Fankang zhe (2011)

Fankang zhe (2011)

Hu Ling MengPeng Zhang LiJeremy Marr WilliamsZhang Xiao Hua
Peng Zhang Li


Fankang zhe (2011) is a English,Mandarin,Japanese movie. Peng Zhang Li has directed this movie. Hu Ling Meng,Peng Zhang Li,Jeremy Marr Williams,Zhang Xiao Hua are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Fankang zhe (2011) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

In 1937, Japan began their invasion of China by murdering over 300,000 people in the capital of Nanjing. The atrocities committed against women and their daughters are especially barbaric. In Beijing, there are rumors that a masked man is systematically killing Japanese soldiers, working his way to the top Japanese General of the 1937 invasion on Chinese women. With the world's attention on Europe, treaties are useless and genocide rages throughout the country going unnoticed. An American reporter is sent to China to uncover the truth about the unrest between China and Japan. What he finds threatens his own life and the sovereignty of the United States.


Fankang zhe (2011) Reviews

  • Ninjas vs WWII soldiers


    Cool Ninja Movie but in the WWII time-line and beautiful location. The story: During Japan's invasion of China in 1937, a masked avenger systematically murders Japanese soldiers after horrible atrocities are committed against her family. A group of Chinese resistance members are gathering to rescue their leader from a Japanese prison camp. What I love about this ninja film is it mix With WWII settings, and yet it doesn't take away any serious tune, as a matter of fact the history and the situation and the war crime that was committed during the Japanese occupation of China 1937 is shown here too, but instead of playing the part of the regular war Movies, it is played with a Classic ninja Movie style. In other words, this movie should not be judged as a war film but as an action/adventure film. Also I love the Chinese location they shot the film, from Beautiful landscape of the ocean and countryside to the big Palace own by the Japanese General. It's not exactly a war Movie for those who are fans of that kind of genre but should be able to find something worth of history. And for all ninja fans out there should be entertained of the story and the martial art.

  • Beautiful touching action/adventure China movie filled with excitement


    when it comes to the case of Chinese anti war movies of the Sino-Japanese invasion normally 9 out of 10 movies goes mostly over the top or obviously made for just be a propaganda movie. But in this case The Resistance is more then that, it's not a war movie or a an anti war movie at all, it's more of an assassin movie or an action/adventure movie with a style of a female heroine movie, one could say Hu Sang who play Xiaoyun is a woman version of Zorro. On the other hand, it can't be compared with Mulan who is a typical war story and that movie is more focus on the war with epic knight tale and how the legends was described. But for what it is, The Resistance is epic as a story of it's own, with beautiful landscape of China, and combined of history drama and ninja adventure.

  • An entertaining ninja movie in WWII


    OK first of all after I read all the hate reviews about The Resistance, and I have admit that I got irritated over what they complained about and I must say "what is the big fuzz about?" OK so The movie has cheap CGI and weak what? Since when has CGI been a good thing even when it's expensive done? It was already old after 1999 so no need to be hard on this film just because they use CGI, and also I couldn't find any week actor or actress in this film, OK maybe some were but not the entire cast, there were some cast member who did a great performance and doesn't deserve the hate reviews just because some "popcorn break first eating blockbuster snobs" were expecting everybody to be Tom Hanks. And one more thing that got me irritated was most of the haters said they only watched 10 minute of the film.......really? Half of that is only opening credit and WWII intro, how on earth can someone say it's a bad film when they barely saw anything! And why I mention all this is because I love this film, it's not a masterpiece and it has a few weak moments but however the ninja action got me exited an the sad moments that happened during the Japanese occupation Is there too and got me emotional. The shot of the Japanese palace was beautifully done with gray-scaled colors and every fight scene is well choreographed, you can actually feel the punches like it's almost real fighting. if you really should avoid this film is if you have a heart expecting for a war film with typical bunkers and explosions. But if you like ninjas or martial art or history or any kind of foreign film specially from Asia then by all means give this movie a chance, I love this film and I'm glad I saw it.

  • Xiaoyun is a Chinese super heroine!!!


    I love this film True Chinese spirit A sad story, with a tragic heroine, who became a member of the resistance, then later become ninja fighter to revenge her people! She challenge ninjas, soldiers, killer geisha, and a tattooed general who is a friend of the Nazis! Sadly, the story is inspired by a true event of Nanking massacre during 1937, but despite the movie is an action entertaining movie, it also keep it focus on the tragedy plot. That's why Xiaoyun is my heroine, she is part of the tragedy, because of this horrible event she lost everything, now to prevent this event to spread she must become fighter. And she does do what she must to protect the innocent even if it means to become a murderer herself I give full score to this film, I love it...

  • US DVD has better CGI quality then the European DVD


    The Resistance is an epic China film about greed, revenge, hate, and a year of mankind darkest hour of war. Directed by the former Shaolin monk turned actor/director Peng Zhang Li also known for Last Kung Fu Monk, the movie is starred Chinese actress Hu Sang as the films heroine Xiaoyun. The Plot: 3 years after the World War II has begun, some parts of China is occupied by the Japanese army. General Takeshi (Peng Zhang Li) has taken control over the south east of China near the coast, there his soldiers have miss treated the people of the small town Shichen. One day a hero known as "Black Dress Killer" arrive to this small town and rescue a young girl from a rape attempt of four Takeshis soldiers. By killing all four soldiers, the hero send a message to General Takeshi, due to the reputation of the black dress killer has already murder 1500 Japanese soldiers in the province that Takeshi control. Worried about this, Takeshi warn people of Shichen to reveal who is the real killer or his men will destroy the town within one week. Meanwhile a group of Chinese resistance plan to rescue an American journalist from Japanese prison camp. One of them is Xiaoyun, a young peasant girl who lost her family due to Takeshis occupation, she swear to avenge her family even if it means losing her own life. US DVD vs UK DVD: When the the Resistance had premiere in USA it made success, but in UK the movie flopped, and after viewing both DVD's I can say that the US DVD is better then the UKs, for starters the CGI is better done in the US DVD, it looks more realistic and make this movie look epic and is more justice for the film, the U.K. DVD has different opening then the US DVD and CGI is different from the US DVD, also the USA DVD the colour of the film is brown grey scaled, in UK DVD the colour is blue grey scaled and some times in the memory flash scenes the colour is green grey scaled, the USA DVD makes this film look more beautiful and realistic and artistic, if the UK audience want to give the movie a justice view, they should see the American DVD. My opinion As a movie, the Resistance doesn't fail to entertain me, it has cool ninja fights and beautiful locations, and a very exiting story to follow, not a typical war movie though, but a history movie set in WWII and mix it with classic Japanese Shinobi action I give it 6/10 just for both versions, but if US version only I would give it 8/10, and I recommend to watch the US DVD of the film, one of the greatest movies from Mainland China


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