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Decommissioned (2016)

Decommissioned (2016)

Johnny MessnerVinnie JonesEstella WarrenJames Remar
Timothy Woodward Jr.


Decommissioned (2016) is a English movie. Timothy Woodward Jr. has directed this movie. Johnny Messner,Vinnie Jones,Estella Warren,James Remar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Decommissioned (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A retired agent's life is turned upside down when he discovers he's the patsy for an impending CIA planned presidential assassination.

Decommissioned (2016) Reviews

  • Typical, poorly made Vinnie Jones movie. 2/10


    Review: I honestly don't know why I torture myself with these Vinnie Jones movies! Although he is plastered all over the front cover, he is only in a couple of scenes, thank God but the rest of the cast isn't that great either. The film is based around an ex CIA agent, John Niles (Johnny Messner), who is drawn back into the dark world of murder and violence, to save his family. With the help of Michael Price (Vinnie Jones) and Detective Tom Weston (Michael Pare), they fight against the evil David Marino (James Remar), against all odds. Some of the action scenes were half decent but the acting was awful and most of the characters got on my nerves after a while. You can tell that the director was pushing his low budget to the max, with the explosions and detailed action scenes but it wasn't enough to save the movie. The one man army theme was pretty unrealistic, and I didn't understand why Marino didn't just hire one of his goons to do the job. Anyway, I really didn't enjoy this movie at all, and I thought it was a total waste of time and money. Awful! Round-Up: This terrible movie was directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., who took on quite a big project for someone who was born in 1983. Most of his movies have been with B list actors like Danny Trejo and Luke Goss, so the outcome of this movie wasn't really surprising. At such a young age, it is a good way to climb up the movie making ladder but he has to watch out that he doesn't get stuck in making movies in this genre. As my expectations wasn't that high for this movie, I wasn't that disappointed but I still was expecting some form of entertainment. Budget: $1million Worldwide Gross: N/A I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/thrillers, starring Vinnie Jones, Johnny Messner, James Remar, Estella Warren and Michael Pare. 2/10

  • Truly awful...


    If a spoiler is saying that a film is so bad and the acting is worse than bad, if there is such a thing, then so be it. It was a terrible film, the acting was wooden, the plot predictable and Vinnie Jones should have stuck to football, soccer for my American chums, mind you, he wasn't very good at that either. Thankfully he only had a minor part and my word, he looked ill and totally out of shape. Whoever cast him as the head of an American secret service department with his London accent wants shooting, not literally of course. It was a total waste of the $1,000,000 budget, they would have been better served doling it out to the homeless, they would have received a lot more street cred than they did putting this together. The only bonus from this pile of poo was that some B actors managed to pay their mortgage for a month or two. You can probably gather that I don't write reviews, but I felt I should at least try and warn the unsuspecting public about this truly awful movie...

  • Who is John Niles?


    The IMDb midpoint PLOT SPOILER story line: "A retired agent's life is turned upside down when he discovers he's the patsy for an impending CIA planned presidential assassination." John Niles aka Steve White (Johnny Messner) is a former/ sometimes current special ops agent. He has a wife (Estella Warren) and child (Tristian Eggerling) to make himself vulnerable. President Ford (Richard Burgi) has signed in a bill to repel BT-85 a domestic spying program enacted after 9-11. The CIA doesn't like it and decides to assassinate the president. John Niles is coerced into the deed by David Marino (James Remar) who holds his family hostage. John works for Mike Price (Vinnie Jones) a British guy overlooking US intelligence operations...just go with it. Michael Paré plays Detective Tom Watson trying to piece together the carnage. The production of a one man army was inspired by the Bourne series, but wasn't close to plausible. Vinnie Jones wasn't on the screen for very long and those scenes looked like they were making screen time for him. He was less active than Seagal in his latest films. Michael Paré did a great job as the detective and I liked it when he was on the scene. The film suffered from noticeable goofs. They shoot a car with an automatic weapon and there are no bullet holes. A window is shot out for an escape route. It has large jagged edges. When they go to escape, the edges are gone. The film was constantly sloppy with continuity. Then there are things like, John keeps his multiple passports and license in a box in the closet. Why does he need them now and why would you put it in a place you know where your wife will snoop and find it? And why does the wife sleep with the night stand lamp on? Forcing someone at gunpoint to shoot the President lacks plausibility unless you are really really into conspiracy theories. The plot was so bad, the actors didn't have a chance to make it real...and you can see them trying. Guide: Plenty of F-words. One sex scene with a pair of hands preventing the technical nudity.

  • Low production values, wooden acting - Potential Spoiler Alert


    I may revisit this movie when I have nothing else to do but I simply couldn't sit through it, no matter how hard I tried. The production values were low and the acting wooden from the majority of the cast. I hate to criticize other people's work but this had a solid enough story line which should have made it easy to deliver. Interaction between the cast simply didn't gel, with the US President stumbling over his address to the nation with 'my fellow Americans' being used so much, it was distracting. To be fair, the fight scene in the warehouse was well choreographed and very believable, making for pools of genuine excitement but when the big guns come into play, you'd think that the mob of gun toting agents were out shopping for groceries. Vinnie was, well Vinnie. He used his natural accent, which was a relief as I'm not sure how he'd sound as an American but his role was almost a cameo and that, I assure you, was a bonus. The main protagonist did, at times, have a well balanced family man / ex-agent balance but it's difficult to imagine anyone taking the beatings that landed on him and still be able to walk away but hey, this is Hollywood. Not recommended unless you have nothing else to watch but keep the remote handy so you can skip some of the less watchable scenes - you'll know then when you see them.

  • Commission to kill


    Did not want to dislike 'Decommissioned'. It was again not a bad, if not new, premise and Vinnie Jones has given alright performances in the past. It had potential to work, and would have done with effort being obvious and like those in front of and behind the camera had their hearts in it. Neither of which can be seen with 'Kill Kane', something that is really quite unforgivable. Have seen worse films, recently and ever, but that doesn't stop 'Decommissioned' from being a very poor film with no redeeming traits and a lot of things done absolutely terribly. There is not much to add to what has been said very well already and the review is at the risk of repeating what has been said. Just for the record, 'Decommissioned' was watched with an open mind and not without the intent or want to dislike, let alone hate, the film, quite the contrary. 'Decommissioned' warehouse sequence had some tension and Michael Pare brings some professionalism, but those are the only okay things one can see. Almost all the acting ranges from insipid to terrible, only Pare comes off unscathed while everyone else looks engaged or at ease. Jones lacks vigour and intensity for a role needing both for it to work and gives a lazy performance in a role misleadingly marketed, as others have said judging from the advertising one would think he was the lead but he's a supporting character barely in it in reality. In all fairness the characters are clichéd and are never engaging or easy to get behind, didn't care or endear to any of them. The chemistry is static, likewise with the barely existent direction. The script is from start to finish is a cringe, weep and toe curl-fest with lots of overblown soap-opera melodrama and no depth whatsoever. Furthermore, the story has no tension or suspense whatsoever, is very lifelessly paced and executes a not particularly new if intriguing idea with no imagination or originality. Basically non-stop indifferent dullness and predictability that takes itself far too seriously to be fun. 'Decommissioned' has a very dreary, one-note and less than slick visual style with well below average visuals and no attempt at authenticity. The sound is monotonous and over obvious with music that is too constant and over-bearing, while the lighting lacks atmosphere and consistently and the photography lacks focus and often static in the more dramatic scenes. In conclusion, another very bad film. 2/10 Bethany Cox


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