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Angelica (2015)

Angelica (2015)

Jena MaloneJanet McTeerEd StoppardTovah Feldshuh
Mitchell Lichtenstein


Angelica (2015) is a English,Italian movie. Mitchell Lichtenstein has directed this movie. Jena Malone,Janet McTeer,Ed Stoppard,Tovah Feldshuh are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Angelica (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In Victorian England, sexual repression opens a rift between young couple Constance and Joseph after the birth of their daughter Angelica. As Constance becomes more and more protective of little Angelica, a ghostly predator begins to make its way through the house late at night... ANGELICA is a spellbinding ghost story about desire, repression and its consequences... The new film by Mitchell Lichtenstein, director of HAPPY TEARS and the cult favorite TEETH.


Angelica (2015) Reviews

  • Lacking Balance


    It is unfortunate that Angelica lacks the bite of Lichtenstein's previous film, Teeth - excuse the terrible pun. Despite exploring the similar theme of women empowerment through sexual control, the humor misses its mark, leaving the shell of irony in its place. The fitting Victorian background to this tale, well captured throughout, does not suffice to make the film worth recommending. The story tells us of a mother's confession, Constance, who while lying on her deathbed admits to harbouring a dark secret from her daughter, Angelica. We go back to Angelica's conception as the fruit of a healthy, passionate marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Barton, which sadly leaves the to-be mother in a state that does not allow her to go through another childbirth. With contraception methods poorly at hand, that leaves abstinence as the sole means of ensuring Constance's good health. This results in a gaping void between the pair, where passion is replaced by restrained desire and mutual frustration. Moreover, as she faces her guilt of both being immoral in her pursuits and incapable of pleasing herself and her husband, a dark presence appears that plagues her nights, as she looks to protect her daughter. Unfortunately, the obstacles in turning the source novel into a novel film offering fails on most counts. First and foremost, in finding the thin line between clever irreverence and irrelevance, guarding the experience of the film as either something frightening, or something comical. Perhaps Drag Me to Hell highlights what this looks like when done successfully - and even in such a case, opinions are divided. Secondly, Jenna Malone labours to offer a conflicted performance as a British 19th century wife, but her efforts are consistently undermined as she appears around characters ridiculous in features or in speech. Finally, it's hard to feel for the fate of Constance and Angelica, as they fail to be more than the sum of this movie's parts - mundane and full of painful restraint. Lichtenstein is not able to find a balance in this story, mixing modern morality into his somber settings, thereby loosening the movie's grip of its characters. The rare moments of authentic playfulness or artfulness are drowned in an otherwise typical period piece, that looks fine - and that's about it.

  • A Gothic psychological thriller with many turns.....


    CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! I thought this movie was quite brilliant. What I thought would be a classic ghost story was a tale of madness, a dissolving marriage, female repression and uprising, and ultimately - about how far a parent will go to protect their child. This begins in a beautiful Victorian setting with a new and passionate marriage. As with many women during that time, she nearly dies in childbirth and must never have sex again because getting pregnant again would probably kill her. Eventually, this causes their union to deteriorate. She also learns of his "profession", which is not quite as noble as once presumed. This causes her to retreat further from the relationship. The "flying man" ghost begins to appear always in the daughter's bedroom. I do believe the husband was committing incest, and because she cannot fathom such an atrocity, she creates monsters in the room - this is just my opinion, and not necessarily a spoiler. Eventually, she seeks the help of a spiritualist and their bond becomes strong, reminiscent of the two women in The Crimson Petal and the White (also set in Victorian London) - one weak, the other strong - a rescuer. There is a theme in this movie of "protection". The word is used often in reference to different characters. In the end of the movie, we see the someone protecting the one they love most in all the world. I really enjoyed this movie.

  • Waste of time really


    I'm not a big fan of horror films any more but I do like TV shows like Penny Dreadful and I was hoping for something in that vein. This film is not that. The two highpoints of the the film are the initial romantic relationship between Joseph and Constance Barton and then the brief part of the film when Anne Montague enters the story and her relationship with Constance. Both these parts of this film give hope that you may see a terrifying fall from grace or a total downward spiral into madness from any of the characters. Instead our punishment as the audience is boredom. On a Victorian theme to sum this whole movie up....its like looking at a really nice Christmas Tree with really authentic decorations only to realise the actual tree itself is just a cheap plastic mock up.

  • Pretty boring


    Just rented this on DVD for £3. It's pretty boring. There's no horror in this so how it can be billed as horror is quite funny. It's filmed very well (great set) and the lead actors do a good job; however, the story doesn't really go anywhere. I was playing on the guitar while watching this, so it wasn't exactly captivating lol.

  • lovely wallpaper


    I've just seen this on dvd, rented from my local library, so I didn't spend much on it. It's probably one of the worst films on dvd this year. Extraordinarily boring, completely without horror, if horror's your thing. It isn't mine, but I don't mind watching if the rest of the film around the horror is worthwhile. This isn't. I rented it because Janet McTeer's in it, but even so it's simply not worth watching. Great sets by Luciana Arrighi. Beautiful wallpaper, steals the show.


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