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Fastlife (2014)

Fastlife (2014)

Thomas NgijolKarole RocherJulien BoisselierYasit Ait Hamoudi
Thomas Ngijol


Fastlife (2014) is a French movie. Thomas Ngijol has directed this movie. Thomas Ngijol,Karole Rocher,Julien Boisselier,Yasit Ait Hamoudi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Fastlife (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

FASTLIFE: always go further, faster, to shine in the eyes of others: this is the motto of Franklin. Franklin is a megalomaniac obsessed by the desire to shine at any price. He will have to choose between becoming a man or continue to live the Fastlife...

Fastlife (2014) Reviews

  • Very nice movie


    It is like a rocky movie but a french home made version. More caustic. Whereas Silver Stallone builds his career mostly using his body, Thomas uses his intellect, personal feelings and his unique sense of humour! I love it. For his first movie i guess, it is well done! I don't really understand why the score is so low 4.3 ? Actually a french movie made by a black guy. At least the main character is black. And the story is not about the always boring same story about thug, thief, usually played by minority people in France. Hope he can keep on going making movies. So he brings some new ideas in the french cinema. By the way actor and director, he got what it takes!


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