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Girl in Woods (2016)

Girl in Woods (2016)

Charisma CarpenterJuliet Reeves LondonJeremy LondonLee Perkins
Jeremy Benson


Girl in Woods (2016) is a English movie. Jeremy Benson has directed this movie. Charisma Carpenter,Juliet Reeves London,Jeremy London,Lee Perkins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Girl in Woods (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After a tragic accident Grace is lost and alone in the Smoky Mountains. Grace's struggle for survival is made more complicated by her troubled past. Battling the demons in her mind may be the only way to come out alive.

Girl in Woods (2016) Reviews

  • Judging by the title, you can expect a lot of wood ...


    "This will be a day you'll never forget" Are you a hardworking student full of enthusiasm and zeal who's trying to get a degree in psychiatry so you can immerse yourself in the world of the insanity? And you got an irresistible urge to put on some walking shoes and pave your way through dense forests? Well, this movie is definitely perfect for you in that case. Because believe me, the only thing you'll see are heaps of film footage with beautiful images of a vast pine forest. And in this beautiful forest, you'll see a confused young woman dragging herself forward, searching for a way out of this treacherous forest. It's quite obvious after a while she's balancing on the brink of insanity. Grace (Juliet Reeves London) and Jim (Jeremy London) are staying in a cabin deep in the woods of the Smoky Mountains. Did Jim organize this trip so he could pop the big question? Or because Grace needed some rest? She has a lot of psychological problems caused by a traumatic experience in her youth. She's plagued by nightmares during her sleep and medication can only dampen it slightly. So maybe it's about time to wander around the woods looking for a romantic spot near a waterfall. That's Jim's bright idea initially. Until this dumb fool blows his own brains against the leafy canopy after a clumsy maneuver with his gun. Grace freaks out and is left behind more traumatized. And that's the beginning of a hallucinatory survival trek. Without pills, that is. The beginning looked promising and interesting. A kind of "Inception" intro with Grace's fiancé in a terrifying role. A dream within a dream moment showing Grace's condition. Unfortunately the further course of the film is not of the same level and it evolves into a pure survival film where the psychological state of Grace is put severely to a test. Continuously you'll see the recurring hallucinations and flashbacks which slowly but surely explain the reason of Grace's psychosis. Initially these flashbacks were still acceptable and necessary to substantiate the state of Grace. But I was fed up with the repetitive nature after a while, despite them being pretty disturbing and explicitly portrayed. Also Grace's aimlessly roaming around in this seemingly infinite forest and ending up at the starting point all the time, was quite irritating. After seeing yet again a collection of shrubs and trees, an idyllic waterfall and close-ups of leaves and needles, it became a little bit too much. It started to look a lot like a promotional film from Greenpeace. Many will say this is a dull and monotonous film. The fascinating part, however, is found on a whole other level. It's all about the degeneration of the mental state of Grace by the lack of medication, hardship, hunger and desperation. To be honest, this was played in an excellent way by Juliet Reeves London. The transformation of an ordinary woman, although tormented by her inner demons, into a skittish, primitive creature who's being confronted with her alter egos and suffers from delusions in the form of a kind of demon, is indeed exquisitely depicted. At the end you're wondering if her traumatic past experience actually went down as it appears in her nightmares. What about her parents? What happened really to them? And Jim's fatal accident? Just a stupid accident or something else? Was what we usually saw real? Or fiction? The final denouement shows or suggests the real outcome. But ultimately "Girls in Woods" is an enigmatic film in which many pressing questions remain unanswered. The fact is that Grace isn't only lost in a vast forest, she's also a bit astray in terms of her mental condition. Psychiatrists in the making and hiking enthusiasts will probably appreciate this movie. The average movie buff won't react enthusiastically. Eventually Grace grows into a new urban legend. A myth and suggestive story that'll be used as a campfire story. More reviews here : http://bit.ly/1KIdQMT

  • You got to tell someone


    Gracie (Juliet Reeves London) has mental issues since she was a child and witnessed her father's suicide (Lee Perkins). She is on meds and has bad dreams as her boyfriend Jim (Jeremy London) takes her to a cabin in Deja Vu woods to propose. After a seeming stray bullet kills Jim, Grace discovers she has neither her meds or a sense of direction. Grace descends into madness as the film splits between flashbacks, Grace's insanity, and what is real. We have to sort it out until the end when it is neatly explained. The film wasn't very well constructed for one that feels so familiar when you watch it. Guide: F-word, nudity (Juliet Reeves London)

  • Girl In Crappy Movie


    A couple go to a cottage and end up on a huge walk in the woods. He gets shot in the head which leaves the woman on her own , lost in the woods. She now must fight against nature as well as her mental illness to stay alive. This one sucked bad. If you bang your head real hard and then watch it you might like it. For an example, she is in the woods equipped with a gun but somehow has to resort to cannibalism on her boyfriend's corpse. There is a million things she could've done, but she just walks in circles getting more insane by the minute. The film does get on your nerves quick as the scenes get repetitive. They try and split it up by showing flashbacks of her past, but it can't stop the boredom. 3 sticks through the neck out of 10.

  • A solid independent movie with good acting and story.


    This movie has some really good scenes and the story is interesting. It's also frustrating at times. You find yourself yelling at the main character for choices she makes, or doesn't make, that most anyone knows, being lost in the woods. However, when you see the extent of the mental illness she has, you kinda get it. She literally is not in her right mind from the beginning of the movie. The flash back scenes involving her parents get a little repetitive. They are nice at keeping you guessing what really happened but could do with a few less. And the story with the "creature" that is following her could have been used more, as it provides some really creepy moments. The multiple personalities/schizophrenia dialogue is well done, as you don't know at first if she is just talking to herself and suffering from sleep deprivation and dehydration or is she crazy. I would have liked a little cut from the middle of the movie and a bit more added to the end. But all in all it's worth watching and has the feel of The Descent sometimes.

  • Sick of the woods


    When the movie solely rests on protagonist that isn't charismatic but actually very annoying, the movie is doomed to fail. The level of the self-sabotage in this movie is incredible and after seeing the same things and same discussions with the parents over and over again, it's a miracle that girl doesn't finish herself off in the woods. Nothing more to say, don't watch this.


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