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American Mummy (2014)

American Mummy (2014)

Suziey BlockAidan BristowAaron BurtEsther Canata
Charles Pinion


American Mummy (2014) is a English movie. Charles Pinion has directed this movie. Suziey Block,Aidan Bristow,Aaron Burt,Esther Canata are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. American Mummy (2014) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A group of university students in the New Mexico desert unearth an ancient mummy, on which one of the students performs a secret, primeval blood ritual. This awakens the death-hungry spirit of the Aztec Lord Tezcalipoca, intent on finishing his centuries-old reign of terror. Soon, the mummy's curse possesses the students' souls, turning them against each other in a bid to spread his evil to the entire world.


American Mummy (2014) Reviews

  • Bad, Really Bad


    Even fast forwarding at 4x, this moving is really bad and I have seen a lot of crappy horror movies. The acting is terrible, there isn't enough naked to distract you and there is no script to speak of. The only saving grace is characters get killed fairly quickly so you don't have to suffer through their bad acting all that long.

  • Impressively awful


    My mom and I like to watch cheesy horror movies together. American Mummy passes cheesy and goes into bizarrely bad. Every choice made is bad, the mummy never shows up, and the acting is awful. As a side note, I'd say this is more of a zombie movie than a mummy movie, but at this par of movies does it really even matter? If you enjoy the technical aspects of movie-making, watch it with friends and have a fun afternoon tearing apart a movie that is truly an accomplishment in poor film making.

  • Yawnfest


    To start with the story-line was weak, no real explanation as to who the Aztec (Not American)Mummy was or maybe it did and i fell asleep for a few minutes. A shawl wrapped around a mannequin wearing a blue mask, with large eyes and teeth does not qualify as a Mummy, getting back to the acting, did they have a script? the actors were unlikable you really didn't care if they lived or died and like most badly done movies it relied on gore, each member of the group seemly getting possessed by the blue mannequin with the big eyes and turning them into cannibalistic ghouls . The music was quit annoying too this is not a good movie in-fact its one of the worse I've seen in a long time, on that point i would not recommend this movie.

  • Just the worst


    Want a mummy movie with literally nothing to do with the mummy, then this is the movie for you! the film moves at a tediously slow pace and the video and sound quality feel like a documentary, one that happened to be filmed on a budget of next to nothing. The acting is terrible, the script is terrible and the sound effects are laughably bad and at time I had to wonder if this was a horror comedy. The one saving grace is that the special effects involving the gore and zombie violence (Yes, there is more things to do with zombies than mummies)is pretty good.

  • Halfway decent low-budget mummy effort


    Heading into the desert, a university research team heads out to investigate the findings of an Aztec idol nearby come to find they have unleashed the murderous spirit of an ancient warrior who is killing off the team one-by-one and must find a way to stop the deadly rampage. For the most part, this one wasn't all that bad but still had enough going for it. Among the more enjoyable aspects here is the fact that there's some decent enough work here at building the world away from the typical Egyptian variety. The move to the American Southwest offers a slightly more original take here where it's a more recent vintage that still performed somewhat similar enough actions to make a mummy appearing there plausible. Tying that into the original idea of the blood sacrifice sequence in the caves which features some strong and startling attempts to raise the creature inside which starts this one in earnest, the fact that it utilizes some rather familiar concepts of Aztec lore into the creatures' rebirth and actual reappearance is quite an intriguing move here. As well, once this one gets going in the second half with the possessed going on all sorts of great rampages the action is quite fun and makes this a little more engaging, with the discovery of the dead colleague moving around the camp, the brawl with the second victim crawling around without a lower body, the ceremonial offerings in the cave system or the final battle with the possessed followers inside the camp which all makes this one seem far more engaging than it really is by bringing in some solid action and plenty of gore to help liven this one up. This is what helps make for a fun time here.However, while it does have some solid positives the flaws here are far more detrimental. Hardly anything is more damaging here than the rather low-budget throughout here, which is quite obvious and really does this one a disservice. The fact that it doesn't have the budget to bring out an actual mummy is a big issue, rarely featuring anything about the actual creature coming back shuffling around killing people and being more about the return of the curse driven by the creature and it rarely provides much to discount that feeling. Everything looks too closed in and confining which is typical of the style as well as the slow, drawn-out pacing here that really lowers the first half really tend to lower this one. Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language, Nudity and mild drug use.


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