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Hyena (2014)

Hyena (2014)

Peter FerdinandoStephen GrahamNeil MaskellElisa Lasowski
Gerard Johnson


Hyena (2014) is a English movie. Gerard Johnson has directed this movie. Peter Ferdinando,Stephen Graham,Neil Maskell,Elisa Lasowski are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Hyena (2014) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Michael Logan is a police detective in London. His area is drugs and this brings him into contact with European drug syndicates. Logan is happy to turn a blind eye to their dealings, for a cut, or confiscate suppliers' merchandise for their own profit. So far he and his equally-crooked police colleagues have done quite well out of this. Then a deal he was planning with a member of a Turkish drug cartel goes sour and the balance of power swings to an Albanian gang, run by two brothers, the Kabashis. Logan quickly aims to provide the Albanians with the same service he provided the Turks, but they aren't easily lead. Meanwhile, he an his colleagues are being investigated by Internal Affairs. Just to make his life more complicated, he has been seconded to a vice task force, run by a former colleague whom he does not get along with.


Hyena (2014) Reviews

  • Great, Dark, Gloomy, glimpse into the world of police officers


    First of all, if you do not get what this movie is truly about. Don't watch it, bothering to comment on how you don't get the point. That being said, which might be a bit upsetting for some. This film was really an enjoyable experience, in the sense that it is quite rare to watch the guts pouring out of honest film making. The acting is brilliant, tone is consistent throughout the film, which is rare enough to be mentioned. It is quite graphic, since most people experienced breaking bad, it is OK. Soundtrack by "the the" adds to the magnetic feel of the film. The action is driven, captivating, edgy. This is how more movies need to be made. I won't even compare to other, bigger budget, commercially successful gangster films. I won't explain the end since I found it quite good. Bonus if you read the anecdote section. Liked this movie a lot as you can tell by now. Thanks if you took time to read this review.

  • Grim, brutal, dark police-and-villain-drama directed with top-notch atmospheric style


    Michael is corrupt London CID Detective who runs a unit of equally bent Drug Squad officers. He is effectively a 'gangster with a badge', snorting cocaine seized in violent nightclub raids and with a growing underworld racket of his own. Investing a large sum into a prosperous drug smuggling operation, run by some Turkish criminals of whom Michael 'guarantees protection' to, the racket is moved-in on by a group of sadistic Albanian villains who take out Michael's Turkish associates, leaving him high and dry in the process. As Michael craftily uses his police powers to investigate the Albanian gang, he discovers their empire includes Human Trafficking. Michael's professional life becomes more and more complex, as he puts his resources into figuring out how to deal with the Albanians rather than investigating Drugs crimes, and in doing so he comes back into contact with a former adversary Detective Knight, who is officially in charge of the Human Trafficking investigation. Into the mix, Detective Inspector Taylor, an unrelenting officer has been placed by the internal affairs department to investigate Michael's activities for possible corruption. As Michael delves into the world of the Albanian criminals he meets Ariana, a young woman held captive by the gang and he rescues her, hiding her away at his girlfriend's house – an act of morality which ironically leads towards his own downfall. "Hyena" is a great piece of cinema, handling the darker side of the London underworld and corrupt police units with a certain artistic style and atmosphere which feels fresh, while retaining an authenticity and grimness needed to keep the balance. It is though a remarkably violent film and certain scenes are too unpleasant to watch, but nevertheless "Hyena" is a tour de force of contemporary British cinema with a flare to offend, a pace to keep you watching, and a story to make you think.

  • Seamy underworld of London cops


    In the seamy underworld of London cops, everyone plays by their own rules. There is no one to trust. Police units are in league with criminals and competing with each other for increasing shares of the profits. Laws are not enforced so much as used for advantage over others. As vice cop Michael Logan, with a coke habit and indolent nature, attempts to carve out a larger share of the illicit income for himself, he gets trapped between a ruthless pair of Albanian brothers and his fellow officers who are trying to trap him. Those who should be protected by the law are instead neglected and placed in greater danger. The director and writer based the character of Logan on someone he knew personally. Despite shaky acting of some in the supporting cast, this is a compelling portrait of police officers who are indistinguishable from criminals. The betrayals and back stabbings are underscored by a dark soundtrack by Matt Johnson and The The. Seen at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

  • Had me hooked and enthralled, ending was infuriating


    On the one hand, I could watch this for 10 hours straight or more if it was a series rather than a movie. It's very enthralling, good acting & good cinematography.. very raw and real. Good, subtle soundtrack that kicks up during tense moments. But the ending.... wow, the ending. P*ssed. Me. Off. Great directing and everything, so much to the point that I was fully invested in the outcome of the three main characters at the end (as well as the two bad guys!), but was left knowing nothing! What, did they not know how to end the script? It's gonna haunt me, not knowing what took place in the minutes following the last scene. This is my first review, forgive me for my simple terminology. But surely some of you know what I mean, talk about "blue balls"!! I'd say I want my time back for watching it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it right up until the end! Very watchable. Potential. But a tease that will leave you feeling utterly cheated and unsatisfied. I look forward to more films by whomever directed this.

  • Fairly standard crime film with some uncompromising moments


    A corrupt cop Michael leads a team who tackle drug trafficking in London. But they act more like a gang of criminals themselves. Michael habitually cuts deals with the dealers but the arrival of two violent Albanian criminals, who not only traffic drugs but young women as well, presents him with a moral dilemma; while at the same time his team's corruption is threatened with exposure by an old colleague from his past who is assigned to work alongside them. The hyena of the title is of course the bad cop Michael played by Peter Ferdinando. He is a pretty unglamourized central character. I was brought to mind of the film Pusher, particularly the remake set in London. Both films have protagonists who are engulfed in immorality and who are set on a downward spiral, while both also have scarily authentic ethnic gangsters from the south eastern Mediterranean providing the main threat of brutality. But maybe it's this very familiarity that is the problem, in that it seems like we have been here before with British crime flicks. What does stand out somewhat are the occasional moments of extreme grimness. On a few occasions we are presented with pretty visceral violence or the results of it, while there is also the repulsive sight of an overweight man having sex with a comatose girl to contend with. These horrible moments do hit home though and ensure this is a film that doesn't pull its punches. It's a film that is stylised at times, such as the opening assault of the neon lit club, and with an effective moody soundtrack from, of all people, The The. But it certainly isn't over-stylised which is something many other recent examples in the crime genre are, this ensures it has a grittier aesthetic overall which fits in with the story. On the whole though, there's nothing really new here though so in the final analysis it's a solid film as opposed to a very good one.


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