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Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988)

Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988)

Jackie ChanMaggie CheungKwok-Hung LamBill Tung
Jackie Chan


Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988) is a Cantonese movie. Jackie Chan has directed this movie. Jackie Chan,Maggie Cheung,Kwok-Hung Lam,Bill Tung are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1988. Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Despite his success at apprehending criminals, Kevin Chan's unorthodox approach to his work as a police officer sees him demoted to the traffic branch. Despite this, the man he put behind bars is now out of prison, and has vowed to make his life a misery. While this crime boss his harassing Kevin and his girlfriend, the police are contemplating reinstating Kevin to help them fight a group of bombers attempting to extort $10 million from building owners.


Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988) Reviews

  • Superb action and serious Jackie!


    "Police Story 2" is a movie that mostly shows Jackie Chan's serious side. His performance is relatively mature and restrained, and he allows his character to be portrayed as not only brave, smart and determined, but flawed and selfish as well (his scene with Maggie Cheung after the fight in the playground is a key point). There is less slapstick and more plot than usual for a Chan movie; less emphasis on comedy and more on action. The action sequences are superb, and that deaf-mute guy with the incredible martial-arts skills is one of the most memorable villains Jackie ever had to face (literally: I had seen the film only once before in 1997 and I still remembered him clearly). (**1/2)

  • One of Jackie's best ever made!


    After reading many reviews and most of the comments on IMDb.com I must say that some people don't have a clue what they are talking about. I mean if you give a review of a Jackie Chan movie you don't have to talk about the plot (even if it is a good one). Because most of the Jackie Chan movies are not about a plot, there is no message from Jackie for you to think about. At least this concerns the films he made before he was indoctrinated by motherland China. He is about the action, martial arts and dangerous stunts. The bigger the better. In short mind blowing spectacle. He tries to show you different skills and stunts in each movie he makes and he has been managing to do this for a very long time. Naturally old age has caught up with him. Although it has to be said that old Jackie can do more than any average person on this planet. So despite what you think of his political views he does deserve some credit. It is a real joy to watch him in action and furthermore he wants you to be entertained. So if you are giving a review of a Jackie Chan movie than talk about the action. Especially since this is where Police Story really shines at. This film contains the most memorable fighting scenes made by Jackie in his entire career. And that is saying something. In my opinion it is even better than Police Story 1 since it doesn't allow itself to be distracted by infantile comedy as much as in the first. But don't worry if you love the good old slapstick comedic bits. There are still plenty around. Even after so many years the action is amazing. It holds up like it has been made yesterday. It is far superior to his work in Hollywood (Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon)! I have been a fan of Jackie Chan fan since I can say Jackie Chan and I can be very critical about his work (especially his American movies). But Police Story 2 is an action movie that deserves praise simply because it his one of his best, a real classic!

  • Second entry in ¨Police story ¨ saga and again Chan as a Hong Kong cop taking on nasty criminals


    NEW POLICE STORY II packs a violent confrontation between Jackie and an evil bunch . This stirring story about the cop named Chan Ka Kui of the Hong Kong precinct is well played by Jackie Chan. Chan Ka-Kui or Kevin Chan(aka Jackie) is a Hong-Kong cop, who scores his first big hit by virtually single-handedly apprehending and arresting a big drug- lord in ¨Police story I ¨ . In spite his success at capturing delinquents , Kevin Chan's unorthodox approach to his work as a police officer sees him removed to the traffic branch . While the crime boss recently out from prison is harassing Kevin and his sweetheart . He then plans to take a journey to Bali with his girlfriend named May (Maggie Cheung) , but while he's at a travel agency in a shopping mall, some police agents see him and report that the mall is under a bomb threat . Unable to resist the urge to get involved in officers work, Ka Kui orders the policemen to sound the fire alarm and have the mall cleared, and agrees to take responsibility for the decision . After that , the police staff (Supt. Li played by Kwok Lam) is contemplating reinstating Kevin to help them catch a group of bombers trying to extort from building owners . Then Chan looks for vengeance against the ominous villains at a cat and mouse game. This exciting movie is packed with intrigue, thrills , unstopped action , suspense , overwhelming stunt-work and lots of violence but with humor . Jackie Chan is top notch as one army man fighting a group of heinous criminals and as always he makes his own stunts like is showed on the final fake-shots . Awesome , incredible stunts and brief comic touches , as usual ; the picture is better constructed than Chan's predecessors films . The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times , but frantic action sequences make up for it . Spotlights movie include a stirring car pursuit , Jackie jumping over a bus ,impressive and interminable fights with Chan dangling and downing , a mall blow-up and a breathtaking final explosion and other extraordinary action sequences in James Bond style . This is a phenomenal action movie distinguished by nicely cinematography of the spectacular sequences , and contains agreeable sense of humor such as previous entries . In this outing Jackie teams up again to prestigious actress and fine action star in their own right , like Maggie Cheung . This is a passable action movie distinguished by ferocious sequences , and packs silly sense of humor as well as Jackie's subsequent entries . Furthermore , moving and thrilling original musical score fitting to action by J Peter Robinson . The picture achieved success in USA and around the world . However , Jackie Chan's failed at Box-office in his American debut ,¨Battle creek brawl¨ . Chan is a hard-working actor and director throughout his long and varied career .He went on playing ¨Cannoball¨ , ¨The protector¨ and "Rumble in the Bronx", until getting all American success with ¨Shangai Knights¨ , ¨The tuxedo¨ , ¨Around the world in 8days¨ and ¨Rush hour¨ trilogy , and of the course the recent ¨Karate kid¨. Of course , his big hits were ¨The Police story¨ series that won the Golden Horse Award, a Chinese version of the Oscar , the first was titled ¨Police story(1985)¨ directed by the same Chan , it was a perfect action film for enthusiastic of the genre ; the following was ¨Police story 2(1988)¨also pretty violent and with abundant humor touches. It's followed by ¨Supercop¨ or ¨Police story 3¨ and finally, ¨Police story IV : Crime story. The picture is lavishly produced by the great Asian producers Raymond Chow and Golden Harvest production and compellingly directed by Jackie Chan . Rating : Acceptable and passable , the picture has its sensational moments here and there , but also pretty violent and with abundant humor touches mostly provided by its agile star , the super Jackie . It's a perfect action film for enthusiast of the genre .

  • Not as good as the first.


    Police Story 1 was a masterpiece, Police Story 2 is good, its that simple. Its just not as good as the original, but how many sequels are? The plot is simple, Mr.Ku is out for revenge and a series of bombs have been set off in Hong Kong, so its up to Jackie and his regulars to investigate. May played by Maggie Cheung is once again the damsel, who's in distress by the way. The fights and stunts are up to form. The fight scene in the park is just magnificent. About a dozen henchman grasping various metal objects are after Jackie, who uses everything from climbing frames to see-saws to fend them all off. What the film lacks is interesting dialogue, conversations are just boring and the Chinese jokes are untransaltable into English. Jackies character is depressed and all uptight, not as fun as in the original, but the guy did go through hell in the first movie, so I guess its understandable. The pace of film is also too erratic, one minute its a rollercoaster, the next minute its like watching a melodrama. Anyway, the action is still top notch and this film paved the way for Police Story 3 SuperCop, which gained recognition in the U.S with a theatrical release.

  • An action trilogy of the finest quality


    There is one detail, which is not very common for Jackie Chan movies, but which is present here. It has some very tough and serious atmosphere about it while the funny elements are present too. Jackie is menacing and psychotic here. He is not a hero who is attacked and only then fights back (in a usual laid-back pattern), but he is the one who can go and start the tumult. His manner of hitting that evil guy in the glasses is amazing (every time it goes "crack!"). Another highlight is the scene when Jackie goes to the pub and thrashes the villains who had fronted on his girlfriend. It's one of the best blitzkriegs put on screen. Besides, the whole scene is shot with the background of some action character painted on the wall (it also looks like a poster of "rabochiy" from the Soviet era) and some lines in Russian on the left. That looks terrific (and nostalgic for Russian people). I also like when the windows are being smashed in the movies. Here there's a lot of this stuff. It's quite amazing watching the characters falling/jumping/running/driving through all manner of panes. All three movies are great. There is no down-slide in the quality - it's a perfect trilogy with sense and incredible stunts (and not only Jackie Chan's character appears in all three movies - that's also excellent and keeps continuity up). Each movie can be described in a few words: No.1 - great (in all aspects - it is one gripping story from the very beginning to the very end) and funny (many scenes are ridiculous); No.2 - raging (Jackie is really off the hook here) and painful (Jackie gets tortured); No.3 - unbelievable (the woman that fights alongside with Jackie is incredible) and bombastic (should a lot of guns and explosions be mentioned?). As to the rest - much has been mentioned by the others. It's a trilogy that can be watched over and over again (at least by me). Its place is in top 10 among action jewels. A solid 10 out of 10. Thank you for attention.


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