Anniyan (2005)

Anniyan (2005)

'Chiyaan' Vikram Manobala Nasser See full cast & crew »
S. Shankar


Anniyan (2005) is a Hindi movie. S. Shankar has directed this movie. 'Chiyaan' Vikram, Manobala, Nasser , See full cast & crew » are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Anniyan (2005) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Ambi, a meek lawyer, ends up being a vigilante named Aparichit, and a supermodel named Remo, after suffering with multiple personalty disorder due to the society.

Anniyan (2005) Reviews

  • Anniyan is what every movie wants to be: An entertainer


    Shankar and Vikram have done a fantastic job. Director Shankar is turning into a professional high-quality perfectionist. Actor Vikram, charged with a National award for Best Actor (2004) is on a roll. His performance is classy and comparable to many great actors of Tamil cinema. Anniyan is definitely worth watching at least once. Forget about the critics who list past movies from which various aspects of Anniyan (like concept, theme, stunts, music) was inspired (or copied). It is easier to make the original than to make a copy as the original serves as a hard benchmark. It is hard to replicate something while maintaining audience interest. Shankar does this job to a more-than-satisfying extent. Besides, when great directors like Steven Spielberg copy past movies (War of the worlds) with the confidence of providing the viewers something worthwhile to watch, I don't see anything wrong in Shankar's Anniyan. Yet, Anniyan is NOT a complete copy and it is definitely MORE than the sum of its parts. Anniyan has stunts that were never before seen in any Tamil movie. Shankar has provided the opportunity to the (uneducated mass of) Tamil audience of watching world-class stunts in a movie that they can understand (as against most Hollywood flicks that have the action but make no sense to them). So what, if it has been copied? Matrix Reloaded being largely mystifying and unexplained, even to most native-English speakers, could not justify to the (masses of the) Tamil audience as to why all the action exists!!??. But that is not the case with Anniyan. To sum it all up, Anniyan is what a movie should really be. A classy entertainer. Good songs, great cinematography, wonderful (although sometimes unbelievable) stunts, great acting performance, nice comedy and classic direction. Watch the movie without prejudice and be entertained.

  • The movie that will move you in every scene


    If you do not know Tamil (just like I don't) then watch the DVD version of ANNIYAN with subtitles (not the Hindi version). You will be proud to find that the best movies in the world are Indian movies (I will learn Tamil just to watch its movies). Roles were challenging but acting/performance was great too. Direction qualifies for a new degree after good better and best. Comedy has good timing and morals delivered are clear. I have been humming the songs specially - Iyengar Vittu Adege with out really knowing what the lyrics means. Actions were well shown and well place in the movie. The scenes were so well placed. Music was super. This is a art, classic, action, science, romance, thriller, drama. A movie does not get better than this.

  • complete surprise


    My experiences with Bollywood movies are quite good. Although I only watched the ones that had a higher rating. So it's normal that they are good. This movie is somewhat different from the other movies I've watched. Those were more comedy's. This movie also his a comedy side. But it's much more than that. It's much more complex than a comedy. The other personality's from Ambi are very interesting. Anniyan and Remo. Anniyan is his dark side and Remo his romantic side. I won't tell you any more. Because if you like to see something different from India watch this. Good luck with finding it! I'm lucky I had the opportunity to watch this movie.

  • definitely a MUST-see!!!!!


    This movie has progressed Indian Cinema by leaps and bounds.The truth is I was pretty skeptical when I went to the theater.I was just tagging along with my friends.But to much of my AMAZEMENT is was extremely good.Vikram acting was superb, as he portrays three very different personalities naturally.Sadha on the other hand acted very well.The whole cast especially viveks jokes keeps you entertained the entire movie.The movie is so well balanced that it doesn't leave the audience a sense of morbidness during the murder parts of the movie.Its usual for all tamil movies to have supernatural element for the fight scenes.Director Shankar cleverly shot anniyan movie fight scenes to the next level with 360 degree angle matrix style fight scenes.Now thats a mammoth leap and a first for a TAMIL MOVIE!!Needless to say Harish Jayraj did a very good job with the music with a nice blend of different music genres.The song settings were very artistic.The computer graphics for the movie is the best yet for a tamil movie.A very professional Hollywood style movie with the Indian touch.A very enjoying movie.DO not read the reviews, see the movie and judge it yourself. Just one note when watching Anniyan: it's very different than the average stereotype tamil movie so KEEP AN OPEN MIND WHEN WATCHING IT!!!

  • What do you get when you mix a bit of Indian and Mudhalvan?


    To begin with Shankar's movie can be a instant mega impressive or not but might still be worth watching with the time, later as time evolves, the movie would become unwatchable. With some many good reviews for this, I decided to watch the first day first show with an idea if the movie was not so good either, I could always go for new skillful actor Vikram, I wasn't disappointed with the movie but saw little similarities with Shankar's previous movies Indian, Mudhalvan. The story is no different, he tries to convey his dream of having India a super better place to live. Without giving out too much about movie, it is real hard to review this movie but to say worth watching. The story begins with a central character Ramanujam aka Ambi aka Rules Ramanujam owing to his ability to do everything by rules and regulations, a real hard to see honest lawyer which is ironic due to the fact that all lawyers everywhere are considered "scum bags". Ramanujam is honest but likes a girl from his childhood but is too scared to say it out and has been locking his feelings, suppression causes "Remo" to come out and romance for few out of sequence songs. O boy did that song remind me of "Azhagana Rakshisi from Mudhalvan". Well while this goes on, Anniyan comes out to prevent the wrong doings happening in the country. Who is Anniyan, Remo, Ramanujam, watching the movie will only tell. Please have a open mind to watch the movie, don't go by anyone's opinion as you will never know? Enjoy Aniyan while cherishing acting of Vikram and Prakash Raj. Comedy by Vivek as usual rocks. Worth watching at least once?


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