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Bachelors Grove (2014)

Bachelors Grove (2014)

Tim KruegerSuzy BrackNed RicksSheree Bynum
Ricardo Islas


Bachelors Grove (2014) is a English movie. Ricardo Islas has directed this movie. Tim Krueger,Suzy Brack,Ned Ricks,Sheree Bynum are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Bachelors Grove (2014) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A series of bizarre murders terrorize the peaceful community of Bachelors Grove. Friendly citizens suddenly turning against their own families. What's causing such aberrant behavior? Who's next? The key to solve the mystery and stop these horrible crimes might be in something that happened at Bachelors Grove Cemetery decades ago... Or maybe in something that didn't happen?


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Bachelors Grove (2014) Reviews

  • 1970's satanic cult cheesefest


    I knew right away this movie was awful.Ill come right and say it,the audio is atrocious and I NEVER pick up on that in movies.It sounded like I was watching a 1970's b flick on a VHS tape.The acting in inconsistent.One minute the acting is passable,the next its atrocious..I cant truly enjoy a movie when half the cast cant act.Such a poor quality film.Bad bad bad! The first reviewer OBVIOUSLY was paid to give it a great review and so were the three critics.Im being honest here,its crappy.Was this movie really made last year? College film students have done better than this.This is high school film and they probably got a D

  • Ricardo Islas does it again with Bachelor's Grove!


    Just watched the free world premier of Ricardo Islas Bachelor's Grove movie, on his YouTube channel newalphastudios. I am quite familiar with Bachelors Grove being the founder of a scientific paranormal team called Vparanormal.com. I was very interested in seeing the connections to the real place with this movie. Screenplay writers Ricardo Islas and Ruth Camargo did an excellent job telling this scary as hell story, tying in some real elements of the actual cemetery. The story was complex enough to keep you guessing, and gets all tidied up in the final 20 minutes of the movie. The kill scenes were all unique and quite effective (as Ricardo has become a master at this):). The actors all did an excellent job conveying the script and the special effects were very gruesome and real looking, which makes the story really come to life (or should I say come to death??)

  • Indie attempt at small town horror


    BACHELORS GROVE is an attempt to tell a small-town horror story on an indie budget. I found the experience quite choppy with the various scenes failing to gel together very well. One minutre we're in a wood, then in a graveyard, and the next minute an asylum. These disparate elements don't come together all that well and make the film feel quite aimless and amateurish as a result. There are no decent protagonists and the horror content feels very diluted.


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