Hicchihaiku (2013)

Hicchihaiku (2013)

Miyuki YokoyamaHiroaki KawatsureShôichi MatsudaNatsuko Kimura
Ainosuke Shibata


Hicchihaiku (2013) is a Japanese movie. Ainosuke Shibata has directed this movie. Miyuki Yokoyama,Hiroaki Kawatsure,Shôichi Matsuda,Natsuko Kimura are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Hicchihaiku (2013) is considered one of the best Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The brutal Yoshio and his quiet young wife Saeko are on a road trip. Their drive takes a wrong turn when Yoshio decides to pick up a hitchhiker along the way. When the man reveals himself as a deranged bank robber and serial killer, the couple will be forced to cooperate in his getaway. Now it's Saeko's turn to take revenge on the man who drove her through hell!


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    Miyuki Yokoyama stars in both films apparently because she knows how to drive a vehicle and look unconvincing when getting raped. In "Camp" perhaps the better, if not more disgusting the two films, she gets stranded with her sister at a camp where they run into a group of almost reformed perverts. In the second feature her and and her husband pick up a hitch hiker, followed by abuse and he gets to watch while tied up. Are there places in Japan where you can't get a cell signal? Filmed with much of the same cast and location. Just didn't create the bad excitement of a David Hess film. Guide: F-bomb, rape, nudity.

  • awesome thriller loved it


    This thriller gets a bit crazy and a little bizarre also with a decent cast and script worth watching.

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