Austin Found (2017)

Austin Found (2017)

Linda CardelliniSkeet UlrichCraig RobinsonKristen Schaal
Will Raée


Austin Found (2017) is a English movie. Will Raée has directed this movie. Linda Cardellini,Skeet Ulrich,Craig Robinson,Kristen Schaal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Austin Found (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A woman who is fed up with her mundane lifestyle hatches a scheme to make her family instant celebrities, but not everything goes as planned as her wild tempered ex-boyfriend starts to lose it.

Austin Found (2017) Reviews

  • Surprisingly good! Not the silly-stupid comedy I expected!


    I chose this show thinking it would be one of those "don't think too hard about it", silly comedies, especially with the cast (Linda Cardellini from Another Period, Kristin Schaall from Last Man on Earth, Craig Robinson from The Office, Make a Porno, anyway - you get the idea). Yet, I was pleasantly surprised. While still having it's funny moments, the story was actually pretty unique and did have a deeper message. At the end, it did leave you thinking...

  • Wow this was a great little film!


    I had no idea what to expect, and almost tuned out in the first 15 minutes but so glad I did not. It really takes off and it is a fun ride. I really think that there should be more movies like this in the world. It's different, fun and really well directed. Skeet Ulrich too!

  • Better than I thought


    I watched this movie thinking it would be a comedy; a dark comedy at the least. While it had funny parts, it was more of a drama. I started off watching this movie while cleaning my kitchen, but it drew me in to the point that I sat down on the couch and watched the whole movie. I was entertained. It was well written with the director did a great job conveying a message. There are multiple messages in the movie and it's a revealing moment in particular that makes this movie stand out. I enjoyed it and I'm glad I didn't do my dishes till later.

  • Not edgy or funny enough


    Linda Cardellini plays Leanne a scheming pageant mom who wants fame and money. She enters her 11 year old daughter Patty to various beauty pageants but her daughter has not time with the focus on people's outward appearance. Leanne hatches a plan with her former high school boyfriend, Billy (Skeet Ulrich) to safely kidnap Patty and hopes the resultant publicity will lead to media appearances and book deals. Billy is hoping that this will bring him and Leanne together but he gets jealous to see Leanne and her husband, Donald on television playing the perfect couple, the husband is unaware of Leanne's conniving. A local news reporter who was a victim of Leanne's bullying at school is suspicious of the story and follows Leanne meeting up with Billy. Meanwhile Patty bonds with Billy's simple friend JT (Craig Robinson) who becomes protective of Patty. The film is stuck as to whether it is a dumb comedy, a biteless satire or a drama. Only JT and Patty generate some warmth, empathy and a moral outlook.

  • Skips the Exciting Parts


    The best thing about this movie is what made me want to watch it in the first place, the cast. It's full of great names that I always enjoy. Now on to the negatives. The movie spends a ridiculous amount of time in setup. It spends over an hour setting up the plot, then has to rush through all the interesting parts. Speaking of interesting parts, the movie ended right in the middle of one. It should have kept going. It could have been great with a talented cast and an intriguing plot idea, but they messed it up. Don't bother with it.


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