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Damaged (2014)

Damaged (2014)

Merritt PattersonChris KleinMichael AdamthwaiteDakota Guppy
Rick Bota


Damaged (2014) is a English movie. Rick Bota has directed this movie. Merritt Patterson,Chris Klein,Michael Adamthwaite,Dakota Guppy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Damaged (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A mysterious teen girl moves into a quiet neighborhood across the street from a high school teacher. The teacher and teen girl develop a mutual admiration for each other, which leads to a plot of revenge, murder, betrayal, sexual assault and blackmail.

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Damaged (2014) Reviews

  • Stupid Teacher Award Winner


    Still youngish-looking high school teacher Chris Klein (as Sam Luck) has a nice suburban home. Also the possible co-owner of a diner with his best pal, Mr. Klein is happily married to sweet, understanding and attractive Tasya Teles (as Kate). Klein's luck changes quickly when seductive Merritt Patterson (as Taran Hathaway) moves into a house across the street. The mature-looking teenager begins putting the moves on Klein. She has black-and-white flashbacks to some trauma involving her mother (apparently) and a sexual companion (apparently). Incredibly, Ms. Patterson turns out to be one of Klein's high school students. Naturally, you think Klein won't easily risk his job and beautiful wife to engage with the nutty woman. Think again. Neither does anyone involved with the production do anything to make their "Damaged" assignment remotely believable, or even fun. ** Damaged (2014-11-29) Rick Bota ~ Chris Klein, Merritt Patterson, Tasya Teles, Paul DeAngelo



    The movie at first follows the concept of a stable living individual who is married, but has sexual fantasies for a younger woman. It follows the typical Lifetime movie plots, until Chris Klein's character Sam Luck is not so lucky when things in his life begins to fall apart. Now the foundation of the movie makes sense as it points hatred towards Sam Luck and his lust for another woman, but he never actually cheats on his wife. To basically spoil the movie, the younger woman he is attracted to Taran Hathaway played by Merritt Patterson is ruining his life because she wants "revenge", emphasis on the quotation marks, for the suicidal death of her mom because supposedly Chris Klein's character caused to Taran Hathway's mom to commit suicide. This whole plot twist makes no sense and creates no explanation for the actions then committed by Merritt Patterson's character throughout the movie. The ending is the worst part of the whole movie as Sam Luck is shot dead and Merritt Patterson's character gets away with murder and frames Chris Klein's character for basically everything. The whole plot is everywhere in this movie and leaves me stunned with a climax that not only makes me wish I did not see this movie initially, but left me depressed with the idea that justice was not given. PLUS WHAT THE HELL WAS THE PURPOSE OF KILLING THE DOG!!!! WHAT DID THE DOG DO????? IT"S A DOG!!! The movie deserves to be on a list of movies that should not be seen by anyone who likes a true happy ending or even a good ending at that.

  • Horrible flick


    I have endured many a LMN awful movie, but this one hits the bottom. And it's a shame to see Chris Klein in such a loser. Playing a man that has no ability to be a husband or a teacher by falling in the throes of a under aged neighbor out to get him. And she did. As easy as pie. He had no backbone and loses everything and still runs to her to cry. I cannot believe anyone can be so stupid. The wife is as stupid as he is by entering the neighbor's house and peeking into her things and of course get's caught in the act. I mean how stupid can these people be? They deserve each other. There is no sympathy for any of the characters. The writer gave them no substance. No brains. No reality. If you are a Chris Klein fan, as I am, avoid this film. He's too good for this kind of trash. I hated the ending when the little monster got away with it. She goes through most of the movie with this empty headed look on her vacant face. Homely as well. I liked the wife, although working with a bad script. Sorry Chris, not worthy of your time.

  • So bad it's almost good


    There are some lifetime thrillers that are so bad they are good. This is slightly below that category. The dialog lacks subtlety and things could have been better written. But for mindless entertainment this is just okay because the ending isn't what you'd quite expect as things come together. Merritt Patterson plays a teenage girl who moves next door to a high school English teacher played by Chris Klein of American Pie fame and his wife played by Tasya Teles who acts quite well. Merritt Patterson plays the teenage vamp okay. I guess it is deliberate that Chris acts dumb because the character really does some dumb things to get into the mess with the girl next door. With all that suggestive dialog shouldn't he be running the other way? Don't expect too much and it's an alright mindless watch.

  • Ummm...... yeah


    The way I see it, things like this could potentially happen when someone's stupid enough. No matter what happens in this story, the main character (a teacher) does some quite stupid things, and does not do or say some rather significant common-sense things, which is why the script progresses the way it does. He does many things that most teachers would never do, and that's because they have rules that they remember when they're in the teaching position. (Or so I think) IF this movie is anything, it's mildly interesting for an example of things that most would never think to do or say, but is it worth the time of watching? This story could be a lesson for someone who doesn't know not to be stupid.


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