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Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017)

Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017)

Seann William ScottAlison PillMarc-André GrondinLiev Schreiber
Jay Baruchel


Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) is a English movie. Jay Baruchel has directed this movie. Seann William Scott,Alison Pill,Marc-André Grondin,Liev Schreiber are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Sport movie in India and around the world.

It's a new day for the Halifax Highlanders. A pro lockout has reunited old teammates and brought a crew of new players to the bench; notably missing from the line-up, however, is everyone's favourite enforcer and heart of the team, Doug "The Thug" Glatt. Sidelined after one too many hits and now married with a baby on the way, Doug is hanging up his skates and settling into life as an insurance salesman. But when Doug's nemesis, Anders Cain, is made captain of the Highlanders and new ownership threatens to tear his team apart, Doug is compelled back into action. Ignoring the wishes of wife Eva, Doug heads to the rink, discovering an unlikely training partner in fellow retired enforcer and one-time arch rival, Ross "The Boss" Rhea. Together with grit, passion and unrivaled loyalty, they will grind out one last chance to do what they do best...protect their team.


Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) Reviews

  • I liked it but watching it makes me think Goon did not need a sequel.


    So I was a huge fan of the first Goon movie, so when I herd that it was going to have a sequel I could not wait to see it. Sean William Scott returns as Doug Glatt, a Dim witted but has a heat of gold Hockey player, playing in the minors on his last legs when the son of his boss takes him out of hockey for what seems like forever but interesting enough he gets a comeback thanks to old rival and mentor Ross Rena(played by Liev Schreiber, who I'm so happy returned to do this film) It's not a Hockey movie or a sports movie ironically (or at least not the best one I've ever screen.), but it has the essence of true sportsmanship and the underdog gone good, but most of all it's about goons. That's the thing they get right in this. If you love the first movie you'll like this movie for the same reason.

  • They forgot to include jokes


    Out of the gate there's nothing inherently awful about this movie. It shorthand catches you up to where Doug Glatt is now. Pretty much everyone returns from the first movie. But as they start to set up the plot things start to feel a bit tired. The Russian duo on the team are still insulting everyone and making crude jokes about their mothers. But it all feels more like a checklist of showing everyone is back to their same old high jinks rather than creating new jokes. Even Jay Baruchel directing himself just looked to me like he was going through the motions. Once it got to the 20 minute mark I realized I hadn't so much as cracked a smile. With that in mind I intended to take note when such a moment happened but it never did. When you don't write a different enough story than the first movie you're kind of stuck rehashing old jokes. And finally, this movie really lacked the heart of the original. The first wasn't a masterpiece by any means but it played around with some of the teammate dynamics in an interesting way. And the whole old guard/new guard with Liev Schreiber worked well then too. As far as the good stuff in this movie I'd say all the performances are fine. Liev Schreiber is solid again but perhaps a little underutilized. Seann William Scott was decent but thought it was a step back from his first portrayal. Overall, I'd say don't rush out and watch it but if you love the first you might like this too.

  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers is a Really Good Sequel Even if it Can't Quite Measure up to the Original


    *Minor Spoilers Ahead* A couple of years have passed since we last saw our hero Doug "The Thug" Glatt (Sean William-Scott) knocked out Ross "The Boss" Rhea (Liev Schrieber) and things have changed. He's now married to his girlfriend Eva (Allison Pill) and he's recently become the captain of the Halifax Highlanders. We find out that a pro lockout has brought more attention to the minor leagues and some of the pro talent has temporarily entered the league. His buddies are still in their old spots including Xavier LaFlamme (Marc-Andre Grondin) the talented scorer with the inconsistent motor. The first game of the season begins and Doug goes out and does what he can to protect his teammates. One of the star players on the other team Anders Cain (Wyatt Russell) takes exception and steps up to fight Doug. Doug is exceptional at what he does but he's a one-dimensional player. He's not there to play hockey, he's there to fight, hence his nickname The Thug. Anders is a legitimately well-rounded player who can fight with the best and still put up points. He's the son of the owner of the Highlanders, Hyrum Caine (Callum Keith Rennie) and he's extremely volatile. To the surprise of everyone, Anders puts down Doug hard and Doug's right shoulder gives out. He's warned that he shouldn't be playing hockey anymore. This makes things more difficult, Eva's having a baby and he's got to make ends meet even if that means giving up hockey. I'd like to get my bias out of the way, I loved Goon. Its such an underrated sports comedy and I revisit it often. One of the reasons the first Goon worked so well is that they created some really funny characters that were easy to like. Goon 2 made the smart move of bringing most of the old cast back so those same characters bring their charm back to the movie. I liked how The Last of the Enforcers put the effort into making some of the characters grow. Doug's a slightly better hockey player, Gord has become an assistant coach, Park is now the team doctor etc. I didn't like all the changes that came in however. For example Eva's missing a lot of her trademark attitude. I get she's matured a little and they brought in Mary to fill that role (more on her later) but it seemed like her character changed too much to fill the role that the plot had to have her in. The original also had one of the best and most sympathetic adversaries I've seen in Ross Rhea. Even though he was Doug's rival, he was still a decent guy, he mentored Doug and you identified with his struggle of aging out of the game. But Anders is not nearly as effective. I wouldn't blame Wyatt and to be fair they establish that his crappy attitude is a product of his dad's aloofness towards him. But you don't feel sorry for him, he's not likable enough to root for and he's not evil enough to hate. He's just a spoiled jerk and I was disappointed that they couldn't deliver that kind of special character in this one. The most consistent thing I heard about this movie going into it was that the director Jay Baruchel (who also plays Pat) really tried to do something different filming the hockey scenes. After seeing this I have to agree, the one area where Goon: The Last of the Enforcers completely improved upon the original was the filming of the hockey scenes and the fights. The camera is constantly changing angles and it puts you right in the middle of the action. The hockey is pretty intense at points and I enjoyed it throughout. The fighting is brutal, the hits are hard and blood flies everywhere. They aren't completely realistic but they pack a lot of punch. I was pretty impressed and I think Jay could have a future making action movies. Sean William-Scott was one of the biggest reasons that the first Goon worked. His performance came across as really heartfelt and it was really easy to get attached to Doug. I think Sean's good again here, he doesn't have the element of surprise in this one so he didn't have the opportunity to blow the audience away. Allison Pill was also really solid, her character isn't as edgy or funny but she does her part well. I was really happy that brought Liev Schrieber back. He gets the most effective character arc and he nails it again. The members of the supporting cast that came back are all good, Marc-Andre gets a lot less time but guys like Kim Coates, David Paetkau, Jonathan Cherry, Richard Clarkin pick up the slack. Of the new cast members Elisha Cuthbert was hilarious. I actually wish she was in the movie more. T.J. Miller was excellent in his supporting part, he's playing a typical T.J. Miller character but he's still really funny. Wyatt Russell was fine, he was undercut by his character. Goon: The Last of the Enforcers is a really good sports comedy in it's own right and in some ways I feel like I'm being too hard on it. But in the end, in my opinion its just not as funny or has the kind of heart the first Goon had. This movie is far from a failure, however. They honestly could have just phoned this movie in and sent it straight to Netflix or DVD but they didn't. They brought in a great cast and produced a legitimately funny movie that also delivered some inventive hockey action. This movie is also solid enough that you don't have to be a big hockey fan to appreciate this. If you can get a chance to go see this (I think its only available in Canada right now) and you like your comedy a little more on the adult/raunchy side, give it a shot.

  • A Brilliant Sequel


    Some will say that a sequel can never live up to the first film. Goon: Last Of The Enforcers begs to disagree. I was impressed with the writer's ability to squeeze another story out of Doug Glatt and the Highlanders. The story was very well done, and I enjoyed the fact that it managed to incorporate Liev Schreiber's character once again, in an enjoyable way that you may not be expecting. I enjoyed the inclusion of adult life, Doug having to balance hockey and an incoming child. The dramatic bits are very well done, and make you care for the character that much more. Jay Baruchel's direction is also top notch, especially from a first time filmmaker. The fight scenes are gripping and bone-crunching, as are the hockey games themselves. Paul Sarossy's cinematography is very versatile and impressive, making the hockey and fight scenes a joy to look at. Of course, there's the comedy. Seann William Scott is hilarious as lovable but dopey Doug Glatt. Jay Baruchel reprises his character from the first film and is just as hilarious as he was the first time around. The locker room antics of the team are also just as gut-busting as ever. This film is humorous, touching and moving, and is on par with the first in terms of quality. If you enjoyed the first Goon, then you'll love this one. I highly recommend this one. 9/10

  • Still a decent hockey movie.


    Kinda tough to top Goon 1 but still had some laugh out loud scenes. I didn't set my expectations to high so I still enjoyed the movie. Goon 1, I can watch over and over and still love it, this one maybe will watch it one more time. REALLY with they wouldn't have changed Stevesie's actor, not nearly as funny as Ricky Mabe. Sequel's are rarely as good as the original so I'm not really disappointed.


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