress who could easily be described as the female Tom Hanks – albeit slightly less talented. Her likability is enormous, but unfortunately her choice of roles very limited; in her repertoire there are only comedies, most of them remarkable failures at the box office. Her sidekicks in this movie are Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan, two good actors with a wider range, who play respectively her husband and a business associate. One wishes there was more of them on screen. Unfortunately we get plenty of SJP and of her friend played by Christina Hendricks. It could have been any other actress playing second fiddle to SJP, as poor Christina is used only to enunciate a string of questionable statements. For a comedy there are very few laughers. Actually, none at all from me. The punch lines sounded tired and unfunny and the "real life" situations abused and stale: what about an envious colleague who would like to steal your glory? Or a supportive best friend with a lousy love life? Not to mention the neglected husband. All seen in a million other comedies, most of them better than this one. The problem with this, and an increasingly larger number of movies, is that they are targeted to a very restricted public. This one is targeted strictly to 1) working mothers with young children, and 2) die-hard fans of SJP. I doubt anybody else will find it even mildly amusing, as it does not work at all as a comedy. Indeed, in the cinema where I saw it, even if the audience was mostly female, only a woman in her mid-thirties laughed out loud.

  • Dire


    This drivel masquerades as a comedy but offers little more than a misplaced feminist rant. I am sure they expected women to say 'oh it's so true - we DO make lists and we Do multitask!' but please - who exactly was this aimed at - zombie life forms? Maybe they think that women are so tired that they wouldn't notice how cliché-ridden and pathetically hackneyed this offering is? It was not amusing. It was not interesting. It was not original. It did not have a single redeeming quality and I suggest you do not waste your time nor your money on this rubbish. Indeed I shall waste no more time reviewing it.

  • Warmly upbeat and surprisingly meaningful...


    I avoided this movie like the plague after I saw negative reviews all over the internet (some of which you'll find on this site) and only picked it up to watch today because I felt like laughing at a terrible movie--and I like Sarah Jessica Parker. It turns out that this movie is super heartwarming and upbeat. SJP is very cute and charming, with none of the stiffness I found a bit off-putting in "The Family Stone". She and Greg Kinnear manage to create a chemistry that is actually believable. And Greg Kinnear is so manly in this film I actually found him a bit strong and handsome. I realize that the story is kind of a fairytale, but overall the movie seems to just be pointing out that it is different to live life in this world as a woman than it is to live it as a man--not just because of the way the world treats us but because of how we see and approach life. Women are capable, special creatures, with their own, unique purpose in the world--not in a "women are less than men and are here to cook and clean" type of way, but in a "the world would be poorer without what women bring to the table" way. To me this film is a celebration of womanhood and the important, myriad roles we play in society along with the joy and compromise that can be found within them. I enjoyed the performances of all the actors and actresses in this movie, although (apart from the two leads) I especially enjoyed Olivia Munn, Pierce Brosnan, and Seth Myers, who I always like to see. If you're on the fence, please ignore the critics and check out this film, it will restore your faith that decent, light, truly funny,feel-good movies do get made in Hollywood.

  • 89 minutes of my life I want back!


    I started watching this film with my wife as we looked to spend some quality time. It was OK at first, as you try to edge into the story. When you hear Kate's friend telling you how great Kate is and that it's so much harder for her being a woman in corporate America, it's a sign to switch off. They introduced the concept of the supermoms and how they are the enemy with everything so perfect but disappointingly never really developed it. She makes a list of things to do in her head but it doesn't go anywhere or really contribute to the film. It goes on and on about how she is holding this together being so hard for women in corporate America (I mention this again, it really is all this film is about) at which time, i found excuses to get up and go to the toilet, get up and get some popcorn, just to leave. Normally when I have to leave a film, I am all questions when I get back, "What did I miss?", "Did she tell him yet?", "Who's that guy?" (Typical man), but with this one I just didn't care. It's not a Rom Com as there's little romance and it ain't funny so i don't know what you would call it. At this time I thought this might be me but my wife also fell asleep watching it so yes, it really isn't me. So, hardship for a woman in corporate America... What is to be gleaned from a movie like this? Do they tell you how to cope? Stay awake until 3 every morning making imaginary lists in your head for things to do... that's it, nothing more exciting. Do they expand on how hard it is for a woman? No, If you ask me, the character played by Greg Kinnear had just as hard a time and nothing really expanded. Is it romantic? An unrealistic, cheesy, made for TV, approach made by her coworker/superior/I don't know where he falls into this/Pierce Brosnan, and that's it. Lots of traveling? Welcome to corporate America! So in short, nothing to take home but 89minutes of your life you'll never get back... Almost as depressing a thought as the film

  • What was the point of this movie?


    Kate Reddy lives a busy life. She is a high-rising finance executive and a mother of two young children. She is often away from home, causing family strains and whatnot. What happens when Kate suddenly gets a big assignment, that requires her to stay away from home for more than two months? To be honest, I was at a struggle to write a summary for this movie. I couldn't think. Words couldn't come to me. This movie didn't do anything for me. The movie played for 80+ minutes, but there was no real progression in its story line. Nothing happened.. Really. After the movie ended, I wondered what exactly was it that the directors wanted to show to its audience. I don't recommend watching this movie, unless you're looking for a time waster.. If that's the case, go ahead and rent this movie. Viewed on: November 29, 2011


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