Heart (2006)

Heart (2006)

Nirina ZubirIrwansyahAcha SeptriasaAri Sihasale
Hanny Saputra


Heart (2006) is a Indonesian movie. Hanny Saputra has directed this movie. Nirina Zubir,Irwansyah,Acha Septriasa,Ari Sihasale are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Heart (2006) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Rachel is a tomboy whose childhood friend is the handsome Farel. This friendship is tested when Farel admits that he has fallen in love with Luna. Wrecked by jealousy, Rachel has an accident and is forced to have her legs amputated. As Fate would have it, Luna is also seeking treatment for a heart disease at the same hospital as Rachel. A difficult choice lies ahead of Rachel: Would she be willing to make the biggest sacrifice and donate her heart to Luna, just to see her best friend find happiness?


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  • It is what it is


    Saw this movie in Indonesia during the original release. It is about one hour too long and the plot itself is extremely hard to believe, but the music makes up for the lack of everything else this movie lacks. If you walk away humming Pencinta Wanita, My Heart, and Sampai Menutup Mata then it was worth the ordeal as the music ranks up there with some of the best soundtracks in the last 20 years. The great music can be credited to the talented Melly Goeslaw who wrote and recorded many of the songs in this film with a full orchestra including the title track My Heart. If you're not from Indonesia then you don't know that for a while Irwansyah and co-star Acha Septriasa were a real-life item. Unfortunately, none of that connection translates to the screen. The best scene is when Rachel (Nirina Zubir) tries to run over her friend Farel (Irwansyah).

  • Simple storyline with predictable ending


    ------ SPOILER ALERT ---- Huge promotion invited me to watch this movie. Press said that this movie has gone into several international movie festivals. But after I watch it, I just found a 2 hour-length of soap opera. The story is very simple yet forced to stretch into 2 hours; you can even predict the ending by just watching its first 30 minutes. Okay, the story can be sum into 4 short sentences: Luna and Farel is a happy young couple. Luna has an incurable disease led herself to death. And we've Rachel, a childhood friend of Farel who loves him but she never got his attention. Rachel then decided to give his liver to Luna because she loves Farel. That's it. Plain and cheap story huh? The environment setting is seems to be far from reality. We've got only 3 characters in this movie. Not more. You can find typical characters from Indonesian soap opera here: prosperous people, without need to work for life. All in their mind is love. The acting is bad, seems that the actors were chosen by just judging from their nice face. Don't waste your money buying the DVD. But it's OK if you watch this free on TV.

  • a naive cliché with slow development


    I have seen this movie in a cinema as a part of Indonesian film festival and was promised a "valuable film" for free. As a result I suffered for 2 hours. The film was an extremely naive and poor imitation of the American love story movies, but even in USA nobody would create such a nonsense. One cliché followed the other. Actually, the audience started laughing, when the pair of lowers were running on the flowering meadow wearing flowers in their hair, when he was telling her, in a tearful voice "We will be together forever", or when the broken-hearted girl was madly running through the forest. The acting was not so good either, I never "believed" the actors those strong feelings they were trying to express. However, if the film was only naive, I could laugh it off. Unfortunately, what I hated most was the slow development of the story - I always understood new situation in an instant, but they would dwell on it for 15 more minutes ! The ending was predictable as well. Later I was told this is now a trend for Asian movies, the "Bollywood style". If You are from USA or Europe, You might want to see this "drama" for laughs on the DVD while doing something else or having a party with friends, but never, never lose 2 hours of Your life in a movie theater !!!


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