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Colpi di fortuna (2013)

Colpi di fortuna (2013)

Christian De SicaPasquale PetroloClaudio GregoriLuca Bizzarri
Neri Parenti


Colpi di fortuna (2013) is a Italian movie. Neri Parenti has directed this movie. Christian De Sica,Pasquale Petrolo,Claudio Gregori,Luca Bizzarri are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Colpi di fortuna (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

The film is divided into three episodes, completely distinct from each other.

Colpi di fortuna (2013) Reviews

  • Francesco Mandelli acting? Are you guys nuts?


    Would you sign a petition to have Francesco Mandelli stay home? We pass the hat and pay him if he promises to stay out of sight. Nothing personal. I only claim my right to self-defence against noise pollution caused by blatant lack of talent. This guy is like a lousy B-movie baddie, he just cannot be stopped from coming back... Mr. Mandelli, the only service you can offer us is your best part: your absence. Don't underestimate the amount of money we might collect to keep you home, people would do anything to spare their children your unattractive face. Think about it. You could live a respectable life without causing public repugnance. It's crazy how some people lacking grip on reality persist calling this sort of rubbish "a movie". Christian De Sica is not new to this dough, pity because he was a promising actor at the very beginning of his career. Even Massimo Boldi has the education of sparing us his untalented face lately. Only the lowest, lousiest hams out there would accept a role in Neri Parenti's and/or Vanzina's pre-Christmas swill. Their casting is getting lower and lower, provided that was even possible. But worse knows no limits, I guess. Examples of their casts in the last years: Elisabetta Canalis, does she want to act now? What next? Will she apply as an astronaut, sign in for Wimbledon or President of the USA? She is shameless. Michelle Hunziker; has anybody figured out what her job is besides trying to marry rich men? Not good looking, not good at anything. Aida Yespica (we can imagine what she is good at), Francesco Mandelli, lack-of-talent world champion, this human being, allow me to stretch the meaning of that expression for a second to include primates in general, should be in the Guiness book of records: he is unversed in every known activity on this planet. Enzo Salvi aka "Er Cipolla" (literally "The Onion", a nickname he even manages to make undeserved); please somebody with a good heart put this guy out of his misery. Raffaella CarrĂ , haha are you kidding me? Good at counting beans? An all time Italian joke, she can't act, nor sing or dance, nor anything else, yet still around in her 70s, still polluting air with her garbage. The Lillo and Greg duo, wow utterly incredible these tools are still around; two "comedians" even hyenas would have a hard time trying to laugh at, a good sample of TV nothing-ism. Awful, useless garbage. Steer clear, paying a ticket to be tortured for 2 hours is far from being smart. 1/10 only because IMDb has not enabled below zero rating.

  • Very very Bad Humor, nothing good. NOTHING!


    This movie attempts at recreating the atmosphere of Italian comedies of the past (from the 70's and 80's mostly), it has even a very typical narrative structure (four episodes, very famous comedians from Italian TV) and a humor based on very very lousy Italian jokes, beautiful women and really, I swear to God, nothing else. I was not expecting anything from this, especially seeing the cast. I understand that these actors need to make money too, so I will not blame them, the movie itself is not worth a try, not even if you had nothing else to watch, it is too lame and lousy! This movie is very ill conceived, needless to say it fails epically to recreate the atmosphere of old Italian comedies and, the most important thing: IT IS NOT FUN AT ALL! Do not waste time (and money) watching it!


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