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All She Wrote (2018)

All She Wrote (2018)

Gary DourdanJames TumminiaBashar RahalDiana Lyubenova
Niki Iliev


All She Wrote (2018) is a English movie. Niki Iliev has directed this movie. Gary Dourdan,James Tumminia,Bashar Rahal,Diana Lyubenova are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. All She Wrote (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When Aaron, an ex-fighter, turns to music after years of being knocked around and left with permanent mental disabilities, falls for Jana, an off-centered Bulgarian immigrant living in New York. While he recognizes that she is as crazy as him, Jana does not share the same opinion. But her brother, Bobby, an upcoming wannabe fighter, decides to convince her she is that crazy, in order to get Aaron in the ring against him.


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All She Wrote (2018) Reviews

  • Meh.


    I expected more from this movie after I saw the trailer, well I am a bit disappointed. I didn´t feel the connection between characters, I couldn´t relate to any of them or the story at all.. While watching I thought well, maybe something really inspiring is about to happen at the end but nope, the end is plain boring.. Sanya Borisova (the main female character) portrays her condition awfully, I didn´t get her at all. The great thing about this movie is the music, that was really cool. The story and scenario overall are just... meh.

  • Nope


    I really didn't know what to expect from this movie but I though it would be cool and very dramatic, but it just was plain boring. I didn't feel any connection to the characters or the story. I didn't feel any kind of emotion watching this. Should I have laughed? Should I have cried? I don't know. This film it's just there. The performance wasn't excellent either. I mean the main actress was pretty awful, sorry. She could've tried better. The representation of a character with autism was just inacurate and lazy. Also the cast could've worked better on it's accent and talk more clearly. Over all, I'm pretty disappointed with the movie and would not recommend it. Sorry to be a bummer but that's just my opinion... and the truth.

  • Never watch this!!!!


    I have lost 2 hours of my life watching this TRAGEDY!

  • Excellent! Watched it twice already


    This is a movie I can't do justice to. Of all three Niki Iliev movies so far, 'Knockout' represents his best work. I really enjoyed the idea of an ex-fighter with a mental disability who earns his living out of music gigs, his old hobby. I have to admit, there is always something special about mentally troubled characters. Gary Dourdon, without doubt, pulls off a fantastic Oscar-worthy performance. I have watched a few of his movies, yes, he has a charisma, but this is arguably his most profound one. The character of Aaron makes him reveal his true talents. Good directing. I really liked the scene with Zhana walking on the streets of Bansko, as beautiful as she is, creating an interesting contrast with the ruins of a collapsed building seen in the background. And the music is just awesome! Bulgarian cinema is reviving. Slowly, obviously, but we have faith. Please, continue with the good work. Hopefully, Bulgarian cinema will get on the radar for those movie fans who have a sense for nicely told stories and terrific acting.


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