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End of the World (2018)

End of the World (2018)

Jhey CastlesJoseph Michael HarrisEvan James HendersonJacqueline Scislowski
Maximilian Elfeldt


End of the World (2018) is a English movie. Maximilian Elfeldt has directed this movie. Jhey Castles,Joseph Michael Harris,Evan James Henderson,Jacqueline Scislowski are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. End of the World (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

As mass of solar storms causes tsunamis, volcanoes, and flooding, a city-dwelling family attempts to flee to the relative safety of a group of high-elevation caves several miles away.

End of the World (2018) Reviews

  • a few chuckles at how bad this is.........


    I only watched this because I knew it would be awful (it was) but was hoping to get a good laugh out of it, but unfortunately other then a few laughs at the preposterous dialogue and situations, this is not all that interesting. The acting is awful, the CGI is below mediocre and the end of the world never seemed so dull. Because they obviously couldn't afford to pay lots of actors, this is one of those movies where when an office building is about to collapse, 3 people run out. Los Angeles appears to have a population of 16 . There are long stretches of nonsense dialogue. Would anyone discuss burritos while running from mass destruction ? Or in this case not running but casually strolling away from mass destruction ? Why would anyone make this movie ?

  • Dont watch IT/ AVOID at all cost


    Terrible, WASTE of Time, toxic, bad acting, mediocre visual effects

  • Couldn't wait till the end of the movie.


    One thing that this movie has going for it is that it doesn't fail to surprise. With every single passing minute I just keep thinking "it can't get worse than this, now can it?" Oh, yes it can and it does so progressively. If you start counting "cinema sins" you'd probably come the conclusion that this movie is a demon from hell. Don't watch it. Just don't. There's nothing to gain and there are better bad movies to waste your time on.

  • A treat for those who love to make fun of awful movies


    If you love to watch and critique terrible moves this is another great option to add to your list. Always excited when the Asylum comes out with another masterpiece!

  • Very very very very bad !!!!


    Very very very very bad !!!! Very very very very bad !!!! Very very very very bad !!!! Very very very very bad !!!!

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