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Heartbeats (2017)

Heartbeats (2017)

Krystal EllsworthAmitash PradhanDaphne ZunigaPaul McGillion
Duane Adler


Heartbeats (2017) is a English movie. Duane Adler has directed this movie. Krystal Ellsworth,Amitash Pradhan,Daphne Zuniga,Paul McGillion are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Heartbeats (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Music,Musical,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Housefather Richard Andrews's latest attempt to set straight his marriage with bitching Michelle takes his family to India, to attend a week-long semi-traditional wedding. College daughter Kelli Andrews must get over her family frustration, and fate to study law while she wants to dance, to start appreciating the exotic splendor of Bombay. Rehearsals for the Bollywood style dances, notably at the sangeet, bring her and friends in contact with the charming crew dancing instructors from the countryside, Aseem Kapoor and DJ Basu, who take them along to the nightclub where they pursue a musical dream. Conflicting expectations, debts, cupid's arrows and so one complicate life for all, but the end of the week approaches, requiring outcomes before the Americans return to L.A.


Heartbeats (2017) Reviews

  • When you have nothing to lose....


    This is an interesting love story, a tale of two people from opposite ends of the Earth who meet by happenstance. Kelli, is a girl from Los Angeles, who should be studying law at UCLA, instead she cashes out her tuition and her living expenses to pursue a serious career in dance and hide it from her family who live probably somewhere in the midwest. Her father's friend's son is getting married in a traditional Indian wedding in India. You def get a sense both families are pretty upper middle class. Kelli begrudgingly goes with her parents and younger sister. Once she arrives to India, she is met with the groom's family, whose daughter is her age and who she danced with back in the states and is definitely raised Indian-American. As wedding starts to begin, she meets a handsome Indian man who is there to entertain guests and choreograph dance shows. Later in the movie we find he comes from a small rural village in India. He came to India to pursue his dreams to be a part of the Bollywood dance industry. He has 100% support from his family, living paycheck by paycheck and has nothing to lose, meanwhile Kelli is someone who has a lot to lose: her family (especially their approval) and the possibility of failure. Law school in the back of her mind, is obviously the mature alternative. So what is this girl to do? This is where their romance gets interesting, this strange meeting of two unlikely people and this is why this dance movie isn't really just a dance movie. I was in middle school when "Save The Last Dance" came out and that was a fun classic. This movie has a little bit of Linklater's "Before Sunrise", "West Side Story" and "Romeo+ Juliet" ... I really liked the film.. I didn't read up much on the film but thinking back I found it special. It's different and it takes you to the beautiful country of India which I indeed will visit after seeing this film. I encourage anyone with an open mind and heart to watch this one.

  • Great dance movie with love intertwined


    So enjoyed this movie. Loved the plot, dancing and characters. Tried to learn the moves. Watched it about 20 times. Would really love to see a sequel with Krystal and Amitash

  • A film that visually gives you a lot to see


    Great music. The dancing is more interesting in this film than other dance films I remember cuz the main character is at an Indian wedding and she learns traditional Indian dancing which is visually stunning. I found this movie interesting. 9/10

  • A pretty movie


    I thought this movie was great. So much prettiness everywhere. The camera, the lighting, the succinct writing. The story is kind of a tried & true, struggling-artist love story that potentially could make this a tired one. But it is just the opposite. All of heavy hitting beauty in the production lifts this story, it's actors and the story-telling up. Very sweet.

  • I only watched it for the music and the dancing


    I have a thing for dance movies. Probably because I am a huge fail at dancing myself. Those type of movies just make me happy. Even if they are bad. This movie was fine, but great? Nah. The acting wasn't that great, the storyline one huge cliche and predictable, the characters are far from original and the ending is easy to guess. It also reminded me a lot of times of the first Step up movie. Some scenes were almost a copy of that one. But, the music and the dancing in this movie is just great. Like always. Just watch it for that. Don't expect to be blown away. Just, sit back, relax and watch for the music and the dance.


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