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Horror and Hamsters (2018)

Horror and Hamsters (2018)

Ray BesharahVictoria LuloffStephanie Moran
April Campbell,Randy Smith


Horror and Hamsters (2018) is a English movie. April Campbell,Randy Smith has directed this movie. Ray Besharah,Victoria Luloff,Stephanie Moran are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Horror and Hamsters (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Horror and Hamsters is the craziest anthology film you'll ever see. Twisted horror segments intertwined with cute, fluffy, family-friendly hamster videos. The filmmakers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

Horror and Hamsters (2018) Reviews

  • how ?


    Watching this movie can severely damage your brain and confidence in humanity. Introduction is terrible. Then 1st sketch is useless. 2nd is worse. Then during several minutes a hamster has fun in a doll house. It's so boring it feels like hours. But hamsters actually act better than humans in this movie. Then ridiculous sketches follow ridiculous hamsters. Purgatory is probably funnier. Avoid.

  • The best Hamsters movie ever


    Mixing hamsters and horror?? WTF? This movie are built up of shorter segments or stories if you like, seperated by a short clip with cute fluffy hamsters in various settings. But hell yeah, it works out nicely. Its not a problem to see its a B movie, or even a C movie, but as the directors lost their director virginity with this movie, you should yhink "WOW! This is their first movie? AMAZING" Some of the actors are in more than one segment, and they do a good job. The directors is doing acting, lighting catering, makeup, audiorecording and "80 other jobs" as it says in the credit. Even Ray Besharah are director for one story. Some of the stories are a bit difficoult to understand the first time you watch them, but there are no reason not to watch this movie again :) AND the Hamsters?? They are amazing too :) PS; This is NOT a movie for children to watch alone, its some killing and gore in it. Ohhh, even a couple of boobs, but better with boobs than killing if you ask me....

  • Horror and Hamsters (2018)


    A cute and warm comedy horror movie. It's more like a sketch show rather than a horror anthology. It's not really funny, but it's interesting to watch and acting was quite...lively. The hamster scenes are really great, too.



    Watch and enjoy... This movie is actually quite well filmed for a first attempt. And furthermore... I laughed my head off.

  • Funny


    This is not for anybody, but if you are in the mood for a movie mixing amateurish horror/comedy short films and cute fluffy rodents, you can't miss it. First I must say that the general idea is pure genius : I love horror anthologies but the uninterrupted succession of concentrated violence can make people switch off. The answer here is to bring the spectator elsewhere with a radically different tempo, and it works pretty well. Now about the short films, you know from the first images that what you're about to see doesn't fit in Hollywood standards (especially the acting). Anyway, a few stories are rather good with some unexpected twists and you can feel overall that everybody had fun on the set and made their best to bring Horror and Hamsters to your screen. My 5/10 rating is probably a bit overvalued but I really had some fun, and I would have given 10 stars if a friend of mine was involved in the making. And I hope they'll do a sequel with kittens.


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