Exposure (2018)

Exposure (2018)

Carmen AnelloOwen LawlessLynn LowryBruce Smith
Austin Snell


Exposure (2018) is a English movie. Austin Snell has directed this movie. Carmen Anello,Owen Lawless,Lynn Lowry,Bruce Smith are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Exposure (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

In an attempt to reconcile the problems in their relationship, Myra (Carmen Anello) and James (Owen Lawless) venture to an isolated cabin in the mountains. It is there they encounter an ancient evil that haunts the landscape, capable of turning people into deformed monsters. Not only will they be fighting for their relationship, they will be fighting for their lives.


Exposure (2018) Reviews

  • Carnage


    Absolutely awful movie. Horror ????????????????. Acting terrible especially from male lead. Special effects laughable.

  • I can do this


    I have a camera on my phone and $ 3.75. I can make a movie comparable to this.

  • Really problematic and barely worthwhile


    Trying to rebuild their marriage, a troubled couple heads out to a remote mountain cabin to help reconnect with each other only for her to slowly begin to realize something is out in the woods turning them against each other and once they realize the true intentions must get away alive. This one was barely worthwhile genre effort. Among the many flaws here is the fact that this one just doesn't have anything interesting going on for a vast majority of the running time. The cliched setup of traveling out to the remote cabin in the woods automatically gives this a feel that's been done numerous times before and really isn't all that different from so many other projects that utilize that setup for their films which already gives it a disadvantage by being so incredibly familiar. On top of that, with so much of the running time devoted to trying to get back on each others' good side in order to reclaim the strength of their marriage, not much happens here that really falls into the genre as it tends to meander along until it's way too late in the film for anything remotely interesting horror-related to happen. Seeing them hike in the woods, paint pictures by the side of the cabin or fiddle with their photography pictures doesn't offer any kind of interesting material as the solitude of the two people for long as it does without anything creepy happening doesn't inspire the greatest pacing, and with the utterly lifeless energy that occurs throughout here with everybody seemingly standing around looking at the surrounding woods in order to eat the time up here before it gets interesting. With the few horror scenes along the way clearly signaling that something is going on at the cabin, the reason for why they're not trying to run away earlier is quite confusing as there are so many red flags about what's going on that for them to stay there as long as they do. The way in which the attack scenes are handled aren't much more enjoyable as they're ineptly handled at every turn, from the laughable ropes being pulled along the ground to simulate approaching tree vines to the confrontations with the demonic creature stalking them and finally into the rushed finale where it's at least fast-paced with a lot of confrontations but is way too little too late to save this one from the boredom that emerges beforehand. The manner in which the creature is defeated is utterly lame and ridiculous, further undermining the fun to be had with the back-and-forth confrontations in the cabin and also somewhat holds it back. As well as the lack of explanations for what happens here as for what happens to let them become possessed, these are what hold this one back overall against the positives. Alongside the fun and lively finale, the only other aspect to like here are the special effects for the possessed individual where the knobby, scarred look features a really grotesque appearance which is applied well here which is what helps the finale along as well. Still, the problems far outweigh the positives here. Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and a brief sex scene.

  • This Is Really Horrible


    This is what I call 'Participation Trophy Cinema'. This is the result of people who have never done anything exceptional in their life being constantly reinforced to think their mediocrity is equal to someone else's excellence. IT IS NOT. If you don't have the budget or expertise to do a creature movie, DON"T DO ONE. The direction in this is just horrible. They try to recreate scenes from much better movies. The results range from laughable to pathetic. The special effects are horrendous. The actress, Carmen Annello tries to make the most it but the production and direction are so lacking that her efforts are wasted. She's got some charm and you empathize with her. She's the only reason this movie got 1 star. If not for her it would get a zero.

  • master baiting or have i missed the point


    A stupid head line for a hopelessly pointless movie.where's the horror? what did come out of the water? to me it looked like the missing groin of a missing person.some kinda evil??? what bait did he use???? what are we exposed to?????! this is not art,this is waste of time. buy a camera and a mobile phone,an axe,smokemachine. hire a cabin in any badland wood if you can find it. bring your grandparents and a few friends and make a movie. the editing are just hopeless, and so are the score.reminds me of kids tramping on a roll-up keyboard. beware this is a bad film, i give 1 for the actress....


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