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Flay (2019)

Flay (2019)

Violett BeaneElle LaMontA. Michael BaldwinPeggy Schott
Eric Pham


Flay (2019) is a English movie. Eric Pham has directed this movie. Violett Beane,Elle LaMont,A. Michael Baldwin,Peggy Schott are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Flay (2019) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Mystery,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After the death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to save her brother, and those around her from a malevolent faceless spirit.

Flay (2019) Reviews

  • Bland Blumhouse wannabe.


    I normally wouldn't bother reviewing a movie this bland but since no one else has bothered so far, I'll take a few minutes and maybe save someone else 90 mins. A junkie mother dies under mysterious circumstances which the movie in not one but two cold opens assures us was supernatural. After that, her daughter has to return home to settle some affairs and care for her rebellious teenage brother. The supernatural force which is barely Slender Man starts menacing them in a series of whatever scares that might land for very young viewers. The acting, the story, everything is just unmemorable. It's not even that the movie is remarkably bad. It's just blah. When you picture grade Z horror made by people that were neither exceptionally incompetent nor remotely talented, this is exactly the movie you see.

  • A young woman returns to her home after the mysterious death of her drug addicted mother.


    We start off with a flashback of a native american tribesman who gets tortured and brutally murdered. Before his death he curses the chains with which he is bound with. Fast forward, we see Moon(played by Elle LaMont) returning to her home town in order to prepare the wake of her mother. Unfortunately she receives a cold welcome from her brother (played by Dalton E. Gray) who appears to hate his older sister for leaving him behind to take care of their junkie mother by himself. Once home she realizes that her mother may have unleashed an evil spirit that is haunting her and her younger brother. Considering the budget I think that some of the effects were very well done and the visuals were very decent. The story was unique and oddly enough quite enjoyable considering I am not the biggest fan of the Slenderman franchise. I did not expect to enjoy this movie since it is a low budget movie about Slenderman (a combination that sounded very bad for me) but I must admit that I was wrong. Yes there are a lot of plot holes and confusing points in the movie, combined with bad acting and forgettable characters but there is something about the movie that appealed to me. It does not fail to keep the tension throughout the movie and it keeps you entertained more than a lot of the big budget horror films that have come out lately. Overall it's a fun B movie has its moments. If you are looking for a random movie to watch it fits the role perfectly.

  • Flay: Absolute abomination of a movie


    2019 has been a mess of a year so far and movies like Flay certainly aren't doing it any favors. After the death of her mother a girl returns home, rekindles friendships, reunites with her estranged brother and battles a supernatural force. Seen that before, but it's not normally this bad. The story is an absolute abomination, I can't stress just how much of a mess it is. At no point did I care where the story was going or the fates of any of the characters. In fact a lot of the time I really had very little clue as to what I was even watching. Does that look like Slender Man on the cover? Well it is, kind of.........but this isn't a Slender Man movie. They just decided to throw him in because erm....reasons? Awful plot, awful sfx, awful cast, just plain awful all round. The Good: That would be a no The Bad: Awful deaths Rather boring No originality

  • Best movie I have seen in a LONG time....


    I have been waiting for Flay to come out for a while now. I was searching for a movie on Saturday night. I decided to search on iTunes to see if Flay was available yet and when I saw it I got so excited. I have seen the trailer and read articles I was so pumped up for this movie. So I rented it and I was so amazed at how good it was. The acting is great. There is just the right amount of scares to keep you interested. It takes a lot to keep me interested in any movie. I Love this movie I will definitely buy this movie. It was that good. Give Flay a chance I think you will love it just like I do!

  • The movie of the year, horror movie of the best.


    I've seen a lot of movies in my life, more than my age, but I have not seen anything like that for a long time. Flay, is perfectly made, you can see how the actors play their role magnificently, in this story you can see different genres in the same movie, which gives a unique mix, love, horror, suspense, the story of Moon and Tyler , the feeling of Billi towards Moon's mother and her children, Moon's fight to save her brother from that entity that is killing everyone for that curse. My opinion is that it is a phenomenal movie, filmed in a spectacular location, good photography, the scenes that I liked the most were: A michael Baldwin with Elle Lamont and Peggy Schott, very good story, very well told, in the beginning , where you can see the origin of that entity that attacks in that place, excellent work by director Eric Pham,and to all the actors that were in this film, a sequel would be fantastic.


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