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Beach House (2018)

Beach House (2018)

Willa FitzgeraldMurray BartlettOrlagh CassidyThomas M. Hammond
Jason Saltiel


Beach House (2018) is a English movie. Jason Saltiel has directed this movie. Willa Fitzgerald,Murray Bartlett,Orlagh Cassidy,Thomas M. Hammond are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Beach House (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When Paul arrives at her family's beach house, he draws the attention of college student Emma. There's something off about the surprise visit of this handsome photographer from her mother's past. Yet Emma, an aspiring writer chafing at her privileged confines, also finds herself intrigued. As her attraction to him grows, she makes unsettling discoveries-and among his things finds violent Polaroids that plant dark ideas in her mind.


Beach House (2018) Reviews

  • Oh so very BAD.


    If you see a review of this film that rates it anything over a 3...they are a most likely part of the investors (production company) and they are desperate and probably feeling the hurt. This movie holds nothing... no action, no suspense, no music score and most of all no story line. A rich white girl at her "beach house" is bored...the end. Oh so very bad, in the original sense of the word BAD. Don't be fooled like I was. I would watch the weather channel from 2 years ago before I watch this again.

  • Beach House...the end.


    I downloaded this film last night, and just finished watching it. Nice looking beach house, nice looking white people, incredibly nonsensical story....the end.

  • It could have been good but it was boring


    The director could have made this a winner but it was boring, all I seen was the man staying with the family drank wine with the girl and they talked through the whole movie with other added boring scenes. the beach was pretty, my fav part ! I waited for something to happen, it almost got good but then dragged again, the only part that made me think it would get better was the last 20 min and then the end was even stupid !

  • Dire from the island of dull mcdull!


    I downloaded it as well glad I never paid to see it at the cinema. Nothing much happens, boring, dull, insipid and bad acting. Avoid at all costs, even 5p as it is not worth it!

  • impressive debut!


    Engaging psychological thriller from a promising first-time director. great performances (especially from willa fitzgerald and murray bartlett), beautiful cinematography, and an interesting script taking on timeless themes from an unexpected point of view. i found this film particularly impressive given it was an ultra low budget feature which made the most of one setting and a tiny cast. check it out if you're a fan of vintage foreign films, polanski, or hitchcock.


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