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Elopement (2010)

Elopement (2010)

Ian ZieringChris KramerPascale HuttonIngrid Torrance
George Erschbamer


Elopement (2010) is a English movie. George Erschbamer has directed this movie. Ian Ziering,Chris Kramer,Pascale Hutton,Ingrid Torrance are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Elopement (2010) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In Chicago, Illinois, six year old Emily Howland requires a kidney transplant imminently or will die from kidney failure. Her parents, Sarah and Kirk Howland, the latter who owns a successful car lot, are not appropriate matches. As such, Kirk unilaterally decides to go back to a life that he abandoned eight years ago in Portland, Oregon, a life about which Sarah knows nothing and about which Kirk does not plan on telling her. Then, he, under his real name of Mark Drummond, and his then girlfriend, Jamie Butler, had rented a single engine plane to fly from Portland to Las Vegas to elope, as three of their four parents disapproved of them getting married, largely due to class differences. Mark at the time was floundering in life trying to figure out what to do with no savings. Mark and Jamie ended up stealing $200,000 of Mrs. Butler's money with every intention of paying it back when they could. However, in a raging storm, their plane crashed in a lake en route, the wreckage and bodies...


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Elopement (2010) Reviews

  • This is so bad it is funny


    The film started off moderately and gradually became confusing then unintentionally funny, it was so bad. The reason we didn't switch off was because we were laughing so much at the plane scene. We could just imagine two bored looking assistants crouching down out of view and shaking a cardboard plane set. The kidney-match sub-plot was so unrealistic and improbable that I wondered why no background research had been done by the script writers and plot writers on kidney disease. SPOILER ALERT The brothers' ending scene and the doctor standing holding a syringe will stay in my memory for a long time. :) But probably not for the reasons the film makers would wish! Don't expect a major drama with this. However if you want a good laugh then persevere with it, even if only for the eccentric, old lady.

  • Kidney Failure


    In a nursing home, an older woman sadly looks at a handsome younger man's photograph. Eight years earlier, in Portland, Oregon, we meet poor auto-mechanic Chris Kramer (as Mark Drummond) and his pretty fiancée Pascale Hutton (as Jamie Butler). Her wealthy parents don't want Ms. Hutton to marry Mr. Kramer. They've even discovered the poor man has a relative in prison. Kramer's understanding older brother Ian Ziering (as David Drummond), a police officer, suggests putting off the wedding. Undaunted, Kramer and Hutton decide to elope. After obtaining a $200,000 "loan" from her parents, Kramer and Hutton take off in a rented two-seat airplane. The weather is dangerous and it looks like the plane might crash. Eight years later, the plot and characters unravel in predictably unbelievable heights of stupidity. ** Elopement (2010-04-19) George Erschbamer ~ Chris Kramer, Ian Ziering, Genevieve Buechner, Pascale Hutton

  • Preposterous but occasionally entertaining thriller


    Elopement is a thriller about a a young(ish) couple with home troubles who decide to elope for a better life but things don't go to plan. Or do they?. It's a TV Movie and therefore you shouldn't expect too much. The smallish budget does show in some pretty poor plane scenes. The plot whilst starting fairly credibly veers dramatically to the outlandish as it reaches it's climax. There are some plot issues that really do defy any creditable explanation and which spoil the film for me. This is a shame as if the writers had just reigned in the plot a little this could have been a decent film. The acting is nothing much to shout about though not dreadful. It does feature Ian Ziering as the older brother who I immediately recognised from the hit 1990's TV series Beverley Hills 90210. Elopement is nothing special and won't live long in the memory. It is a reasonably entertaining film at times but is let down by the overcooked plot. Maybe worth watching as a time filler.


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