Grow House (2017)

Grow House (2017)

Malcolm McDowellSnoop DoggDeRay DavisLil Duval
DJ Pooh


Grow House (2017) is a English movie. DJ Pooh has directed this movie. Malcolm McDowell,Snoop Dogg,DeRay Davis,Lil Duval are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Grow House (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

There's a boom in medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of California and the U.S. These facilities have reached record numbers, cropping up like Starbucks or McDonald's. States across the nation are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. Our two unlikely heroes, Pat (DeRay Davis - "EMPIRE," "21 Jump Street," "GI Joe") and Darius (Lil' Duval - "Scary Movie 5," "Meet the Blacks"), figure they can help the medical marijuana movement, but mainly help themselves by trying to grow their own cannabis and selling their crop to the dispensaries. There's only one problem - knowing how to smoke marijuana doesn't mean you know how to grow it. After taking a trip to Dr. Doobie (Malcolm McDowell - "Entourage", "The Mentalist," "Home Alone") to become legally certified growers, they gain access to a Bel-Air mansion to use as a "grow house." Although they convince Snoop Dogg (played as himself) to fund their operation, our heroes soon discover what can grow wrong, will go wrong in this...


Grow House (2017) Reviews

  • Happily surprised


    After seeing the rating and the amount of votes I wasn't expecting much. I was wrong. I laughed a lot! This movie is worth your time. Judge for yourself.

  • Looks like cheap flick from netflix


    And its really that bad. Even "Take ten" much better and more funny and have smaller budget, I think. But this... 8 000 000 000 US dollars? Looks like 800 000 - top, and other summ the maybe smoke or build a real grow house I don't know. Hell, its have even cheaper look than "Fridаy", and damn "Friday" was real funny movie, set in da hood, where set "Grow house"? - I don't know, may be in that good part of suburb where live all white people and Dj Pooh, lol (its where sad though). I don't say its totally not funny, but its not hilarious, and I watched 90 minutes or so on two black guys who try to be funny.

  • Surprisingly Funny


    I'm not exactly the Grow House target audience, but I went to see it because I'm traveling on business and I see a ton of movies when I am on the road. It was a spur of the moment decision. The kid selling tickets said it was funny and damn it was funny! Lot of twists and surprises and just funny. Really, took my mind off my work.

  • One of the Worst Stoner Comedies Ever!!!


    Scenarist DJ Pooh wrote the classic stoner comedy "Friday," but "Friday" director F. Gary Gray made the most of Pooh's witty screenplay. Pooh has written "3 Strikes," "The Wash," and the forthcoming "Last Friday." "Grow House" represents his third time behind the scenes to helm a film. "Grow House" is a stoner comedy that should have been far funnier when you take into account that he penned "Friday." Sadly, it isn't. Basically, "Grow House" concerns a couple of potheads swimming in debt who plan to enter the medical marijuana business. First, Pat (DeRay Davis of "Chocolate City") and Darius (Lil' Duval of "Meet the Blacks") set out to get a medical license to grow legal pot, and a helpful physician, Dr. Doobie (Malcolm McDowell of "A Clockwork Orange") gets them started with a prescription. Second, they desperately need seed money. Darius contacts rapper Snoop Dog, and they pitch their scheme to him (the real Snoop Dog of "Soul Plane"), and he antes up with $10-thousand. Third, our heroes must find some place to grow it without calling attention to their activities. Darius convinces his flighty girlfriend in the real estate business to let them renovate a foreclosed Bel Air mansion, and she sets them up. They assemble everything that they need to grow the dope. Of course, Terri (television actress Raquel Lee) believes that Darius is in fact renovating the house, but she doesn't linger under this delusion for long after she pays them a visit. Meantime, although they have smoked pot galore, Pat and Darius don't know jack about growing cannabis. The guys encounter one crazy complication after another, but eventually they grow enough to take care of business. There's an amusing surprise ending, but "Grow House" won't keep you in stitches. The screenplay is as thin as the papers that constitute a marihuana cigarette. DeRay Davis and Lil' Duval have zero charisma as guys who are supposed to be pals.

  • Buzz kill


    Stoner comedies obviously don't need to make a lot of sense just as long as they make a point to at least be funny. The film has some very well known actors and with it being directed by DJ Pooh who helped write "one" of the greatest stoner comedies of the 90's in "Friday" - one would think this would at least be an enjoyable flick that would produce a few laughs - NO! This film is just boring with no real structure. Sure it has a plot, But films like this don't really need one but this one is not even sure of what is really going on. It Just keeps moving along with no real rhyme or reason. Seriously, the only highlight for me was Zulay Henao....Probably could have saved everyone a lot of trouble and just made this a 40minute runtime and the rest of the film would best be served showing Zulay Henao on screen for the remaining hour. Puff - Puff - PASS


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