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Blue Jay (2016)

Blue Jay (2016)

Mark DuplassSarah PaulsonClu GulagerJames Andrews
Alex Lehmann


Blue Jay (2016) is a English movie. Alex Lehmann has directed this movie. Mark Duplass,Sarah Paulson,Clu Gulager,James Andrews are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Blue Jay (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Beginning - At first they seem very, awkward and of course they have nothing to say to each other, it's been years. They go out to get some coffee and they bond for a while, you start to see their friendship, Amanda seems reserved whilst Jim seems more forward and more talkative. It just happens that they both left their hometown, sort of symbolizes their fear of having to confront their past for years to come. But they both come back and happen to run into each other, just coincidental.


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Blue Jay (2016) Reviews

  • The first movie that was worth a review


    It's the first review I'm writing. Actually, I've never felt the need of writing a review- thought that the score I give is already a good contribution. But Blue Jay is something else. It's the most genuine feeling I've ever felt while watching a movie, in the sense the once I finished it, I didn't feel than it was far from my own reality at all. The way nostalgia was pictured is fascinating. The words that were used were so close to the words that I would have used myself in such a situation that sometimes, I've found myself saying out loud, at the same time, what one of them were saying. Magical, genuine, sweet, emotional, simple, true. Brilliant.

  • The movie everyone strives to make


    I love this film. It's perfect. I would not change a thing. It's the gem I always hope to discover when I go to TIFF, and it's ironic that the large costly studio films seen earlier in the week fell flat… and here's this little two-character indie film shot in just 7 days… and it blows the heavyweights out of the water. Sarah Paulson is at the top of her game. She should be nominated and win many awards for her portrayal of Amanda. Yes, she is that good. The direction, acting, cinematography, editing, script, music... all coalesce to create this perfect little gem. It is bliss to watch and experience. MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Jim is back in his childhood home sorting through family belongings after this mother's death. Amanda is back in town to visit with her sister who's expecting a baby. Jim and Amanda run into each other at the local grocery store and have a difficult and awkward time acknowledging each other's presence. What is making them so uncomfortable? Grab your popcorn and watch their story unfold. That's it. That's all I'm saying about the film's story line. The less you know, the sweeter the experience of finding out about these two. But I fell in love with both of them.

  • 4 settings, 3 actors, 2 colors, 1 day...


    4 settings, 3 actors, 2 colors, 1 day and 80 minutes that will warm your heart. An emotional story that develops between old school friends who meet again after 20 something years after their ways part. Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson have an amazing chemistry together and deliver high class performance. With well-written dialogues, relatable story line, and good music, it is the one of the best Indie movies of 2016. Expect to be amused, sad, melancholic, and nostalgic throughout the movie. I gave it 10 and would recommend it to everyone who appreciates good movies.

  • Childhood sweethearts meet in a grocery store... the rest is history.


    Sometimes we have the pleasure to watching a film that is simple and complicated and honest. This movie is fantastical in that it allows the viewer to experience wish fulfillment in a way that the "adulting" generation lacks. It is romantic and kind. Mark Duplass writes a simple and powerful script that allows Sarah Paulson to shine. Their chemistry is contagious and mimics the innocence of love in youth and life in adulthood. Filmed in shades of grey, it is an artistic homage to what life was like before it unfolded into adulthood. If anyone has strolled down memory lane and recognized where life experience has created the person they've become... then this film is for you. (All of the perfect 90's references don't hurt either.) Simple and beautiful, it is worth the watch. 7 days of filming - without colour - puts the blockbuster generation to shame. So much yes.

  • Life is not just black and white.


    Beautifully written, directed, filmed, recorded and edited - this film brings forward a magical chemistry seldom seen on the 'big screen'. One can hardly but integrate with the wonderfully true performances of Sarah Paulson and multi-talented Mark Duplass through the firm-yet-relaxed direction of Alexandre Lehmann's unique cinematography, cemented ever so subtly by Christopher Donlon. Clu Gulager reminds us that true talent, like love, is ageless. Getting to take part in and leave a legacy like Blue Jay would be a dream come true for almost any actor, filmmaker or expressive artist. But anyone can take a trip into their own Universe of emotions with this masterpiece.


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