Batman Forever (1995)

Batman Forever (1995)

Val KilmerTommy Lee JonesJim CarreyNicole Kidman
Joel Schumacher


Batman Forever (1995) is a English movie. Joel Schumacher has directed this movie. Val Kilmer,Tommy Lee Jones,Jim Carrey,Nicole Kidman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1995. Batman Forever (1995) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure movie in India and around the world.

The Dark Knight of Gotham City confronts a dastardly duo: Two-Face and the Riddler. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face incorrectly believes Batman caused the courtroom accident which left him disfigured on one side; he has unleashed a reign of terror on the good people of Gotham. Edward Nygma, computer-genius and former employee of millionaire Bruce Wayne, is out to get the philanthropist; as The Riddler he perfects a device for draining information from all the brains in Gotham, including Bruce Wayne's knowledge of his other identity. Batman/Wayne is/are the love focus of Dr. Chase Meridan. Former circus acrobat Dick Grayson, his family killed by Two-Face, becomes Wayne's ward and Batman's new partner Robin the Boy Wonder.


Batman Forever (1995) Reviews

  • Batman tries to handle his dual identity, mentor a young Robin, and battle two unusual villains


    I found this third feature in the series the most exciting. Mainly because of the way the characters are all integrated into the story with just about even screen time (it appears anyway). Val Kilmer's Batman/ Bruce Wayne is very serious and major steps above George Cooney's rendition. Kilmer is believable. The origin of Robin is handled well and the introduction of Two Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and the Riddler (Jim Carrey) is well done. Both actors are well over the top in their performances and are aided by very explosive special effects. Finally to round out the quintet is the lovely Nicole Kidman as a renowned pyschologist (psychiatrist?) who is this movie's love interest. The battle scenes are exciting and the movie doesn't have any dull moments. There definitely is not a "Tim Burton" feel to the movie, outside of the psyches of the characters. The humor his the right tempo and doesn't go totally on the stupid side as in the later BATMAN AND ROBIN. It is one movie that has a great opening and a great ending, like those good old James Bond films.

  • Better than most people remember.


    While the Batman franchise has been much maligned in recent years due to the disappointing performance of the last live-action film, Forever was second in quality only to the first Bat-film. It added color back into a Gotham that had gotten way too claustrophobic, and brought the tone back to something resembling the comics. Jim Carrey is a scene-stealer and dead on as The Riddler, and Val Kilmer is the perfect Bruce Wayne and Batman. Tommy Lee Jones does a great turn as Two-Face, unfortunately he isn't given enough to do and therefore comes across too cartoony, minus the angst of the character in the comics. One other big complaint is the new score - gone are Danny Elfman's orchestrations. Elliot Goldenthal's music would have been fine if not for his predecessor. Most people tend to lump this one in the 'lousy' section, it seems, but it was one of the biggest movies of '95 and a very faithful adaption overall. Now if they'd only release the director's cut

  • Colorful and highly entertaining sequel. It's a shame how many people, tend to underrate this film.


    Batman Forever is a hoot of a sequel!. There are so many colorful characters, and wonderfully entertaining action sequences, I couldn't help but enjoy myself. Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey play fantastic villains, and often play off one another, beautifully. I also thought Val Kilmer did a very adequate job as Batman. While he's no Bale or even Keatman, Kilmer did a commendable job as Batman, despite his criticism. I also liked the playful tone it had a lot of the time, it was a refreshing departure from the very dark 1st two. I think die hard fans were angry at the time, because Keaton wasn't cast, therefore there mind had already been made up on this film, because I really don't see what there isn't too enjoy about this film. It has an above average batman, tremendous action, a good love story, and most importantly it has the smarts it needs to succeed. Performances. I'm not Val Kilmer's biggest fan, but he is a steady Batman in my opinion. He had a bold task, by playing the famous crusader. Val surprisingly has the charisma to succeed as Batman, which really surprised me, believe me. His chemistry with Kidman was very good, as well. Tommy Lee Jones&Jim Carrey are terrific, hammy villains. They play off one another wonderfully, and gave an entertaining show. Nicole Kidman is very sexy, and played her mysterious, yet classy role as the Dr. well. Chris O'Donnell is a big annoyance, and hampered the film somewhat as Robin, I wanted to slap him one. Michael Gough is once again Class as Alfred, but by now he can do this in his sleep. Barrymore and Mazar do well in there respective roles. Bottom line. Batman Forever is an immensely entertaining sequel. I loved every minute of it, and rank it as one of the more underrated sequels in the series. Ignore the 5.4 rating, and give this one a chance, you might love it like I did!. 8 1/2 10

  • The Best Bat-Film in the Burton/Schumacher Series of Bat-Films!


    Batman Forever is easily one of the more enjoyable superhero movies ever produced in my opinion. It has a perfect balance of comedy, drama, action and adventure, and romance to satisfy pretty much any film enthusiasts. Even though this film had its quirks, especially from a Batman fan's point of view, this Bat-Film is just overall too much fun to let those itty bitty problems bother you. Batman Forever is the continuing story of Bruce Wayne (in this film played by Val Kilmer) continuing his conquest of ridding Gotham City's criminal underworld of crime to avenge his parents as the mysterious hero, Batman. The film follows two of Batman's most notorious villains, Riddler and Two-Face (played by Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, respectively), the two hatch a plot to steal mind waves from unsuspecting citizens of the world, and use the information from their minds to get access to deep, dark secrets and other high profile things like bank codes and such. Yes, their plan sounds kind of out there, but it really doesn't play too much into the overall story of the film, it is really just a reason for Batman to show up at the end and beat up the bad guys. The bulk of the story is about Batman having a romance with the beautiful Dr. Chase Meridian (played by Nicole Kidman), and his growing relationship with this young man from a Circus who saw his parents murdered in front of him, this man is named Dick Grayson (played by Chris O' Donnell). This film is often considered by many Batman fans to of been the point where the Batman film franchise began to go down hill, and I must say I couldn't disagree more. This film is fairly true to the 1940s roots of the comics, where Batman wasn't an all out camp fest like he was in the 60s, but wasn't entirely at all realistic like it is now in the comics, allowing this film to have more fun. The creativeness of the city of Gotham in this film is amazing and spectacular, it is truly one of the finer interpretations of Gotham ever put on film. Another thing that is truly worth mention in this particular movie are the action sequences, each one scripted to perfection, this particular Batman film being really the only one that successfully portrayed Batman as a hero and not an anti-hero, which once again many hate that part of this one, but I personally don't mind it, it allows for much more entertaining escapism. The best part of this film though was Jim Carrey as the Riddler, his high octane performance never has a weak moment, and he keeps the laughs coming while still being a sick and twisted villain. The other cast members were really great as well, but Jim Carrey just really stole each scene he was in from the other actors. Overall, this is easily the most crowd pleasing Batman film of them all, and it is a joy to watch from beginning to end. The only minor things that get on my nerves are the annoying Batnipples on the Batsuit in like the last twenty minutes of the film, but since it is only twenty minutes of them, I can take it. I give Batman Forever a fun and entertaining 10 out of 10!

  • I think it's the best of the original Batman films.


    Most people would definitely disagree with me on this statement. But of the non Christopher Nolan Batman films, I like Batman Forever the most. Of course it's far from The Dark Knight or Batman Begins. That's why I say of the non-Christopher Nolan Batman films. There is something about Batman Forever that works very well. I know it doesn't have the creepiness or seriousness that the first two had. But in this film, we have Jim Carrey to lighten up the series. Carrey is probably what makes the movie for me. Any film that Carrey is in that is supposed to be serious turns out not to be. I am convinced that Tommy Lee Jones is a villain. I suppose Jim Carrey is villainous as The Riddler. Jim Carrey brings more of a mood the third time around. I know that some of the film is corny. But for some reason I like it more than both Batman and Batman Returns. I know Val Kilmer isn't as good as Michael Keaton. I know Joel Schumacher isn't as good as Tim Burton. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The Plot: Batman returns once again to stop The Villainous Two-Face and stop The Riddler from brainwashing everyone.


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