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Cop (1988)

Cop (1988)

James WoodsLesley Ann WarrenCharles DurningCharles Haid
James B. Harris


Cop (1988) is a English movie. James B. Harris has directed this movie. James Woods,Lesley Ann Warren,Charles Durning,Charles Haid are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1988. Cop (1988) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Lloyd Hopkins, a hard-boiled American police detective is on the trail of a mass murderer who is victimizing women in Los Angeles. The pursuit leads him through a world that has become his own natural habitat - a nasty world of crime, drugs, prostitution and male hustlers where "innocence kills" and continued exposure corrupts. Paradoxically, it's also a world of love, secret admirers, romantic feminist poets and modern chivalry. And for the viewer, it's the background for an exciting, suspense movie.


Cop (1988) Reviews

  • Sleazy James Ellroy cop thriller


    Based on the James Ellroy novel "Blood on the Moon", James Woods is LAPD detective Lloyd Hopkins who discovers the terribly mutilated corpse of a young woman and immediately starts comparing the scene with previously unsolved murders. He becomes convinced a serial killer is at work here, preying on women for the last fifteen years. Soon, more gruesome murders occur and detective Hopkins becomes a target himself. Detective Hopkins is the kind of amoral sleazeball that makes Dirty Harry seem like a little angel in comparison. He's the kind of cop that blows your date away, leaves his partner to clear the mess and then asks the woman if she needs a ride home and have some fun. James Woods also co-produced with director James B. Harris, long time buddy of Stanley Kubrick and producer of THE KILLING (1957), PATHS OF GLORY 1958) and LOLITA (1962), who also wrote the script for this hard-edged cop thriller. I made the mistake expecting a really good film, mostly based on Woods' presence, the writings of James Ellroy, and Kubrick sidekick James B. Harris taking the directorial helm, but Harris hardly shines in that department. His direction is adequate, but not much more. Best to watch this as a gritty cop flick, trashy, cynical and sometimes a bit silly with plenty of misguided attempts at humor on account of leading man James Woods, always a plus, in any film. It's a reasonably well-executed cop thriller, but no classic. Expect an enjoyable slice of B-movie nonsense and you probably won't be disappointed. Camera Obscura --- 7/10

  • " The good news is, I'm a Cop, The bad news, . . . . I don't care! "


    Sometime ago a sadistically violent novel written by James Ellroy was published under the title 'Blood on The Moon.' Having read the book, I was most surprised to see the story up on the silver screen under the marquee of " Cop." The tragic tale was so woefully violent, I wondered how it's stark terror and black suspense would transferred to the Big Screen. However, I was pleased when I saw that James Wood would be the hero and it would be directed by James B. Harris. Woods plays detective Sgt. Lloyd Hopkins a hard-as-nails police officer seemly obsessed with solving an unsolved series of murders dating back years. Seemingly at a dead-end, he is frustrated and on the verge of giving it up, when a ray of hope inspires him to continue. As he does, he enlist the aid of Kathleen McCarthy (Lesley Ann Warren) a Feminist poet and his police mentor Dutch Peltz (Charles Durning) who is in line to become a police Captain. Despite his unorthodox methods, Hopkins gets results even if it means stepping on toes and challenging his superiors. The movie is powerfully dark, suspenseful and dotted with terrifying scenes which are not for the faint of heart. Still any Woods' fan is sure to enjoy the power and skill with the main actor and I for one look forward to this film becoming a milestone for Woods. Excellent rendition of the book and if one wants to peek under the ambulance sheet, I suggest you read the novel. ****

  • One of the best 80's Film Noir revival films


    James Woods is our hardboiled detective as he navigates the dark web of a mass murderer. Woods' wife and child have recently left him, and he is under investigation at the police department. He is unwilling to give up the case, and no one is going to stop him. "Cop" displays Film Noir disillusionment and it's bleakest and the dark ending (not going to be spoil it) only adds to the Noir-iness. In the 1980's Film Noirs started to come out again, beginning with remakes like "D.O.A.", and new originals like "To Live and Die in LA." In this revival, "Cop" is a crown jewel, a wonderfully mysterious tale of man willing to risk and loose everything to find a killer. As a Noir enthusiast, I highly recommend this film. It may be overacted at times, and the detective may seem a little to gung ho to be believable. But, Woods'es excellent performance is able to hold the film together. It is a thriller from start to end, and overall a very enjoyable film. Watch it, trust me.

  • Better than it first looks.


    There are times that this feels like a TV Movie. In fact, if it were not for the presence of James Woods that is all this would be, a good TV movie. As it is, Woods acts his socks off without overdoing it. He manages to pull this up to a much higher standard, very watchable stuff, in fact. There is nothing really ground shaking in the script and, to be truthful, it kind of gets a bit lost at a couple of points. Like others have pointed out, the dark twisted aspect of the original book do not quite come across to the screen, but nevertheless is a very passable transition. In summary, not one to watch for your main film on a Saturday night, but certainly worth a look on any other night.

  • I liked it


    Well, if you're a James Woods fan (which to me is the real reason to rent this) then you will love him in this movie. I haven't read the novel but I liked both this movie & Ellroy's L.A. Confidential. It is rare indeed to take a novel & translate it to the screen without losing something. Perhaps I'm lucky because I never read either novel before seeing the film. One of the reasons I watch this movie over & over again is that it IS funny yet disturbingly dark at times. In one scene where Woods is trying to get laid by an uptight bisexual poetess, you can just see the boredom & apathy on his face as she drones on & on about her " knight in shining armor." This ties in with an opening scene when he's trying to convince his soon to be estranged wife that it's better NOT to delude their daughter with fairy tales that is just AWESOME writing. I cannot paraphrase it all, but he basically says that innocence kills. The idea that some man will come along to make it perfect is what kills deluded women. Which ties into the story because he ends up on a case that turns out to be a serial killer who specializes in killing innocent women. There are some parts that are slow but over all this movie is well paced w/great actors and great acting. This movie is just as gripping as Training Day, just less well known. Either way, give it a try, you won't be disappointed if you like James Woods.


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