Her Worst Nightmare (2018)

Her Worst Nightmare (2018)

Claire BlackwelderBryan LillisTim BenschStacie Conard
Damián Romay


Her Worst Nightmare (2018) is a English movie. Damián Romay has directed this movie. Claire Blackwelder,Bryan Lillis,Tim Bensch,Stacie Conard are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Her Worst Nightmare (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

One year after surviving a brutal kidnapping, Dakota realizes that she is being stalked again. Now, fearing for her life but determined to no longer be the victim, Dakota sets out to expose her tormentor.

Her Worst Nightmare (2018) Reviews

  • Intriguing


    Overall not too bad although at times it dragged a little. I thought the rescue scene was done well. Dakota was a descent character. She had to be scared and brave at the same time. The stupid things that happenen in most movies were kept at a minimum. Such as why didn't she insist on taking her purse to the women's room. That's something women just do. But she did fight back at the end. Good for her. I liked Kentucky as the setting. That's different. As the other reviewer said, the dramatic musical sound effects were a bit much. And with all the noise and banging she does in the basement, he doesn't hear it until 5 minutes later?

  • Trust, tension, and power


    Since I started grad school, this is the first movie I've watched all the way through without multitasking. It was so intense, I didn't want to miss a thing. I was fascinated by the fragility of trust throughout the storyline. With her life on the line, Dakota has to decide whether she can rely on her new female friend, or her male professor, or the new male teaching assistant. With a nod to a familiar dilemma for many ladies, Dakota has to decide: are the men in her life dangerous-creepy or just regular-creepy? Powerful female lead, and a totally engrossing mystery!

  • Fun, Paranoid Times


    Highly entertaining -- the female lead is strong and sympathetic. I particularly loved the best friend character, and there's also a really creepy sequence with video footage that made my skin crawl. Urgh.

  • Loved it


    The story is far from typical and had several twists. Interesting take of a story about terror.

  • *The worst film


    Calculable,horrible,boring. Too much dramatic sound effect. Z category actors I dont recommend to anyone

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